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Thread: md india mediclaim

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    C.DINESH Guest

    Default md india mediclaim

    Dear Sir,
    my name is C.DINESH nd i hav already submitted my claim for reimbursement against my mediclaim policy of MDIndia healthcare.after submitting all the discharge copies obtained from the hospital in original,now they are asking for copies of daily case sheets including daily doctor visits and breakup details of hospital pharmacy bills.i dont think a multifacility hospital like SRI RAMACHANDRA MEDICAL CENTRE in chennai wud ever entertain such practise bcos its already one month since my daughter got discharged.i very strongly believe that these medical insurance company's doesnt really serve the needs of their policy holders,instead they some how want to reject the claim quoting all details which are difficult to obtain after one month of discharge and keep the premium amount intact like the vehicle insurance company's.my policy no is 412200/48/2009/2413 nd my daughters medical ID number of MDIndia is MD15-0004947641.Hope i get justice thru ur forum nd understand my problm.thanking u,
    EMAIL ID-cdindeep@yahoo.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Pending Mediclaims - Policy no. Policy No. 030600/48/08/66/00005960.

    We have submitted various hospitalisation claims of our workmen, details of which are given below:

    Sr.No. Name Dt. Of subms. Claim Amount Remarks
    1 Sanjay Chaudhari 12.11.09 8139 Pending-original lost -duplicate submitted
    2 Vasant Bawkar 24.11.09 9645.68 Pending
    3 Tanaji Shelke 26.12.09 13,472.56 Pending
    4 Subhash Sood 24.02.10 11,596.39 Pending
    5 Ramesh Bhatt 04.03.10 22,011.37 Pending
    6 Pandu Bhoya 03.02.10 7427.69 Pending
    7 Mohan D. Kalangda 06.04.10 12394.99 Pending

    We have been in touch with Untied India office at Kolkata to settle the claims on priority, but regret no action is being initiated.

    Since I have come across this portal, I do hope you will be able to help us out in bailing out the claim which pertain to workmen who are need of the money spent by them.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,


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    Jan 2010


    Wait for some time. If they dont pay or pay substantially less than your expectation, send a regd lawyer's notice. Generally their lawyer advises them to pay you. If thay are still adament, then your lawyer will, I presume, would advise you to file a complaint before the state consumers forum. If the company comes up with unreasonable explanation for not settling the claims, then it will be fined by the court. All this process takes 6 months to 1 yr maximum. Please refer to IRDA Protection of Policy Holders Interest Regulation 2002, which says that once a claim paper is accepted, payment has to be made within 1 month max. Failing which, 2% interest over and above the Bank's Interest will be charged on them.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default submitted claim documents to Promod Sattam policy No 11190/34/10/11/00000711

    I have submitted the claim Documents of Namdev Utekar policy No 11190/34/10/11/00000711 to Mr Promod Sattam our Insurance Agent.This claim is for his Wife Mrs Neelam N Utekar.All the documents are submitted to Promod Sattam. so please settle his claim as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards


    For Eximious Ventures P Ltd

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Payment delay

    My self Jayswal Kalpeshkumar Babulal.My policy no.211500/34/09/11/00000739.MD INDIA passed my claim No. Refer CCN:MDI0568040. They passed Rs.22700 one two month ago but they are not releasing check to Doctor.Doctor submitted all the claim Documents to MD INDIA. Now its complication for me, Doctor demanding cash from me, so please give me answer what to do?

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    they all are same they employ fraud guys and then run their fraud business

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    divya kailash mehta Guest

    Default mediclaim chq

    dear sir
    my name is divya kalish mehta and my policy no is140600/34/09/11/00007131 that chq u issue on 24/5/2010 and i ddidnt recd ur chq plz forward my chq in this week kindly forward .thanx

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    Issue a legal notice to the hospital as well as to the insurer through your consumer advocate.

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    Kiron B Sakhardande Guest

    Default Unfair rejection by MDIndia

    I had claimed Rs 42353/- for my hospitalization. This was turned down by MDIndia. They have wrongly used clause 4.1. The case is like this.
    "MDIndia failed here completely to take note of my attending physician Dr Prashant Kulkarni’s remark in Sr no 10 of his certificate which says that “ (my ailment/disease is) unlikely of any of my past diseases/ailments (AVR, CABG, hypertension, diabetis) & it seems to be a separate problem”. You kept on harping on my hypertension & diabetis BUT it has no relationship with my ailment (low sodium content in blood) as Dr Kulkarni’s observation suggests. In other words your panel of doctors are challenging the authority of Dr Kulkarni".
    So what is the use of submitting attending physician's certificate if what is written in it is of no importance to MDIndia.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile R.K.Upadhyay(MD India ID :0008074967)

    Dear Sir
    We have applied for cashless treament trough Bhandari Hospital,Jaipur(Rajasthan) on dated 7.08.10.,But it is very unpleasant to inform you that response fron side is very poor.Most of time your Fax and Phones are not working and we are not getting proper response in time.We have given date of 20.08.10 for addmission in hospital but today again we get the information from hospital that stil they have not obtained clearance from MD India.Pl look in to the matter and solve the problem.

    JItendra Kumar Upadhyay

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    pramila sharma Guest

    Default policy pass information

    policy pass information my p.no130700/34/07/11/00010004 submited information

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    PKS Nair Guest

    Default STATUS Of My Claim

    CCN; MD10857174 PKS NAIR
    Dear Sir

    We have submitted your document for reconsideration at MD India on 31/01/2010.
    With Regards
    Phone no:079-40260879

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default mediclaim amouint


    My Policy No is 451300/48/2011/2394 and I. D. No: 2720. I have submitted my mother hospitalisation bill on January 2nd week. Till now we didn't get the amount from your side. Kindly process the bill and arrange to issue.

    SriKannapiran mills ltd.

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    kajal Guest

    Default inquirary

    we submit my father in low mediclaim paper on january 2011,they are say your chq. is pass amount is 50,000. three month later we cannot get chq.so please tell me what is problem.name bharatbhai b patel.230300/34/07/11/00002259.in surat.my name kajal patel

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    Syamala Rajamani Guest

    Default Reimbursement Bill submitted to MDIndia as TPA

    I am the spouse of SAIL Ranchi retired employee Sri V.Rajamani-- Min number 16200059 and 60.
    I submitted two bills for reimbursement in Dec 2010 for the year 2010. for Rs 3521.30 and Rs 3126.00.
    I received a cheque number 006296 dt Jan 19 2011 for Rs 3471.00. but in the name SMT S RAJAMONI.
    I returned the cheque on Feb 09 2011 for correcting the name in the cheque. Also SAIL Ranchi sent a letter to MDIndia on this.
    Till date I am yet to get the corrected cheque inspite my personal call on their Chennai office several times.

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