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Thread: Motor Insurance policy tata aig

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    satheeshcd@gmail.com Guest

    Angry Motor Insurance policy tata aig

    Respected Sir

    I was persuaded by a TATA AIG tele caller for more then a month to take their Motor Insurance policy and one day he was very successful in getting me into is trap after offering me a series of Gifts. He said one of his colleuge will call me and take my card details to issue the policy and a lady called me asked few question and swiped my card. My policy was issued from date 3rd Aug 2009. A month later I received a letter asking me to give the renual notice of previous insurer if received to help them update their records as i did not receive any letter I did not take much intrest on it. on 14 oct 2009 I met with an accident at 9.15 PM with much difficulty as I would not get any of the lines of TATA AIG and as non of my mail or sms where answered I had to get the number from local search engine call up the local office in chennai and file a claim as per their requirement at 10.15 am. I had received the claim No and Unfortunately as non of the number given in the TATA AIG Booklet as their Authorised Service Centre were currently into their contract and or all the number are either dead or not working I had to take it to the garrage nearby the accident site in the midnight which is authorised service center of Maruthi but was not authorised by TATA AIG for Cash Less facility ( Which I came to know only in the morning 10.15 Am after a filed a claim with the local office) and as per the instruction from a claim advicer I had call up the Maruthi service centre authorised by TATA AIG asked them to callect the vehile ( This had cost me two towing charges)

    On Nov 2nd Insurance Advisor said that I am not eligible of Claim as the policy stand null due to misdiclaration of NCB. I argued with him asking about the details and telling him that I had not asked for any discount and infact I had voluntered to pay cover electronic accessories and also told him that I do not remeber what I have told your tele caller. Based on this insurance advicer came back after couple of days saying that you did mention that you did not get into any accident in the previous year and though you have not claimed any NCB our system will automatically give you the NCB and you have paid us 1200 Less on the insurance policy. I argued and finaly on 9th I was couried a letter from TATA AIG office claiming that due to condition No 8 we are not in a position to settle your claim.

    On 11th Nov again I received a letter dated 2nd OCT 2009 stating that my policy stand cancelled due to condition 5 of the policy and within 7 days from the date of the letter I should take a new policy and there after TATA AIG WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CLAIM I was shocked and went to insurance office to know the details without giving details of the letter and I was told that my policy is good until 9th of Nov 2009 and I will receive a correspondse in due course as to what I should do.

    On 19th Nov I received a Cheque for 4 thousand as refund and the letter did not give any details. I called up the customer service and asked them to give me a details after much persuation they gave me a copy my mail saying that MY POLICY STAND CANCELLED FROM 9TH OF NOV 2009 AND REFUND CHEQUE IS GIVEN TO YOU ON PRO DATE BASIS.

    I took all the details and approched the local office again to explain they had the paper and said that they will get back to me and since they did not get back even after 1 week I had write the incendent and give them a complaint in hard copy both to customer service and local office. Operation had refused to take the letter stating that it is not their problem and then I had to approch the claim team to take the letter and claim team took accpeted the letter and a day later a gentle men from complaint team called up saying that he would get back to me in 24 hrs

    Even after a Week No person came back.

    Would any one explain what is my position in this policy as I had already spent the entire money for accident and becz of the mistake of TATA AIG I was not having policy for one and half month and I had met withan accident during this period and I had spend for repairs and go through the tourter that TATA AIG officials had given me to know the status and get my vehicle repaired and above all concelling the entire fact on the policy to me and even mis behaved over phone when I called them to know the details.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tata aig

    Dear Friends.

    Please do not take policy from TATA AIG, They ask you lot of things in telephone and forcefully make you say something which will disable your Insurance when you go to claim the insurance. This is my case of now and i would like no other person suffer for TATA AIG.

    If anybody can help me !!!

    Mohan Rao

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    I totally second the thoughts expressed by the other two friends. Tata AIG is the worst of all the car insurance. I had terrible expriance dealing with them. Please Beware of these people.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rajeevmankar View Post
    I totally second the thoughts expressed by the other two friends. Tata AIG is the worst of all the car insurance. I had terrible expriance dealing with them. Please Beware of these people.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, hope this will help other consumers to choose the right product/services.

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    deenbandhus31@gmail.com Guest

    Default Dear sir I want to Tata Aig Cashless List of all over India. I have a Honda City Car

    Dear sir/madam

    I Have a Honda City Car. My car Policy date is 25-Jul-10 so I see want to Tata Aig Car Garages list so Please set My Email Id: deenbandhus31@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards
    Deenbandhu Singh

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    adnoida Guest

    Default Thanks for Awareness

    I was looking to renew my policy for my car & TATA SIG seems to be the cheapest option now after reading this feedback i would prefer to go with Maruti Insurance.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing the feedback.

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    In the United States, auto insurance covering liability for injuries and property damage done to others is compulsory in most states, though different states enforce the requirement differently. The state of New Hampshire, for example, does not require motorists to carry liability insurance (the ballpark model), while in Virginia residents must pay the state a $500 annual fee per vehicle if they choose not to buy liability insurance

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    I did not recieve my insurance policy yet, when i renewed my car insurance again this year.
    I did not even recieved the policy last year.
    Please solve this problem or i demand my money back and I will switch to some other insurance company.
    Car Number - HR 26 AX 5162
    Hyundai i10

    I called the TATA AIG folks a many number of times and they do not respond promptly, I have to call them again and again

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    ANITA JAIN Guest

    Default Have not received the policy of the renewal of my car insurance dl-7cd-1779(zen)

    I did not even recieved the policy.
    Please solve this problem .
    Car Number - DL-7CD-1779


    I called the TATA AIG folks a many number of times and they do not respond promptly, I have to call them again and again


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    Mar 2012

    Thumbs down Tata aig


    Please please don't go with TATA AIG Car Insurance. Policy is good by its various feature, but never satisfied its customer. Because of it bad Loan sanction officer.

    I took TATA AIG insurance first time and claim was first time. They didn't check car properly and sanctioned only for few parts. Although my car was insured with ZERO depreceation policy.

    My vote is 0 (zero) with TATA AIG.

    Next year surely I will move with some other insurer.

    Ziaul Haque

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    Mar 2012

    Question TATA-AIG Car insurance renewal issue

    Dear Sir,
    With due respect I wish to state that My Policy No. 015119129600 got expired on 3rd March 2012 for which I followed up throughout the week for Renewal.

    I am sharing some of the facts encountered during interaction with customer care in last couple of days:

    It was really a horrible experience! Following up since 29th Feb 2012 and made five to six calls
    on 3rd March 2012 were not properly addressed to the satisfaction(Technical Snag, Seniors busy
    when asked to connect them, Will Call back --& the call never came).Deliberately they keep on changing words just to pass the bug to the next day and let the policy expire. If it takes so many days and follow up for just the Renewal itís simply surprising/shocking. The last Request No is 465724.

    When I didnít heard any resolution from TATA-AIG side then I have escalated the issue to their National Head Operation Mr. Atri Chakraborty and got the response from Pooja Purohit on his behalf and finally TATA-AIG have not taken any responsibility for expiration of car insurance policy. My car is still not insured and yesterday I have escalated this issue to MD & CEO of TATA-AIG and not received any response yet.

    Looking forward for an early and positive intervention.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Aditya Kumar
    Policy No 015119129600
    Policy Expiry Date Midnight on 03-03-2012
    Client ID 5002200011
    Cell No 09811405987
    09311784236 09873080166Dear Sir,

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    Hi all
    Totally agree.. TATA AIG is a totally waste company. I submitted a claim in August 2011 and yet to receive the payment from them.

    01 August 2011: Accident happened and the car was given to the body shopper for repair. Car survey was done by Mr. Rajinder Saini after 2 days. However, he

    mentioned that my policy is not their in the system for I bought it online and there is some internal system problems. He asked me to call their help line

    number to get the policy registered again.
    01 August 2011: I called their helpline number and was told that it was indeed a problem from their side and they are going to make corrections and will take

    a week. They told me that I can expect a call in a week with the updates.
    05 August 2011: I took delivery of the car from the body shopper and had to pay all money from my pocket. They claim that it is a cashless policy but did not

    work for me.
    06 August 2011: Tata AIG agent told me that he has already registered the claim; and once their system issue is fixed I will get the cheque on my adddress by

    13 August 2011: Did not receive any cheque yet. Called their help line number again. They told me that my policy is still not in their system and will take

    more time.
    28 August 2011: Called help line number again. Was told that they can now see my policy in the system and will dispatch the cheque to my address. They

    confirmed the address to make sure that it is right and complete.
    11 September 2011: Did not receive any cheque and called the help line again. They told me that they dispatched the cheque aorund a week back and should haev

    reached by now. They asked me to check with courier guys and gave me a bluedart POD number.
    11 September 2011: I called bluedart and they confirmed that the POD number is invalid number and their is no courier for me from TATA AIG
    25 September 2011: Called TATA AIG help line number again; was told that the cheque has returned because the address was not correct. I confirmed the address

    and it was all right. Never got a call from any courier company regarding this. TATA AIG told me that they are going to dispatch it again.
    16 October 2011: Called TATA AIG help line again and said the same thing that the cheque retured back again. This time they had no POD number. I requested

    them to send it to their Gurgaon branch so that I can collect it from their Gurgaon office.
    02 Nov 2011: Called TATA AIG again to know that they sent it to my address the third time and it has returned back. I again requested them to send it to

    their Gurgaon office.
    21 Nov 2011: Called TATA AIG again. I was told that it is scheduled to go out today.
    05 Jan 2012: Called TATA AIG help line number; was told that the cheque delivery is in the process and I will get a call from them once it is delievered.
    29th Feb 2012: They did not call me at all. I called TaTA AIG help line number; was told that the cheque has been delivered to their Gurgaon office and I can

    go and collect from there.
    3rd March 2012: Went to TATA AIG Gurgaon office. Was told that the officer is not in the office and they asked me to come again next week.
    7th March 2012: Called TATA AIG Gurgaon branch to know that the cheque has not been delivered to them yet
    7th March 2012: Called back to TATA AIG help line number and not able to reach to their executive after trying for more than 20 mins
    ---- calling them from last 8 months and yet to get my cheque -----------

    Pankaj Singhal
    Policy#: 015075976601
    Phone number: +91 8800393806

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