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Thread: fraud and misbehaved by Tradus and its seller 'My electronics'

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    Default fraud and misbehaved by Tradus and its seller 'My electronics'

    I have purchased a phone from tradus using online shooping, order details are given below:
    Order ID: 9641938_01
    Order Flow
    Order Placed : 2013-06-24 14:59:12 Order Accepted By Seller : 2013-06-25 15:03:10 Order Dispatched By Seller : 2013-06-27 Delivery Date : 2013-07-06
    >As mentioned above I have ordered a phone on 24th june 2013.
    >After that I requested to you deliver my order on or before 29th June due to my personal reasons or otherwise cancel my order. (this you can check in the conversation in my order section)
    >when i have done the cancellation of order, after 2 hours I received the msz that my order is dispatched (before this it was not possible)
    >I have received another phone (higher value) with damaged body but it was working and it was delivered late but I did not care just because I have got a phone.
    >I received a call on 27/8/2013 from Mr. Bhavik (09916511195), My electronics, that you have received a wrong phone.
    I replied yes and you can take your phone back, no problem from my side but just make this process legal. He asked my mail id and I provided to him.
    Below is my conversation with the seller:-
    myelectmys <myelectmys@gmail.com>

    Aug 27 (7 days ago)

    to me

    Dear Anilesh Arya,

    Greetings to My Electronics Buyer...

    Firstly Thanks for your all Support...

    So we are arranging the reverse pick up for the wrong mobile delivery in the address given below...

    I expect you to hand over the order you received from us by mistake... Pick up option will be mailed by today evening also SMS on 8899081726...

    Once the pick up is done... in 2 hours pick up will be arranged from mysore delivered to

    Anilesh Arya
    Faculty Member (FST), The ICFAI University, Central Hope Town, Selaqui,
    Dehradun , 248001
    Uttarakhand , India
    Mobile: 8899081726. 8899081726

    Delivery time would be 29th, Aug 3pm - 5pm ( Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 )

    Thank You for Co opearate
    anilesh kumar <anilesh.tiet@gmail.com>

    Aug 27 (7 days ago)

    to myelectmys
    Dear Bhavik.
    First I want the delivery from your side.
    The day when you deliver the phone and I receive the information regarding the delivery of phone, you can arrange the pick up from my side and also I want the delivery of phone at the same time on the same day. The day and time on which i receive the right delivery from your side, you can confirm from the courier guy regarding the right pick up from my side.
    And also I want a mail from tradus regarding this matter.
    You first arrange the things as mentioned above and you can arrange the pickup from my side.
    I am having no problem to return the wrong delivery but I don't want to suffer more as earlier.

    thank you so much.

    Aug 27 (7 days ago)

    to me

    Sorry sir same day is not possible.. am arraging the pick up on same day.. but delivery next day...please let us know
    anilesh kumar <anilesh.tiet@gmail.com>

    Aug 27 (7 days ago)

    to myelectmys
    Then it will be very difficult and what about the confirmation mail from tradus.
    let me know what other arrangement are possible for my security because I don't want to suffer more.

    Aug 27 (7 days ago)

    to me

    This mail is getting recorded in Tradus system as I have added In cc do not worry about that... and for security I have told you to not give the invoice...


    Aug 29 (5 days ago)

    to me

    Hello Anilesh,

    The Mobile phone you own ( 356637051410727 ) is under Mobile Theft Insurance Policy...
    We have claimed under that organization as the above mobile has been stolen...
    The Invoice for this IMEI ( Samsung S Duos S7562 ) is not being yet generalized in Income Tax and Sales Tax Department of Karnataka..
    And FIR request has been generated under STATE POLICE COMPLAINT AUTHORITY ( Mohit Nagar, nr Wadia Institute, GMS Road, Dehradun )
    In 25 Days the mobile will be traced and IMEI will be blocked along with the respective SIM CARD also...
    We request to hand over the mobile before FIR will get traced by respected city department...

    MTIP Complain ID: 261672
    Document ID: 762
    anilesh kumar <anilesh.tiet@gmail.com>

    Aug 30 (4 days ago)

    to myelectmys
    If you are agree as i mentioned you in earlier mail then its ok.
    You dont know what you have done against me. Its your mistake and again you are putting me in trouble.
    Now I will see you in the court.

    thanks you so much.
    be ready for the harassment compensation.


    Aug 30 (4 days ago)

    to me

    Yes see you In the court..
    The problems you faced earlier I dint gave you its by tradus got it.. u just wait n watch...

    >After that on august 30 I have received an abusing msz on my phone near about on 7.30 pm from seller.
    I called back but he did not pick up the phone.
    I gave my phone to my younger brother and he continued this abusing conversation till 10:00 PM.
    > after that near about 10.30 pm I called to police control room, dehradun and they recorded my call regarding this matter and advised me to go to nearest police station.
    > Again I received the three calls from seller near about 11.30 pm (night) and he was abusing too much. I gave my phone to my friend (working in police) who was with me that time. He tried to talk with the seller but abusing was continue from seller side.
    > All above mentioned matter is recorded in my phone and my mail ID.
    > next day (30/8/2013), I contacted to the mohit nagar area police departmentas mentioned by seller but there was no such complaint and they advised me, not to return this phone untill I receive my correct order and also they will lodge a complaint against seller and also I can submit this phone to him.
    Now i want clarification and resolution of matter as described above from “trdus” and from this cheap and fraud seller “my electronics” that when i was ready to return the phone:
    >first, why the seller delivered me a wrong phone?
    >why, seller was not able to provide a mail from Tradus people?
    >Why, seller has made a wrong complaint?
    >why, seller has abused me on phone by msz and call.
    >why, tradus people are having such type of fraud seller in seller list.
    > Is this customer-seller relation policy of tradus.
    I don’t know who is this idiot and fraud person “Mr. Bhavik (09916511195)” but I came in his touch due to Trdus only.
    I also made a complaint to tradus customer care regarding the above matter, “Application ID : [#1185552] fraud and misbehaved done by your seller” but they are not giving any response.
    Now I want my phone which I have ordered with a claim against the mental and physical harassment provided by the seller “My electronis” and Tradus.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Fraud online shopping from Tradus.com

    I have ordered product from tradus.com , I was delivered wrong product . After writting to customer care they refuse to take the complaint mentioning you are making complaint after 24 hour so we we would not be able to take your complaint .
    They have made such system that you cannot register complaint within 24 hour and afterwards they will give excuse your complaint cannot be register after 24 hour as per our policy.

    Mail attached

    [#1229926] Incorrect Product
    from Paras Luthra to you
    Hide Details
    Paras Luthra


    Dear Mr. Kumar,
    This is in reference to your order against sub order id: 10779507_01.
    Thank you for writing to us. We regret the circumstances under which you wrote to us.
    As we checked this product was delivered to you on 16-Sep-2013 and you reported us the issue on 20-Sep-2013. As per our terms and conditions such type of issues has to be reported in 24 hours of receiving of the product. We regret that we are unable to forward this concern to the seller now.
    In case you need any further assistance, please write to us.

    The company has no customer care number for giving complaint . They will update your delivery after 3 days and after that you could be able to login product complaint and thereafter you will get mail from them .

    I would like to inform all you please wont purchase any product from tradus.com

    They just make fraud and cheat people .

    I have shared my experience to all of you

    Pankaj Kumar

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    Harmananand Guest

    Default Fraud by a seller on tradus.com

    I ordered a portable speaker 12569135 order no. This order was delivered to me but it was defective and i tried to call the seller but he keeps on cutting the call and i'm in a problem please do something

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