HSR motors K R road is wrong stop to service your bike, unless you want to hear the grievance of the stores manager. I went there 3 times to fix the problem in my bike's rear brake from past 3 months and still the problem is persisting.

There was some annoying noise when ever I applied my rear brake, so I gave my bike to service. They changed the bearings,sprockets and charged me saying the problem is fixed. After 2 days the same problem was seen and I went back to them in hope of getting it fixed ,now annoyed, I asked him why the problem was persisting even after the parts were changed,to which the stores manager came up with a new reason and asked me leave the bike for service again. This time they chiseled the brake drum and returned it saying the problem in fixed,which in reality was not. I had to ride with the annoying noise for a month since I couldn't afford to leave my bike in the service center for another 3 days.

After a month I went back again with the same problem and the manager came up with a new reason.They have been experimenting on my bike. They have been fooling around all the time, they changed and charged me for parts which needed no replacement.

All you get in a free service is a water wash, battery won't be charged,no oil change nothing, because they want you to come back and pay for the same once your free services are over. The problem doesn't end here, after a long wait of 12 months to get your bike you have wait for months to get it serviced. Seriously whats with this??? and once you have managed to get an appointment for service you have to leave your bike for 3 days for a general service. After all these What do you get?? just water wash.