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Thread: Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

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    Default Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation


    I hereby submit my grievances for redressal. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Bangalore provides to the passengers a facility of online reservation of tickets for travel by different types of buses to the destinations which are served by that corporation. By availing that facility, I chose to travel by its “RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE BUS” plying between Bangalore and Cannanore for a place called TELLICHERRY on 10/11/2009. That was the only service I found available for online reservation to travel to TELLICHERRY. The details given to me in the ticket appeared online for print are as below:

    PNR Number :J 15367666
    DATE OF JOURNEY :10/11/2009

    I checked the time of departure, type of bus, boarding point, etc by using the online facility again before I left for the bus station, I reached the pick up point 30 minutes before the departure time and checked again with the person who was available in the Advance Reservation Counter. After verifying the details in the printout he confirmed with reference to his computer that the bus would arrive at 19.00 Hours. The bus arrived in time and I boarded the bus, when the bus was moving, the conductor checked my ticket and informed me that effective from that day the route of the bus had been changed and it would not be plying through TELLICHERRY. It was shocking news to me as I had a very important appointment to meet before 6 a.m. on 11/11/2009 at MAHE, which could be reached only through TELLICHERRY. The conductor said he was helpless and he had to go by the orders given to him by his officers. He offered to refund the money in full, if I were prepared to cancel the ticket, which was not possible for me. I spent a sleepless night. I was not familiar with the route also to think of alternative arrangement. Suddenly the conductor called me and asked me to get down and board a bus which was moving in front of that bus. That was an ordinary service of KSRTC with Registration No.KA 01 F 8392 which too had the final destination board as CANNANORE. I did not know what to do but simply followed the directions of the conductor. While carrying my luggage, I missed my Laptop in the RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE and alighted. (The details of the Laptop lost: - Colour: Black, Make: HP, Serial No: 01049861, Cost: Rs.37500) The other bus was fully crowded with so much of luggage also in the passage. I did not have a vacant seat to sit and so was forced to keep my luggage and sit on it. The bus moved for a while and stopped with a big sound as the tyre got burst in a place called NEDUMPOIL which was far from the place I had to reach. Ultimately I was able to reach TELLICHERRY only by 8.30 a.m. on 11/11/2009 and it was too late for my appointment. The KSRTC having admitted to enable my travel by its RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE till my end point TELLICHERRY failed to fulfil its obligation putting me into inconvenience, mental torture, physical and financial difficulties in addition to the loss of my laptop and precious time.

    I am confident that your goodself would appreciate the fact that KSRTC is obliged to compensate me for its failure in its commitment. The attitude of the Corporation and its officials in cancelling the trip without any regard to the inconveniences of the passenger who have already paid the money to travel to that point makes one suffer. The forum may please provide me relief as it may deem fit.
    Yours faithfully
    (K. KUMAR)
    Bangalore Address:
    I A Main
    Chennai Address:
    F5 # 169 ELDAMS ROAD
    CHENNAI 600018
    phone 9841099245

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Request for a duplicate ticket.


    I, Faseeh Ahmed M along with spouse had travelled to Kerala on the June 23, 2010.The seats occupied by us were 13, 14. Unfortunately, we have lost the ticket. Requested Gangadhar, manager KSTDC for a duplicate ticket. He denied and didnt issue, saying that we have no such rule of issuing duplicate tickets.

    I feel there should be a provision of issuing duplicate tickets.

    I am available @ faseeh1981@gmail.com

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    cvijayakumar1955 Guest

    Default Refund to my reserved Mercydez Benz A/C ticket cost out of accident

    Sir this is C.Vijayakumar referencece to my reserved ticket PNR No.J19611760 Ticket No.18217375 for Shimoga to Bangalore by Mercedes Benze A/C coach journey date 25/09/2010 time 23:30.

    This bus some were before Arshikare was stopped as some truck had hit the Front signal light which hit the Front glass and partially broke.It was raining and we had only 12 passengers and we had a lady conductor.Our Driver with out telling any thing to us left by the opposite bus Durgamaba to report or catch the hit truck.The conductor was not having the drivers mobile so we had no way to contact as this 1.30 am and unfortunately non of the Volvo buses stopped and we could not go by some other bus as we were of the feeling that the driver will return fast,and we could not leave the lady conductor alone at this remote place.Our Driver came around 3.30 keeping us waiting and not having any idea.On his arrival he said the bus will not go so can go by some other bus and waiting up to 4am buses were not seen and it was raining.As my plans of reaching Bangalore for the urgent meeting was not possible so decided to go back to Shimoga and approached the bus stand traffic in chare around 7am for refund which he said that refund office will open only by 8.30 and also told it could be got refunded at any depot so went to Mangalore and on approaching the office for refund they refused and for that reason i am lodging this complaint to You with a request to get my possible refunfdif not full.,from the paid amount of Rs.426/= Will you please reply and confirm action .c.vijayakumar mobile 9880615187 my e-mail c_vijayakumar@rediffmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default refusal to refund bus ticket

    Passenger name - Faizal Umer
    PNR - J19593177
    OB Reference No - NGPAY617719274023053194 (booked through mobile application "ngpay")
    Bus service - Rajahamsa executive
    Origin - bangalore
    Destination - Cannanore
    Scheduled Departure Time - 21:00 on 24/09/2010

    I waited till 23:00 but this bus never arrived. Other passengers were also waiting along with me but most of them either returned back home or took other buses. Finally I gave up waiting since I was told the last bus to my place was about to depart. I bought a ticket for this bus going to my place at 23:00, which did not even have a seat. I had to either stand or lie on the floor of the bus for the entire 9 hours which gave me a sore back for a week, ruined my shirt, left me sleep deprived and forced me to take leave from office for a week.

    I asked for a refund at the satellite bus depot office and they refused saying the bus had arrived around 23:30.

    I mailed awatarksrtc@yahoo.in on 04-Oct-2010 demanding a refund. After getting no reply i mailed again on 12-Oct-2010. They replied the next day(13-Oct-2010) saying "We are waiting for the depot confirmations as soon as we received reply from them we will process your request under intimation to you." I never got a reply from them since even after repeatedly mailing/calling them.

    Please help me get get my grievance addressed.
    Faizal Umer

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    Default Name Board

    Dear sir,

    KSRTC bus travel from Dharmastala to Mangalore and Puttur to Mangalore. But the Board is mentioned as STATEBANK TO DHARMASTALA AND PUTTUR TO STATEBANK. I would like to know what you mean by state bank. From Dharmastala to mangalore, there are 20 statebank branches. which one we should consider.From Puttur also the same. People from different parts travel from Dharmastala and Puttur. If a person from different place, if he see the board of STATEBANK, what he should think.

    So request you to change the name to MANAGALORE. Dont neglect mangalore. and dont do the advertisement of Statebank.

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    Default unauthorised reservation

    I with my wife (aged 54) were travelling from Mangalore to Bangaluru on the 17th by Rajahamsa (bus registration No.KA19F2596) left at 0745 hrs from Bus stand. In order to stretch out our legs for relaxed seating we asked the conductor (lady) about the availability of seat Nos 3 & 4 for which she said these two seats have been reserved and the passengers would board at Uppinangady. When no one boarded the bus at Uppinangady, once again I asked her about the seats which left vacant. This time she said that someone has reserved over phone without purchasing the ticket! I told her that I have been travelling in KSRTC Rajahamsa and Airavatha for the past 2 years and to my knowledge reservation by telephone without buying the ticket is not legal and no allowed. Thus saying, I and my wife occupied these two seats. It is very disappointed to note such practice is still existing in KSRTC by not allowing privileged passengers to travel comfortably.

    Secondly, when I bought the ticket, due to short of change conductor wrote behind the ticket the balance amount of Rs.22 is due from her. At Sakaleshpur she gave Rs.20 and when I asked about Rs.2 more she said she would pay later!! At chennarayapatna she gave changes (coins) to some passengers and she did not remember my Rs.2/- till I got down at Yashawantpura. Rs.2 is still due to me. This is not about the monetary in question, but the obligation of the conductor. It is disappointed to note such minimum obligation we do not see in KSRTC when we travel in long route bus paying Rs.384!!

    I would appreciate if you please look into this and address this issue in a very proper manner so that passengers like me can travel in KSRTC buses in a much comfortable manner.
    email ID: kpshastry@hotmail.com

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    Default No response to refund bus ticket

    Dear sir i have attached my compliant details below which i had so many times forwarded to concern people in Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and they are not bothering about this please help me sir

    Irresponsibility of Driver & Conductor for Not Stopping in Pick up Point
    PNR NO.J28495488 (This is returned ticket No.)
    Seat No.24
    Parandhama Mogili
    Ref No. OB5556018
    I had booked a Round trip ticket from bangalore Chikkalasandra Naidu Layout to Puttur Andharapradesh on 24/02/2012 through KSRTC online. (Trip Code 2200PSTCKS) my returned date is 26/02/12 at 22.00hrs. My pickup point is in between (Karvetinagaram – Pallipat Checkpost) I was waiting the bus came at 22.35hrs to this point and I specified pick up point as any place. However when the bus came and I was holding the bag and ticket and was tried to stop, the bus didn't stop at all at Ammapalli Cross Road and nobody responded to the number mentioned in the ticket – 7760990562 even they don’t know about this services. then immediately I got one more service at 23.06hrs which is belongs to Chintamani Depot bus and the conductor told me in valid this ticket for this bus then I paid the ticket amount and I took ticket. I have those tickets also with me (259851 & 259862). Then I told controllers in the hotel near palamaneru. Next day 27/02/12 I gave compliant through KSRTC costumer care (Docket no.1069) they told it will take 7 working days to refund the amount. Please ensure such incidents do not repeat in future & take action against of that driver and conductor. And please refund the ticket amount. That same time I do not have money to take ticket then my friend helped me. How they come without stopping the bus who have already paid the money to travel to that point makes one suffer.
    Thanking u sir

    This is my Union Bank of India Transaction No.

    Transaction Details
    Account Number 517602010100396
    Transaction Date 24/02/2012
    Transaction Amount INR 315.00
    Transaction Type DR
    Transaction Description 4213685176037417/205522118661/5176020101

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