Respected Sir,

My embarrassing and miserable life started few days back, in the first week of November this year, when I received few phone calls from nos. 011-6637 1285 / 6637 1212 / 6637 1288 claiming to be from “ Barclays Finance ” offering personal loans on attractive terms of low interest rates and reduced processing fees so on and so forth. What added more pain to it that a gentleman, Mr. Indranil (Mobile No. 9650540204) claiming him to be the center head, told me that being a “Bengali” (as I am a Bengali person), he would personally be supervising the whole loan application process till disbursement and without any investigation he would pass my loan. This gesture by Mr. Indranil produced doubt in my mind. This doubt became more intense when Mr. Indranil started convincing me saying that he would sanction the loan at the interest rate of 11% which is quite absurd in the context of prevailing interest rate and only 0.5% processing would be charged for the process. Based on Mr. Indranil’s false assurance, I submitted all the relevant documents (i.e. Photo, bank statement, passport etc) to a gentleman, Mr. Manoj Kumar
(Mobile 9250782922) on November 11, 2009 for a loan amount of Rs. 5,00,000 along with the filled –in application form.

During past 15 days, while following up the loan process, Mr. Indranil every time told me that the loan had been sanctioned and ready to be disbursed. Meanwhile, one fine morning Mr. Indranil told me that for disbursement of the loan amount, an account had to be opened with Barclays Bank with Rs. 3680 and insisted me to pay the same in cash and I agreed to open the same. For that Mr. Indranil personally came to my residence in November 15, 2009 (Sunday) and trying to get another loan application form to be filled. I asked Mr. Indranil that I had already filled the same; he told me that this was required to open a bank account with the Barclays Bank. He insisted me to give Rs. 3680 by cash. I denied and gave the cheque of Rs. 3680 (No. 267636, ICICI Bank) in favour of Barclays Finance. While writing the payee’s name in the cheque, Mr. Indranil insisted me not to write the payee’s name and leave the space blank. This fraudulent act by Mr. Indranil confirmed my doubt on him and upon repeated request he did not give his visiting card. He took another crossed cheque of Rs. 5,00,000 in favour of Barclays Finance (No. 267635 of ICICI Bank).

Having failed in his mission to cheat me, Mr. Indranil immediately left my residence and disappeared.

Since then, neither he is calling me nor picking up my phones. Now at this point of time , I am in severe problem which is not only damaging my mental health but also affecting my professional life because based on Mr. Indranil’s assurance, I made some commitment and started doing some small projects.

Now at this very critical point of time, It is my humble request to you, please look into the matter and intervene to resolve this issue of severe social evils and concerns and bring out the actual identity of such fraud and criminal like Mr. Indranil and punish

Yours faithfully,

Subrata Pal
Mobile : 9818232506