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Atma Darshan Cultural Discoveries Pvt Ltd.
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Atma Darshan Cultural Discoveries Pvt Ltd
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Address 2: Mr Radhakrishnan Pillai
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Atma Darshan Cultural Discoveries Pvt Ltd
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We had approached Atma Darshan in January 2011. Due to family problems we could not travel in 2011. We had told Atma Darshan then only that we will travel in 2012. We again contacted Atma Darshan in January 2012 and asked them to give us suitable dates and we chose to travel on July 27, 2012 at the cost of Rs 160,000 for 2 persons (Rs 50000/- was paid on May 14, 2012 and Rs 110,000/- on July 2, 2012). This date was subsequently rescheduled to July 28, 2012 and then to July 29, 2012. There were 10 agencies we had considered which were waiting with open arms better deals and certainly better treatment. It was because of Atma Darshan and its spiritual leanings that we decided to go with the company and paid the money as and when demanded.

After due discussions with company executive Mr Anit Gopinath we had booked our air tickets Mumbai – Delhi – Kathmandu – Delhi – Mumbai leaving Mumbai for July 28, 2012.

Once the money was paid the company executive Mr Anit Gopinath started randomly responding to our phones calls. From then on even 12 hours before our departure from Mumbai he kept confirming the permit for the agreed date. We had not received back our passports till then and he had again stopped answering the phone. We had to call up the company’s agent in Kathmandu to enquire about our passports who informed us that the yatra has been cancelled due to non availability of permit. This was around 12 hours before the scheduled departure from Mumbai. When he finally answered our phone he pretended to behave that he was not even aware that the yatra has been cancelled. It looks like the plan was to somehow send us to Nepal whether permit was available or not and avoid being cornered in Mumbai and show us that Atma Darshan tried for us till last. After 5 days of chasing Atma Darshan gave our passports back.

We had to cancel our Mumbai – Delhi – Kathmandu – Delhi – Mumbai tickets at the last minute for no fault of ours for which the airline charged us heavy cancellation charges. It was then that we mentioned to Atma Darshan that they should refund us the cancellation charges. Atma Darshan very magnanimously said that Rs 5000 will be paid to you towards cancellation and goodwill.

Since Atma Darshan had cancelled the yatra it agreed to refund the entire amount along with the air ticket cancellation charges. The company paid the amount of Rs 160,000 in 5 cheques of different denominations (4 cheques of Rs 15000 each and 1 cheque of Rs 100,000). Of which the cheque for the highest amount of Rs 100,000 (Rupees One lakh) bounced causing us lot of anxiety and distress. Even this was told to us by HDFC Bank and the company kept mum over the same. We had to pay the cheque bounce charges of Rs. 100. When cheque bouncing happened, we were travelling and could not take action. This entire amount of Rs 160,000 came back to us almost after a month. Till date we have not yet received the Rs 5,000 promised by the company

It is important to point out here that company in its subsequent mails refused to talk about refund and blame Mrs. Geeta Pandey for calling them up every now and then. When person is stuck up with Rs 1,60,000 and passports held by them it is too much to expect us to keep quiet and don’t show anxiety. The company demands money three months in advance and do not guarantee permit. They have been indulging into wrong business practices by telling us only much later that there is no guarantee for permit. They held on to our passports so that we cannot go to some other travel agency. it is important to point out here that they are only commission agent in Bombay. They only put you on to travel agent in Kathmandu who organizes everything.

Instead of being sorry for their acts the company went around maligning Mrs Geeta Pandey’s name among her relatives commonly known to both

In this entire episode, Atma Darshan being a spiritual company missed out on being considerate and kind to a senior citizen and a lady. At no stage the company was apologetic or showed an iota of remorse towards our distress, anxiety, disappointment and hurt religious feelings.

We hereby lodge a complaint to Consumer Court,, Mumbai to intervene and help us in getting an amount of Rs 5,000/- towards last minute cancellation of Mumbai – Delhi – Kathmandu – Delhi – Mumbai air tickets and interest @ 21% for the period the company retained our money pre and post the cancelled yatra, cheque bouncing charges of Rs 100 and an amount of Rs 50,000/- towards anxiety, distress, hurt religious feelings and maligned name among social circles along with legal charges if any.

Sunil Kumar Sharma, Geeta G Pandey

Address for Communication
C/O Manasi Pandey
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