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Thread: Consumer Court Fee

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    Default Consumer Court Fee




    Rs. 100/-

    Rs. 200/-

    Rs. 400/-

    Rs. 500/-


    Rs. 2000/-

    Rs. 4000/-


    Rs. 5000/-

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    Thumbs up Fraud by HCL CDC


    My name is Syed Kumail Abbas I have taken admission in HCL CDC(indranagar luck now) which was running by F.S InfoTech pvt ltd on 20 Sep 2011 I have taken admission in HCP(HCL CDC one year programme which include A+,N+,CCNA,MCITP/RED HAT)
    they were taking fees Rs 44000/- I have submitted my fees in installment I have submitted down payment of Rs 11000 and rest of Rs 2500/-per month I have submitted my two installment.
    On 20 DEC 2011 F.S InfoTech ran away then all students called HCL CDC head office they sent Mr. Sanjay Shukla on 24 Dec 2011 he said that sent me your documents (fee receipt, I cards etc) on Email Id-wecare@hcl.com and sanjay.shukla@HCL.com within one month we will start your study in luck now but after one and half months(on 15 Feb 2012) he send us mail that he is starting our further study in Noida centre which was unacceptable for me so I and all student rejected his offer and reply him to transfer me in Kanpur he said he will try and he took more than one month so many student leave hcl and on 4 Apr 2012 they send a email that they will start further study in Luck now I accepted his offer after that on 15 May 2012 Mr. Sanjay Shukla send me a email to meet Mr. Ravinder Singh ramdhin complex IT crossing Luck now for registration and said on 15 June 2012 study will start .
    I have submitted photocopy of my all documents to Ravinder Singh and filled registration form but on 26 June 2012 when I call Mr. Sanjay Shukla he is saying that he is not able to start study and give me certificate of A+ and N+ without conducting any exam that means certificates are useless.

    These type of many fraud's done by hcl cdc in various part of country which I have found on internet please read the headings below these headings are telling clearly about HCl cdc frauds

    not issue ccna cerificate
    hello sir
    I am vignesh from trichy,id will studyed CCNA in HCLCDC at TRICHY in the year 2008 aug but i finished my course on oct 2010.
    i write the hcl online exam on march 30th,. i scored 70% marks in that exam
    but i not get ths certificate yet
    they told the certificate will issue in 15 days from that exam,they give temprovary acknowledgement form in hclcdc letter pad with md sinature for our students
    please issue my certificate immedietly for my future jobs

    Fraud BY HCL
    Biggest fraud being done by HCL CDC.
    They take 1.25 lakhs from each student and all the promises being done by them is totaly fraud . till now a date no promises has being full filled and now they are just trying to remove everyone from hostels.

    Mental stress and mentaly harassing is their new keen activities.
    never reply to any mail which include names like
    Urmandeep Singh.
    Abhishek gautam
    Devander Rai.
    all are just trying to earn money keeping the carriers of student on edge

    hcl cdc is really a fraud company.......
    1.no fee receipt for any course
    2.no training certificates till now

    hcl cdc is a fraud company run by HCL Ltd. for earning money in a piggy way.The are cheating freshers, by saying that they will get job for them after training and collecting huge amount of money in lakhs and betraying student without training,certificae and job as well.So others get beware of these frauds run by a well reputed firms and be away from it!.

    Dear All,

    HCL CDC only a thief company, and employees are also having Cheap Mentality. My brother shortlisted for the Assured Training Placement Program. Fee for this was Rs. 125000/- , he submitted the Rs. 25000/- as the registration fee for it asked by the HCL. Suddenly we got a Family problem and not able to pay money for fee. Than after he asked for Fee Refund from HCL, but now they are abusing and threaten to him and saying what ever you want to do you can we will not give u back a single Rupee. Before depositing the registration fee He read all the document given by the HCL. There was a clause for free refund if a person no take the admission.But now they are denying...and abusing on him..
    very very worst institute i ever seen
    i and my friend joined in HCL CDC for our .net course as well as final year project,we paid RS 24000,after 1 month they shot down their training branch itself and they didn't think about students,and we complain about this issue then also they didn't bother about us,at last they said we cant do any thing ,u do ur own project ,and we ask for our refund the money but they refuse to give it back,after this we very frustrated and we faced our career crash.we faced problem like anything,

    just HCL CDC want to make money and they know better how to play with students carrer.

    my dear friends ,i am suggesting u plz dont go for HCL CDC for any course,its better if u r doing home in ur own practice through book,internet.

    I want refund of my Fees
    I have paid almost 31000 to HCL CDC for software courses and but they have closed their Andheri East Branch. And i took the transfer to Mira Road Branch. But now there are no faculty to teach us ..
    i have lost almost my 4 months with them but there is no improvement. Now i want my fees refund but they are not giving me my fees back ....

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    Exclamation tatasky pathetic consumer service

    Dear Sir,

    I have a tata sky connection which is not working from 02/05/2013, the error is no signal received.
    I am calling tatasky customer care since 02/05/2013 requesting them to send a technician to rectify the problem.
    I have as of now spoken to senior executive suman, mohammed rafi, mahesh, pinky and still waiitng for them to send the technician till today(04/05/2013).
    The executive keep postponing the schedule of the technician without my prior knowledge and refuse to provide contact number of the technician. this is happening from the past two days.
    I want to sue tatasky in court for breach of trust, providing false information, causing mental agony and wastage of my precious time.
    Extremely pathetic,degrading and sorry service from the house of tata.

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    Ashish Mehta Guest

    Post Last month mobile Bill

    Dear Sir,

    I need to known last month call details of Mobile number 8401103678. registered on name Mr.Pankaj Pansariya.

    Kindly lets me known the recharges of same.

    thank you and waiting for your earliest response


    Ashish Mehta
    (contact email id:ashishmehtaneel@yahoo.in)

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    krishna123 Guest

    Angry Fraud consultancy-Exalt consultancy private limited


    I paid 4,500rs to ECPL for job assistance.They didn't assistance and if i call for refund, they are not reply and speaking rudely.
    So please take a complaint and try to close that type of consultancy and justice the unemployers.

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    sir, I need to file a complaint against hdfc standard life insurance co. Mumbai could your good office help me file the complaint and how should it be filed. kindly let me know at the earliest. thank you. warm regards, Hilary a. vaz

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    Default kaunsa.com not sending order number 18520 take action

    i place order on kaunsa.com for samsung galaxy duos debited 19200 from my account alloted 18520 my order not sent my phone for the past 1month

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down www.100bestbuy.com

    COmpany promises. 100 rs. recharge plus chance to win diverse products. I purchased a product but never got a recharge. I still dont know how to use 1000 Rs. that are on my account. Repeated follow up with the company brought no results. Calling help also did not help.

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    Complaint against Micromax Mobile Company due to problem in my handset again and again.......

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default mr sohail shaikh

    Hi this is sohail shaikh from pune

    I have purchased a hcl V 1 TABLET one month back from DECCAN TELECOM PUNE on 11 /4/2013

    Since then it is creating problem

    First it had problem of calling during call person on other side was not able to hear my voice

    As it was only 4 days of purchase my tablet was replaced as it was hardware issue

    Again on 27 April it started giving problem with sd card (sd card was not read in tablet) again it is hardware problem and since29/5/2013 it is with service center and still not done last call made on 11/4/2013

    Its only a month I have purchased tab it has got once replaced and for second time it is in service center for hardware issue

    It is my hard earn money which I have spent on hcl V1 tab and my money is wasted as product which I bought on brand name has not kept up the promises

    So is it my fault that that product is having fault in mother board

    Sir I just want my money back which I have spent on hcl v1 tablet

    My money got wasted ,my time got wasted ,and even my call got wasted

    So I just request you to pls refund my money and I don’t want that tablet back

    (srno 313std027757)

    (camplain id8502769067)

    Date of purchase 11/4/2013

    Date of replacement 15/4/2013(hardware voice problem)

    Date for second time sent to service center 29/4/2013

    pls find attached copy of service center receipt and purchase bill

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    Default TATA DOCOMO: Refund of ISD advance and other advance(moved CDMA to GSM)


    I have closed my CDMA connection for NUMBER 9243053429 and moved that to GSM last year around July/Aug 2012.

    But I have not got refund of my ISD and other Advance totaling Rs 2000/- yet.
    Now I have GSM connection with same number.

    My current address is updated with GSM Account.
    Refund my deposite ASAP.

    old CDMA/Current GSM number: 9243053429

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    hsumitsharma Guest

    Default Karbonn tablet problem

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have purchased one Smart Tab-2 on date 25-11-2012 from Mirchimart India(P)Ltd. vide Bill book no-06, serial no-266 25-11-2013 dated @price Rs.6200 After purchasing following problem observed during its operation. I send the same tablet to your service center for repairing on regular interval (10 times).
    Due to regular problems/complaints in the said tablet I have lost my important assignments/ jobs for which I have purchased the same. Too much money/time i have wasted due to regular complaints in this tablet, which has amount to a huge loss to me. I can not bear a bit more.

    Please let me know what can i do.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Lost money and time in training institute

    Dear Madam / Sir

    One Training institute called VGIT in Chennai had promised me 100% placement after training. I paid Rs.18000/- in January 2013. They assured me that they will complete the course within 45 days and arrange job for 5-7lakhs CTC. They assured one to one training that is a trainer who will train not more than 3 candidates in a class but in my batch there were 17 students who were working professional some were freshers. Till now they did not conduct proper training due to improper trainers. I was jobless and still i am. Kindly help me is it possible to get back my money. The institute is telling me to come for re-training in which i m not interested because i already lost my 6 months time. Also there is no opening for SAP HR in the industry for freshers. Totally 17 candidates including me were trained in one batch. none of them got job through them.

    Kindly assist me.


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    Default hdfc account debit around rs. 3000 without any intimation

    Dear Sir,

    This has reference to the HDFC account of self.
    My account has been debited for amount around rs. 3000 long time back almost 6 months back. Once i lodged a complaint in HDFC bank website but in vain.
    I also contacted customer care number but whenever i wanted to convey the problem they disconnects the phone.

    My account details are as below -
    ac no. 01871000294534
    branch - the mall road , bathinda.

    looking for a positive response.

    best regards,

    Navajyoti Rabha

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default ICICI Foreign currency exchange fraud

    I wired funds from US to help my ageing parents to their ICICI bank account. They were scammed on the exchange rate. When my father complained, he was told by the bank official that he needed to intimate the bank a day in advance to get better rate.
    Why should he have to do that? The bank should provide the current rate and not almost a Re1 to a dollar less rate. This is pure robbery.

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