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Thread: Complaint against Tata Sky Dth Service

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    Question Complaint against Tata Sky Dth Service

    My Customer id is 1101613030 ,my set top box got misplaced and now tata sky is asking me to pay full price of a new connection instead of providing me a set top box for a reasonable cost .How far this justified ,does the antenna and the cable used are free of cost ? Why I need to pay the full amount again to start my connection .

    Ramesh Agarwal,
    3,Arabinda Sarani,
    Kolkata 700005
    email id:ramaga30@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint Against Tata Sky

    I have lodged multiple complaints with Tata Sky (Complaint ID 1-19418133574 and 1-14884297643). There were several other complaints lodged for which I am not able to find complaint IDs as of now. But the same have not been sorted by their "able" staff.

    The issue is very simple.

    My subscription was due for renewal on 23 Jun 2012. However, I started getting messages for recharging my a/c 20-25 days prior to that. Thus, on 6th Jun 2012 I recharged my a/c with Rs. 3620. Originally I had a bonus of Rs. 15 since the day of purchase (i.e. 23 Jun 2011) and this additional recharge of Rs. 3620 + fresh bonus of Rs. 15 made it Rs. 3650.

    15 (Bonus of Jun 2011) + 3620 + 15 (Bonus of Jun 2012) = Rs. 3650

    This amount of Rs. 3650 should start getting deducted from 23 Jun 2012 as I had anyways paid till 22 Jun 2012.

    However, their STUPID accounting staff started deducting charges from my balance from 6th Jun 2012 as per Rs. 13.7 per day and later recharged my account from 1st Sep 2012 (I am yet to understand the logic for this).

    When my account was recharged till 22 Jun 2012, what is the reason for deducting charges from 6 Jun 2012 ?????

    Anyways, my request is to credit back the wrongly deducted amount of Rs. 233 (Rs. 13.7*17) and both the bonuses of Rs. 30. That would restore my Rs. 263 with them.

    Although the amount looks small, what I am annoyed is the unprofessional and uncourteous behaviour by Tata Sky Staff (I am not using the word Customer Care because they neither understand the meaning of Customer nor the meaning of Care).

    All they know is to keep deducting charges from the money available with them.

    Unless this amount is credited back to my a/c, I am not willing to renew my subscription. Also, if needed, I will file a complaint in Consumer Court to get compensated.

    Even if it costs me more to switch to another DTH service, I wont mind doing that. This is because of the loss of trust on Tata Sky.

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    pawan kumar tiwari Guest

    Thumbs down fault not attended from 12 jun 2013

    Sir it to draw your attention to that my Subscriber ID - 1108282052 , i have taken new Tat sky HD connection on 08 Jun 2013, from that day i am not able to watch HD channel till date. I have complaint to costumer care on 12 Jun 2013. they told that service engineer will come. mahy time the service engineer called me but they didn't came , when i called them they cut my phone. Now i am fed up with tata sky. The installation was not proper channel signal strength is low . Sir plz do needful.

    Subscriber ID - 1108282052
    My mobile number is 9663327390
    Dist- Bangalore

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Program listings do not show programs and timings

    I have a tatasky hd+ connection and my subscriber id is 1009318039. For the past few days, for some of the channels like Jaya TV. Murasu TV, DD Podhigai, Kalaingar TV etc., we are unable to see the program details. The message shown is "Information not provided by channel provider". this causes a few problems:

    - I don't know what what program is when
    - Consequently, I cannot set recording for the programs
    - When the program starts, I view it and then I start recording, in the recorded section the title is shown is "information not provided by channel partner". If I record a few such programs, I am unable to know what program I have recorded.

    I called up the helpdesk to know what the problem was and to get a resolution. The person who answered my call said that it was because the channel provider is not providing the information (I think I can read and understand English !!). When I asked him when it would be rectified,he said that whenever the channel provider provides the information, we will get the details. OK, so when would they provide the information. That depends on the provider. Good. Now,why are they not providing the information? AGain the same response, when they provide the information the problem will be solved.
    I told him that I don't need an immediate response, but he could get back to me after talking to his seniors in the next day or so. Probably, he does not understand English. He asked me to hold on for 2 minutes. He came back after 5 minutes and gave the same response again.
    After a few heated exchanges, when I told him that airtel does not have this problem, he again put me on hold. This time, he never came back.

    i have sent a mail tot he nodal officer (Karnataka, but no response)
    Any thoughts on what i could do to get this resovled?


    G Padmanabhan

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mental Harassment & Foul Language used by Tata Sky Installation Engineers

    Your engineer has installed Tata Sky in my home, i have told him that we have cable wiring all around in the house in walls , so no need of doing any extra external wiring , instead of listening to me he installed Tata Sky with extra wiring from window, really this is ridiculous, though videocon also have installed dish tv & they have installed properly . Also extra cabling money also has been deducted from my account. I filed a complaint in Tata Sky customer care & asked to do proper installation of Tata Sky in my home. After doings lots of complaints from past week , & having lots of discussion with Tata Sky engineer, he said he will change it. But yesterday , Tata Sky engineer (no from which engineer called 9210816213) called & said am cancelling your request & you have to send me a relocation request which i didn't understand why he said, because am not changing my address (it is mistake by Tata Sky guys of not doing proper installation). But above all the most horrible thing was the kind of language they used & it was threatening, completely foul language , it was a completely mentally harassment (painful week with Tata Sky engineers). Am not interested in continuing Tata Sky services anymore. Please return my whole money & take Dish Tv & Set top box. If my money is not returned , i will have to take legal action in consumer court against you guys for mental harassment & foul language by your engineers. Am not interested in receiving any more call from Tata Sky engineers. Am shifting to Videocon DTH , there service is far better & they treat their customer well .

    My Tata Sky Registered Number

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    Subscriber ID 1105243768 Guest

    Default Customer care or disturbing point for customer ?

    At about 8.30 a.m. i called to customer care to check and to correct the name and address.

    with the opportunity of my call the attendant fellow attached one package in my account without my consent .

    Showing the message on the TV screen I called on customer care at about 8.30 PM . Now the call holder has cut the line on hearing my grievance. This was happened 3 to 4 times.

    IS it customer care?
    Are they well trained to deal with the customer?
    In what authority they can added the extra package?
    Is their only object to earn money / to sell package?

    Please identify those employee who misbehaved with the customer.
    Please note my grievance form the recording of call.

    I need reply through mail

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    Unregistered Guest


    My ID is 1081109306 my setup box is no working properly. Box replace since three week but box show the display no signel in two minute. Many complaint are register. Engineer call me and robbly said to me i am enginer and no solve this problem, you have many complaint. My no. 9810470534

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    Unregistered Guest


    My ID is 1081109306 my setup box is no working properly. Box replace since three week but box show the display no signel in two minute. Many complaint are register. Engineer call me and robbly said to me i am enginer and no solve this problem, you have many complaint. My no. 9810470534

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    knaik5000@gmail.com Guest

    Default tata sky not refunding the wrongly recharge amount

    I had recharge the wrong Tata sky account on Sunday & when I realized it I called up the Tata sky helpline number to register my complain. In return they told me that since the recharge is successful they will not refund the money. It's such a shameful thing for a multinational company like Tata sky for amount of rs. 700.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default No Service for last 10 days of Tatasky ste top box

    I Vaibhav Gupta am now into my second week of no service of my Tata sky DTH box (my subscriber ID: 1061920359 ). I registered the first of many complaints for the above said matter a week ago on the customer care regarding the same but i still have not got any proper response to my complaint. I tried calling the customer care to check the status but all i am getting is that your complaint is on hold due to some technical unavailability and will be resolved on urgent basis, but nothing is happening. I don't understand why its taking so long. The customer care representatives told me at least twice that I will get a call from their seniors and they will look into the matter but I don't know how busy they are that they can't even give me a call. I also received a text message stating that "you will receive a call from us within 24 hrs." but still nothing happened. I have sent them a couple of emails but still no reply.(Some Complaint Nos. 1-22363061731, 1-22398301342 etc.)

    I am a double victim in this case as i am not getting any service and then I am paying for no service. This casual attitude towards the customers is not doing your reputation any good.

    I would request you to please look into this problem as I am totally frustrated with the lethargic and careless attitude of the customer care, their complete incompetence in solving my problem and the constant harassment and don't know what else to do.

    Vaibhav Gupta
    Model Town -2
    Delhi - 110009
    +91 9999300555

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default reactivation

    I have recharged my account but unable to view channels when I comolain they said it will be attended within 24 hrs its been 30 hrs no one has calledbup and ironicalky they rbdeducting daily balance even when there is no signalservice

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tata Sky Cheated Me

    Tata Sky is fraud. My subscriber id 1001776721 I had issues with the connection in Jul'2013 and no one attended to resolve the issue. There was lot of escalation done but of no help. They gave multiple connections from my disk TV which was not right second there was a balance of more than 2K in my account which they said they cannot refund. Today i got a call from them saving that my connection was still live and the balance was just INR1400 how can this happen since i had already got new connection on 03 Aug for Videocon Dish TV and had requested them to disconnect my connection in July itself.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default UNFAIR DEDUCTION OF Rs. 500 for MPEG4 box by TATASKY

    UNFAIR DEDUCTION OF Rs. 500 for MPEG4 box

    After promising that MPEG4 box is free, TATASKY unfairly deducted Rs 500 towards Hdlg Chrgs of MPEG4 box? 4 e-mails have not been replied. I am being kept in prolonged unnecessary tension, needless waiting and pressure.They are forcing me to take legal action through consumer court. Subscriber ID : 1005731466


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Signal issues for 3 months and unfair charges for service visits

    I have been facing signal issues with my TataSky connection since June 2013. When I complained in July 2013, a technician was sent to my place and I was promptly charged Rs. 150/- even though the problem was not solved. When I informed Customer care about this, another technician was sent and I was charged Rs. 150/- again!! The issue was temporarily resolved and after a tedious conversation Rs. 150/- was refunded for the first visit.

    However, the issue resumed after 2 days. There was no signal reception for all but 10 channels (I had an annual subscription for Grand Sports package which consists of 130+ channels). I didn't have the energy to call up the customer service again since the technicians obviously had no idea what was wrong and I didn't want to be charged again for anther futile visit. I decided to switch to another network once my subscription expires in September 2013.

    But as my subscription's end date approached I kept getting several reminders and calls from TataSky. I finally explained the issue to one executive and informed him that since I had already been charged for the service visit, if my issue can be resolved without any further charges, I shall continue using TataSky. Fortunately the technician who visited this time resolved the issue quickly (the signal receiver had to be replaced, it cost me Rs. 300/- and I was not given any receipt for that). I promptly recharged my account after the issue was resolved.

    And unsurprisingly, I was charged Rs. 150/- the very next day. Also Rs. 50/- was deducted from my account towards daily charges although I recharged my account on the last day, before my subscription expired! I called the customer service several times, but to no avail.... So, not only do I end up without service for 3 months, but I am charged unfairly for services not rendered!??

    What is most frustrating is that there is no way to escalate this issue. The only choice I have is to call their customer service and sit through their VRS for hours only to be connected to a dumb customer service rep and explain the whole story to him/her!!

    This is what is called a daylight robbery. Rs 200/- per customer over thousands of customers will gather the network millions in ill-gained revenues!

    Shame on TataSky for ripping off its customers in such a heinous manner!

    Customer ID: 1016431965

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    rrsahu Guest

    Thumbs down Illegal deduction of money- a shame in the name of TATAs

    Subscriber ID: 1074455062

    In the month of August 2013, I relocated from Delhi to Bangalore and placed a request for re installation of tatasky hardware at bangalore, for which I was to be charged Rs.200/- only.

    However, after installation, an additional amount of Rs.200/- was illegally deducted from my a/c on the account of cost of wires, whereas not even an inch of wire was ever needed or installed, as my apartment had all the internal wirings required. Even the wires i carried with me from delhi was not required to be used.

    However, despite a complaint registered by me vide service request no. 1-22344980311 dtd.17.08.2013, no action has been taken till date by Tatasky. Repeated calls to their customer service centres were either abruptly disconnected or not acted upon.

    Moreso, the whole trouble was caused as the tatasky ENGINEER (more of a bloody hooligan) who came for re-installation demanded for a higher tip, which i did not pay and started abusing very rude manner and he went back and falsely ireported about use of wires by me during reinstallation and Tatasky deducted the illegal amount even without confirming the same from me.

    This is illegal and sheer deficiency of service by Tatasky. Worst service I have seen even is dealing with their customer service executives on phone, who not only are rude but disconnect the phone midway through a conversation.

    It might be megre amount of money, but in-principle deduction of any amount from my a/c without my consent/ information is illegal and the thugs didnt have the cautesy to make a call to confirm the same.

    WHAT A SHAME TO A NAME LIKE TATA... the TATASKY mangement should know that BEGGING is better than Robbing...

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