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Thread: Aircel 3G Data Packs 128-KBPS Benefit

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    Angry Aircel 3G Data Packs 128-KBPS Benefit

    Hi my name is Chhotu, and I'm from Kolkata. And my Aircel no. is 9804796560. Recently I have just recharged a Aircel 3G mobile pack of Rs. 128. And its benefit is, at first 500-MB 3G data about 3.6-MBPS, and then after that usage 5-GB data about 128-KBPS, and after this usage Unlimited Browsing about 32-KBPS. But after I finished my 500-MB 3G data usage, I was using my 128-KBPS speed data, which should be about 5-GB. But after using almost 150-MB data on about 128-KBPS, my Internet speed goes down huge slow to average 3 to 4-KBPS. Why??? The benefit as your Customer Care said and as your Web Site said, it must be 5-GB. But I got only almost 150-MB of 128-KBPS data. Is not a cheating with customers? And this happend to not only me, to all of all users here. And this cheating has not only happened with Rs. 128 Pack, and also with 16-Rs. 3-Days 3G data pack. With recharge of Rs. 16, we should get 100-MB 3G and 750-MB data about 128-KBPS. After finishing 100-MB 3G, we are getting only 100-MB data with about 128-KBPS. Why are you doing this cheating? If you continue do this thing, we can't stay on Aircel... Aircel is lying, with their Customer Care and with their Website. If you have changed the benefit of your Packs, please update. And please, and please solve this problem, as soon as possible. We can't take this loss...

    My Aircel Number: 9804796560
    My Contact Number: 9088787078
    My E-Mail Address: go2akj@gmail.com

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    Default Aircel 128 Data pack

    HI, My Aircel no is 9853410523
    hi, i am jit from orissa
    i've recharged with aircel data pack of 128 ,it offers 500 mb of 3G speed & after that a speed of 128 kbps but it gives only 6- 12 kbps this is cheating. This not only happen with me but with other also . Please some action against it

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    Default i too facing same

    i too facing same problem I'm using 128/- pack is not getting high speed which use to get high speed in 197/- pack in some areas it gets good speed but where 197/- pack gets high speed now at 128/- getting 4kb speed even i not used 100mb Aircel is become worst, they increased the Free MB but decrease the 3G signal strength

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