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Thread: tupperware india

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    Anas Mansuri Guest

    Default tupperware india

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    please note that i have bought 01 set of Tupperware make "Best Lunch" worth Rs. 630
    from Authorised sales center of Tupperware products, surat.
    at the same day one of my family member also bought the same product from Mumbai for
    me. 2nd day i went there at surat sales center to return it without any use of it &
    expected to get my money back. but person has refused to give my money back & told
    me this is bussiness & they are not able to give my money back.

    please note, what bill they have given me not contained any mesg or information
    printed it as "goods once sold not taken back" or no where mentioned their any rules
    or regulations. the bill is on a very simple note book page.

    when i have spoke with them about consumer rules, they ignored it & refused to give
    my money. alos, they offered me to choose another product as a replacement. why
    should i take replacement even i dont want it. also, if i have used the product then
    i never complaint about it or i have send them back after so many days then i accept
    my mistake but here scenario is different. i have already informed them about this a
    very next day without of use it.

    please note i have handed over the product to them & they committed me to give
    replacement of another product after 15 days & signed on invoice about replacement
    but i dnt want it. i want my money back.

    enclosed is the invoice copy for your reference.
    below is the detaild address & contact no. of distributor of Tupperware.

    Orion Party Sales

    G/10, Maharaja Arcade, Near Maharaja Agrasen Bhuvan, City Light Road, Surat 395007
    Surat, Gujarat
    0261 2254931

    please advice the proper way / legal way to get my money back.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anas Mansuri




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    SEEMA RAO Guest

    Angry Unavailability of freeze bottles

    I am regular user of tupperware brand since last 10 years. But this time I really wonder, which kind of company is this that is not supplying freeze bottles when it is mostly needed i.e. summer. I have demanded 12 freeze bottles from Swati Karia , tupperware consultant Vadodara. But she said this product is not being supplied by company.

    As it is summer, freeze bottles are mostly needed.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Unavailability of Crystalwave divided bowl 1 Litre in Delhi

    I require 35 Crystalwave divided bowls 1 Litre for a client.I would like to know when will they be available.

    Consultant No.
    Code: Unique
    Glowing star Party sales
    New Delhi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Seal not Avavilable

    Since feb. of this year i'm searching for the seal of bowled over 450ml. just now tupperware manger told me that that the product is not available so as the seal. But tupperware gives lifetime warranty on both seal as well as products. Kindly let me know from where i can get the seal. so, that my trust on the tupperware remains the same..


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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry mismanagement by mysore DB

    She is only worried about her sale and money,after becoming a db from january.has no time to listen to her consultant and managers problems and complains. Except old sahana unit consultants and new managers from that unit.she is too much partial and does not give other units actiities properly and comletely. What to do . As a consultant neither some of my friends want to continue nor i with her in this situation.
    What should we do and please pass this message to md of tupperware india mrs asha devi.

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    kulpreetji Guest

    Smile Joining

    My mobile no-9696683022 and i want to jain ur company.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Tap for water dispenser

    This is regarding water dispenser, I bought a water dispenser in April from 4th R Party Sale (Vijayalakshmi), chennai. I got the product without tap, I complained many times to DB through my friend consultant but she replies always get you soon, but its not happend. whenever she asks, DB will scold and won't give any proper reply(not only for this matter).

    After a long gap she gave a tap without ring, I don't know how to use dispenser without proper tap fixing.
    When I aprroach her regarding this she(Viji) told please buy a ring from Hardware shop to fix it. From this answer i couldn't understand why we are going for tupperware products instead of other plastics.

    I don't know wheather she is an tupperware DB or something else.

    Till now 01-10-2010 I couldn't get the proper tap from her.

    Meanwhile I have spoken to Mr.Saranathan regarding this but he is ready to blame the consultant not the DB.

    I couldn't understand the fact what is going on in Tupperware India.

    I was very patient in this, you can see my long waiting.

    Is there any person to solve my problem please contact me - 918015686760

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    surbhi mittal Guest

    Default hey

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I require 35 Crystalwave divided bowls 1 Litre for a client.I would like to know when will they be available.

    Consultant No.
    Code: Unique
    Glowing star Party sales
    New Delhi
    if u want ne products of tupperware plz contact me.

    surbhi mittal and my mobile number is 9425110768

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Bad service from tupperware distributor

    My distributor frm kolhapur{maharashtra}is quite a busy person [busy achieving given target of recruits but completly ignoring previous customer demands &complaints] i am a recently recruited consultant .i have not yet received my kit inspite of paying money in cash [i hv been recruited in november]my consultant says it normally takes 1mnth to receive replacements here i hve nt recd replacemnt goods since last 3 months saying that everybody was busy for "big week" &i am really bugged with her excuses.she values only her money &nobody elses............all others have to wait for her instrctns,......she previously said the consultants will be getting mm superovals as hostess gift ,now she says we r nt geting them ,but they r available to her mngrs[fishy na] her fact sheets r always xeroxed by hiding some details provided by the co [may be these practices r part & parcel of direct marketing ]but they r frustrating & my customers & co-consultants feel its better to switch on to buy products from shops rather than from tupper cnsltnts.......................................... .................................................. ....[angry consultant]

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Replacement of lids

    I have been a user of tupperware products for the last 12 years . With passage of time few of my lids have cracked due to wear and tear.But when I cntacted the dealer who sold the products to me no longer deals with tupperware products but gave me some references which were very blunt and said that I would have to buy new lids,they can't be replaced and each new lid cost me another Rs 400-500. When a customer buys products worth seven -eight thousand rupees,the attitude of the consultant is very positive,all the product assurances were given but when contacted later for replacemnt they were rather rude and un-cooperative.I have been given contact numbers of various dealers which have been of ne avail.
    Kindly replace my lids as promised by the company at the earliest.
    please contact me -9501622509 / reachmedrishti@rediffmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Bottles

    Most of the tupperware onelitre bottles smells bad. Why? On behalf of the customer i am placing this complaint.inspite of paying high price for tupperware products there should not be one such complaint.replacement is one such problem for the customer.the consultant one who is interested in selling the product to a customer doest not show the same interest in helping them getting their replacement of old or teared product. The distributors also makes the replacement process very complex.

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    tarunak Guest

    Smile Tupperware

    Hi All!

    I read so many complaints here related to Tupperware, however, I have been happy being their consumer since years and now I've become a Tupperware Consultant too.

    Since I personally like Tupperware products & company a lot, I'd like to help people here with their queries. Please do write to me about any query you have related to the products and I'd try my best to come up with a satisfactory answer. Infact, my Manager (Mrs. Sunanda in Bangalore) is very helpful and answers all our queries diligently.

    Do't forget there are always pros & cons to everything and reasons too, so it's on us what we focus on.

    I can be contacted at taruna.khurana@gmail.com OR you can visit my Blog as well: tarunak.wordpress.com

    Thanks for reading my message.



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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Bad service from tupperware distributor Anuradha


    Our Distributor Anuradha Sukumar (Indiranagar, Bangalore) is not at all good.
    From the time myself and my friends joined her as dealer we are are not happy.
    She doesn't give Activities, consignments, dues on time.We didn't received some gifts since 5 months.
    Many times you can see in the office that products have come, but she doesn't give it, as she directly sell these to her customer and for we consultants she made it as due.
    Often we need to make several trips to receive our order, although we are making payment on time.
    Recruitng gifts also she doesn't give on time.
    She use abuse language when she is talking to us, and use to shout like anything, sometimes we feel like we are not dealers , we r her servants.
    My self and my many co dealers are suffering with same problem.
    we feel really halpless as company gave full power to distributor, and they misuse it.
    Please don't join her as dealer, goto some other distributor in bangalore.

    A frustrated and suffered Dealer

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tupperware Distributor in Bangalore


    I have joined Tupperware Distributor in Bangalore Distributor Anuradha Sukumar (Indiranagar, Bangalore), which was a very wrong decision.
    I joined tupperware as i love those products and i was willing to start it as business.
    Before joining i didn't knew that all distributor run their meeting and deliver order in all possible areas in bangalore, so i just googled for the nearest one, later on came to know that all distributors r easily approachable in any area.

    From the time i hv joined her as dealer , i didn't get the proper service.
    She doesn't give Activities gifts on time, We didn't received some gifts since 5 months.
    consignments comes mostly in break ups ,
    dues are not on time.
    she manupulates rules by her own.
    she doesn't give information on time.
    She use abuse language when she is talking.
    most of the dealers are suffering with same problem with her distributorship.
    she misuse her powers.

    Please don't join her as dealer, goto some other distributor in bangalore.They all run ASSEMBLIES in all areas.
    I did a mistake by joining her but i want to protect all my other friends who want to join tupperware from her.
    she use to be very sweet unless and until u don't join her, but once you will join actual picture will com in front.

    A Suffered Dealer

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default replacement of lids

    i have used tupperware products for last 4 years and now their lids have come to a stage where they they require replacement but my dealer is not cooperative enough

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