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Thread: Harassment by yeshomeproject.com

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    Thumbs down Harassment by yeshomeproject.com

    Pls solve my problem

    I am a well educated student. to earn some money online i came in trap by yeshomeproject.com. They have shown on their website that they provide data entry typing work online in pdf files. WORK DEMO IS ALSO GIVEN ON THEIR WEBSITE. For that i deposited rs 500 also but they didn't provide me any pdf files to type. There is some images capcha given which refresh in every other second. When i spoke to them they are making laugh of me. I made a live chat also with one of their executive, they are giving adamant reply that you dont want to do work thats why you are making reasons.

    I can send you the whole mail & conversations but they are very rude to me. They are not even picking up my calls.
    I want my money rs 500 back or give me pdf files which are committed by them to give on their website.

    Pls help me someone.

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    Default yeshomeproject-Fake website

    it is a fake website, I lost 1000rps for one of the job in this website. Be carefull

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    Default YesHomeProject

    I am not getting Captcha images. It comes after 10-15 min. So it is impossible to solve 1000 images even in 100 days which may earn only $ 0.75 for me. 'YesHomeProject' is fake website.

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    y don't police take action on does cheaters. seal all the fraud company. for what they are waiting...

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    Default its a fake website really.everyone please dont enter in this

    its a fake website

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