Dear sir,

In reference to the above it is to represent that I already had an insurance
coverage through the Policy No. 10556050 from ICICI Prudential on dated
03-12 2008 in my name as detailed below :

Name of Life Assured : Balkishan Sharma

Policy Number : 10556050

Name of plan : Life Stage Pension

Premium : 20,000/- yearly

Further there was a call from Mr Ronit Roy the representative of ICICI
Prudential, New Delhi that if I propose for another insurance policy in the
name of my wife there will be paid a bonus @ 150% worth Rs 30,000/- on my
above policy. Accordingly the local representative at Kota (Rajasthan) Mr.
Devendra Solanki visited at my residence and I proposed for a Life Stage
Assure policy. The policy in the name of my wife Smt Chandresh Sharma was
reached me detailed as under :

Name of Life Assured : Mrs. Chandresh Sharma

Policy Number : 12015641

Name of plan : Life Stage Assure

Premium : 10,000/- Half yearly

After getting the above policy I asked-for Mr Ronit Roy the committed bonus
Rs 30,000/- who assured me that the same will be mentioned in the policy
number 10556050 very soon. Both the representatives Mr Ronit Roy at New
Delhi and Mr Devendra Solanki have been dodging me about the bonus. I made a
call to ICICI Prudential at Toll Free Number 1800-22-2020 and on enquiry got
shocked that actually no bonus was payable to me as both the representative
had made me a false commitment.

I therefore complain and request to take an appropriate action in the matter
and arrange me release either the bonus Rs. 30,000/- or the amount of
premium Rs 10,000/- with a penal interest.

Dated : 28-10-2009

(Balkishan Sharma)

D-190, Thermal Colony,

Kota-324008 (Rajasthan)