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Thread: Ubislate 7CZ - need refund from datawind

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    Default Ubislate 7CZ - need refund from datawind

    I booked Ubislate 7cz on 30.11.2012 and paid online a sum of Rs 5999. However, after going through the millions of complaints on the net, I cancelled the order and asked for refund on Dec 09,2012. I sent them all the relevant information- Bank Account number, bank details etc. I got an email from datawind on 12.12.2012 that they will refund within 3 weeks after deducting Rs 500 as cancellation charges (though the website says that before the delivery of the product entire sum will be refunded).
    The 3 week period expired on 02.01.2013. Seeing the predicament of millions of other customers who are facing similar issues, I kept on sending emails asking for refund.
    Finally, datawind sent another email on 03.01.2013 that the refund is in process and it will take another 3 weeks to refund the amount. I don't want the tablet.
    Sir, please help me in getting my money back from this fraud company Datawind. My booking order number is PM965462F0C8.
    Vishal Sinha

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    Default Got the refund!

    I got the refund on 29.01.2013. However, Rs 500 has been deducted. Think this is the profit Datawind would have made my selling the tablet. So they have nothing to lose. Customer loses Rs 500 without the tablet....anyways at least I got the refund.

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