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Thread: Defaulter list in cibil

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    Exclamation Defaulter list in cibil

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    CIBIL complaint: CIBIL Defaulters List

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Nagaraj Shetty A.j. residencing bangalore, i have taken the personel loan from ICICI bank on 05/08/2006.A/C Number LPBNG00007260047.Which was totally closed(full and final settlement done 06/11/2008) the bank has issued me a full and final settlement letter Ref:NOV/021/7260047 on 06/11/2008.

    Now the problem is my name is defaulter list in CIBIL report. Because I am not able to get any loan from bank. I am already discussed with CIBIL They are saying we can't modify any information in the database without the concerned member confirming the same. It is responsibility of the concerned member to submit correct,updated and accurate credit information to CIBIL.

    I am already informed to concerned in ICICI branch. But still it is not updated to CIBIL.

    Please give suggestion for my problem.and what is my next step.

    Nagaraj Shetty
    email id:nagaraj.shetty@shahi.co.in

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    It's a Shocking News That Defaulters in Cibil.

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    R V Nair Guest

    Default Report in cibil written off in 2003

    Dear sir ,
    pls see my cibil report below.
    I sent letter to American express about this outstanding which they did not repond.
    I also called up their head office
    to check what this is but apart from outstanding they don't know anything as it is
    too old.
    Even though I was ready to pay this amount just to get my name of the credit report
    they don't know
    how to solve this as my account is also closed with them

    request let me know a way

    best regards
    rajen v nair

    From: info@cibil.com
    To: Nair Private
    Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:52 PM
    Subject: Re: information required

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to your mail, please find the status of the control number
    39,88,39,480 as follows:

    AccountNum: 1166175
    Reported By: AMEX
    Account Type: CREDITCARD
    Ownership: INDIVIDUAL
    Date Reported: 23-06-2009
    Open Date: 01-08-2001
    Amount Overdue: 5,659
    Account Status: Written Off

    Neeraj Amin

    I too have similiar problem wth american express even though i had no outstanding
    their cibil report says Rs.5600 and also written off. Since i did not get any reply
    for my letters i called up american express office gurgaon several times and each
    time they said they dont know how to solve this as my account is closed in 2003 and
    they are checking and will let me know how to solve it. There was also a circular
    from reserve bank of india asking banks not to show report in cibil if written off
    as they have already taken benifit of it. Can some body let me know the circular or
    ways so that i can fight them
    best regards' rajen v nair rajennair@hotmail.com

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    you can lodge a consumer case and first warn them of legal action . such old cases otherwise are not easily solved if you are ready to pay you are bound to win and even get the thousands of compensation through consumer forum

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    jitendra Dahyabhai patel Guest

    Default complain

    me jitendra dahyabhai patel apply loan from hdfc bank new car loan.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Overcome CIBIl Problem

    1. You can change your name by submitting an affidavit in court
    2. Change you ID proof with new name
    3.Change your address
    4. Apply for new loan with new name and ID proof

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Defaulter in cibil report even when not taken any loan

    Hello Sir,
    I am facing a lot of problem regarding which i need ur guidence
    sir I never took any loan from this bank
    According to the report which i have got from cibil credit report i got to know that bank has issued a loan of Rs.1,00,000/- which i never took from this bank and now they are telling me that i have to pay a balance of Rs.33,071
    I want to know to whom the bank has issued the loan on my name when i have not taken any loan from this bank but i agree to the point that i applied for the loan but the representatives of the bank called me and refused to give me the loan so I did not took any type of loan from bank then why are they spoiling my reputation.

    As I told you that I never took loan from centurion bank, I told the same thing long time back to the representatives of this bank then also the representatives of this bank are unnecessarily calling me and troubling me and when I asked for the details they did not bothered and kept asking for the balance payment.

    Please guide me or suggest me what should i do or whom should i approach regarding my case as there are many faults and misguiding in my cibil consumer credit information report and because of this misguidence and my spoilt reputation i have applied for home loan from some other bank and because of this they are not giving me the home loan.

    Will be waiting for your reply

    Thanking you
    Email Address:bhutani.sushil7@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint to remove my name fron the defaulters list

    Dear Sir,

    my self govind yadav. i had 2 credit cards but t some issues from banks i close those cards and settle my account bit they put my name in cibil. when i settle my a/c they told that my nme would be removed from the list of cibil defaultersd. but it is till showing. so how can i remove my nme from defaulers list.

    govind yadav

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    Rajeev Arora Guest

    Default Difalter list cut my name

    My name is rajeev arora after some two and three banks I get loan if my conditon is not better so I am defalter but I pay all laon and cridet card on sttlement base but all banks not cut my name difalter list so I am very harsh this time my conditionis better so kindly cut my name defalu list

    Name : Rajeev Arora

    Shop Address: 22-A, Kamla Nagar

    My Email Address is : rajeevarora2584@yahoo.in

    My Phone mo. is : 9711249707

    Please Please look my problem

    Bank Name, ICICI Bank, Amrician Bank, Citi finacial ,

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    sanjay0359 Guest

    Post please Help

    Hello Sir,

    I am Sanjay Kumar, resident of Delhi, I applied for car loan from HDFC Bank, but they refuse to give because My name in defaulter list, but I do not remember that I made any dispute with any bank......
    I have lots of credit card....

    please help me out because I am Planning to buy one 1BHK house......

    Thank you
    Sanjay Kumar
    A/c No. 478010100018142
    Pan No. APFPK2148M
    E-mail.Id sanjay0359@yahoo.com

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    rohit srivastava Guest

    Default Cibil

    want to know my CIBIL status as am going to take two wheeler Loan. My DOB is 14/07/1980

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post how o remove the name from cibil

    Dear Sir,

    My self govind yadav. I had 2 credit cards but due to some issues with banks i close those cards and settled my account and got the full and final letter from them. When i applied for load, i been informed that may name has gone in cibil . But at the time of settlement they told me that my name wud be remved from the cibil. but unfortunatley it is reflecting. so how can i remove my name from defaulers list, i want to know the procedure. how it happens without any proir intimation.

    govind yadav

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    ashu293 Guest

    Default GIC Housing Finance

    Dear Sir,

    My father has applied for home loan from GIC housing Finance on 15/03/2010.The GIC housing finance told us that my father name is on cibil defalter list.It is showing a credit card outstanding .But my father donot have any credit card.

    now we want to know the bank name ,which issued the credit card to my father name.

    Father name=hira lal prasad
    QTR.NO-KS 83/9-10

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cibil defaulter report

    I require to know whether my name has appreared in cibil defaulters list. I furnish my details as detailed below:

    Date of Birth : 08/07/1963
    Miobile No.: 9840048644
    Name: R. Rajshekhar
    Father's Name: V. Raman

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    Default Unnecessary harassment

    I came to know, while a loan for car was under process with HDFC, that loan could not be provided as my name appears in CIBIL owing to Standard Chartered Bank.
    I got a personal loan by SCB in 2007 while I was maintaining a SB account with SCB with an auto debit system. In 2009 SCB hiked the minimum balance requirement , I informed them by letter duly received about closure of my account mentioning discontinuation of all autodebits - as SCB would not accept a Durgapur bank chq (not CBS then) - I would pay to SCB bank personally per month and asking to provide me an account no. An account no. provided by SCB through SMS in 09.02.2009, advised to deposit the EMI in that account. I did it till the last EMI of Jan 2010. As there is no SCB in Durgapur WB, I deposited Credicard pamts at Kolkata and in couple of cases, the due date crossed.
    The SCB authorities went on hitting to a non existant account every month, recorded bouncing of advices, accumulated bouncing charges and thereby reported to CIBIL about the non payment - though they received EMI by cash and subsequently through a Statement of accounts on 08.02.2010 provided a No dues receipt and closure of the Loan account. Even the credit cards are having Credit balances sometimes.
    I had been requesting the Head Services of SCB - previously Mr Surojit Laha and presently Mr Balu Jayaraman - but against my 10 mails, they provide one which also irrelevant and do not touch any of my querries.
    I am unable to apply for a loan, unable to buy a flat which I require very badly at this age-(57).As a Director, our company, who has been awarded a loan from SCB in 2007 to expire in 08/2010- had been religiously making the EMI payments and never defaulted even by hour, had been barred by SCB for an enhancement of the facility as I am the Director whose name appears in CIBIL. I have been asked by my organisation to step down from Directorship.
    I appeal to this forum authority to get this solved at an immediate date and advice.

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