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Thread: complaint against APSRTC(Andhra Pradesh State Road transport Corporation) !!

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    Default complaint against APSRTC(Andhra Pradesh State Road transport Corporation) !!

    Hello Sir,

    This is complaint against APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation) service.

    We have booked ticket from Tirupati to Bangalore (Super luxury) to travel on date 04/10/2009 through APSRTC online website in mid of september. Ticket has been booked successfully.

    Bus Scheduled departure was at 11.10 PM.

    When we arrived at Tirupati bus stop at 10.45 pm and enquired about our bus,

    it has been told that bus service for which ticket has been issued in online has been cancelled three months ago. This information has been given APSRTC employee who was taking care of bus departures. His name is satyam.

    When we told him that in online, ticket has been booked successfully, he told he is not aware of that and told that only option is to cancel the tickets and serach for another bus.

    Then we tried to call depo manager of Tirupati on mobile where we got his number from disaply list which was provided in bus stop. When we called first person, he told call to other number. When we called other number, he has given another number. when we called to third number, for first call he picked up phone and told again call to first number. Again, we were trying to call them, nobody was picking up the phone.

    Then we went to reservation counter to find whether that service has been cancelled or not.

    We have given bus service number to reservation counter person and asked him to check.

    He told service is there but bus time is at 9.30 PM.

    so, again we went to person who was maintaining bus departures (satyam) and told that bus timing has been changed. He told he can not do anything other than arranging in some other bus. When we asked him can he arrange in any super luxury, he told it is not possible.

    He told he can arrange only in express bus and that is also not sure as it was very crowded on 4th october. We waited till 1.00 AM and could not found any seat in any bus. We cancelled our journey on 4th october.

    Because of this, we were not able to attend our office on 5th October and also we went to through lot of struggle to roam here and there and asking all APSRTC employees what to be done. Nobody has clear answer and nobody replies to our calls.

    And when we went to cancel our ticket next day morning (5th october), they told this ticket can not be cancelled directly as the service was there but time was wrong. They told we should write a letter and give to them and they will send it to Hyderabad. For this letter, they said we need to take sigature of depo manager. When we went to him, he says to us, "why you did not go yesterday? Somehow, you could have adjusted and go right ".

    We would have adjusted but nobody replied to us correctly and nobody was taking responsibility when we were suffering on 4th october night.

    So, I strongly recommend that to have check in APSRTC online website and suspend it if there are such mistakes.

    Because of this website, we went through lot of struggles and missed office on 5th October and need to put leave. Luckily, we have our friend home in Tirupati so we went to his home. else, there would have been additional cost of taking lodge.

    Thank you !



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    Default complaint against city heart tours & travels ,scindhia house,delhi

    Hello Sir,

    This is complaint against city heart tours & travels ,scindhia house,delhi.

    We had booked ticket from delhi to rishikesh (deluxe) to travel on date 30/10/2009 through thier connaught place office.

    Bus Scheduled departure was at 9.00 PM.

    When we arrived at scindhia house office at 8.45 pm and enquired about our bus,
    it was told that bus would start from this place at 9.30 pm.

    All the passengers booked for different destinations were loaded in one bus and it was conveyed to us that they will all be taken to kashmeri gate and from there different deluxe buses would be alloted for different destinations

    We were all kept waiting upto 11.15 pm on a lonely road stretch,which was not even having a proper place to stand .The bus alloted to us was an ordinary 3/2 seater and in a condition even worst than the local transport buses.

    The only mobile no provided on the ticket was switched off and We were left with no other option but to travel

    We would therefore like to advice everyone not to deal with such kind of irresponsible travel agents who want to take people for a ride and are not bothered about them after getting total payment in advance.,

    With regards

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    Default no rsponse

    Dear Sir,

    respected sir, i booked my tcket. and waited more than 1.30hrs. at dilsuk nagar for the bus. but the bus went away without comming in.when i approached the controller room for help .he never opend the room even after my calling from out. i think he was sleeping in side and could not here the sound of the door .at later i went to vijayawada and tried to complaint over phone from there. but no one from JBS gave proper response. Mr nagaiah from JBS depo told to come on monday(22/03/2010) to discus. accordingly I came to JBS depo today i.e 22/03/2010. at enquiry. they didnt give respose and shouted at me to get away. i some how wrote complaint and dropped in the JBS complaint box to day(in the name of Mr Y.K.sarma mob no 9505356142). so i suffered a lot because of the whole story. please take proper action and refund my money back thanking you sir. regards, my ticket details service no 1185 date of journey 18.03.2010 servine name JBS-MGBS-VJA SEATNO 7 boarding at dilsuk nagar departure time 23.00 my mobile no 9505356142



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    Default not issuing a combination ticket

    Respected sir,

    I have purchased ordinary day pass for Rs.40-00 on 09-06-2010 at CBS at hyderabad city service wide root no 1P at 5:30am. At 12:30pm i reached to CBS to go to ECIL and catched root no 3HN metro express, and asked to conductor to issue me a combination ticket of Rs.7-00 on my day pass. But he refused to issue a combination ticket on day pass and said there is no combination ticket for day pass which was i purchased combination ticket last two years (five months ago its cost was Rs.5-00 only).Then i purchased ticket to ECIL for Rs:15-00. Three months ago same situation was held with me with another conductor(MR.CHINNA YESUDASU) in metro express and i was called to DM of kushaiguda depo from my mobile, and he said that conductor was a ordinary bus conductor and he was new for metro express, so he doesnt know the rules of issuing a combination ticket on day pass and requested me forgive him, and infuture it will not repeated like this with passingers like me.

    In this regards, I called the same kushaiguda depo DM for information about combination ticket rules and he said there is no rule to issue a combination ticket on day pass and cut the phone.

    I shocked about this, then i called to CI of kushaiguda depo several times but he was not lifted the phone and i called to DVMof kushaiguda depo, he said he was busy in travelling and advised to call DM.

    So, i request your goodselves to kindly look in to the matter and justice me. I want rules and regulations for issuing a combination ticket on day pass. If there is no rule for issuing a combination ticket for day pass, its ok. If there is rule for issue a combination ticket on day pass, then how was the conductor and DM ignored the rule. I think both were elegble for punishment and will not repeat in future with any other passenger like me.

    Please do the needfull.

    Thanking you

    With regards

    MOBILE NO:9700487344

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    Default mannerless conductor

    hello sir..
    Today i was travelling in a bus AP28 Z 156 at shamshabad at around 5:00 to 5:15 PM in route no 215. i got my bus pass renewed from 15th june to 13th july but the date on the id card was may 31th 2010, as my classes is going on. the conductor seeing this he was shouting on 3 of the other students in spite of seeing the same dates in all the bus passes. he was shouting at the students ,mannerlesssly and even the APSRTC its shame on its part of encouraging such kind of activities among the APSRTC.. Try to take proper acition regarding this issue of having improper communication among yourselves(APSRTC).

    Common man

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    Thumbs down recklessness and lazy apsrtc

    I really hate the bus service from the tharnaka to ecil from evening 8pm to 10 pm and in the afternoon 2 to 4 pm.....
    i really pity the government for maintainig a road transport for their own purposes not for the benefits of people...
    its like it hiked all the pass charges ticket charges and what not every thing just to pay the high salaries for the government(lazy) people during the telangana strike saying that they have incurred a great loss..so till now the government didnt recover its loss during the t-state strike?????

    or are they not getting enough of black money in to their pockets???
    and finall thing update ur @@@@@ APSRTC site with student related pass issuing details like date and timings and amount..
    if not finally its sucks..
    what to do with the all the buses and types they have mentioned in ur @@@@@@ site ,,

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    ramaraoyamalapalli Guest

    Thumbs down Loose money

    Dear sir/mam,
    Today (6th Sep 2010) morning 9:30am I have faced three incidents in vizianagaram bus stand,
    1. I have got three tickets from vizianagaram to vizag with my family and my ticket numbers were 41,42,43 these were last tickets in the bus , we was entered into the bus but no place was there already some body occepy the place and especially there are no seating numbers mentioned in the bus and I asked the reporting person in the bus stand about it but he told me we sold 46 tickets for this non stop bus so you have to adjust in any where with your family told this word very arrogantly , I argue with him some time but he didnít get my words & didnít understand my situation .

    2. Ok but next some one asked me about the conductor where is conductor? I have to get a ticket from vizianagaram to vizag but nobody not came here why? all most all we crossed 25km from starting point to ,actually the person donít know about the bus (this is non stop bus ), that time they(your rtc staff) didnít check passengers tickets

    3. Another one issue this is very very important to improve your service I have bought three tickets each 32 rupees and I have gave 100rs to counter person but he gave 12rs to back and he said me we have no change thatís why we are not giving change 2rs, this is not only my story every passenger face the same problem, I hereíd every one told me about that I am requesting you please solve the issues and donít repeat this type of problems. Especially I am telling you about your staff their behaviour is not good in the bus stand.


    Thanks & Regards

    Rama Rao.Y
    Assistant Branch manager in HDFCSLIC
    Mobile no 8099999564

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    zyx Guest

    Unhappy regarding relaxsation of age for oc people

    hello sir , i am a graduate in mechanical engineering & working in a private company . i had seen the job add of mechanical supervisors in apsrtc & i reuest u to increase the age limit for oc people to 30 years bcz u are giving job add after many years.

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    Lokesh Perumbalai Guest

    Angry BED BUGS IN APSRTC BUSES(Worst Maintanance)

    I have been vexed of travelling in this APSRTC buses with very poor maintanance being maintained in their buses.I travel once in fortnight to my hometown Kurnool from Bangalore.Every time i board this APSRTC buses i will be troubled by some means.I was heavily bitten by bed bugs.The next day i was shocked to see my skin full of rashes and allergy for which i have spent 700 bugs for the doctor.The other time i see the down pour of rain water in the seat i was sitting, the other time the engine was making heavy sound like that of aeroplane.The day before yesterday i was once again bitten by bed bugs.These people are ready to take and fix any amount during festival season but they are least bothered about the minimum cleanliness and maintanance.Basically these people dont have competetion so they are being reckless and negligent regarding the maintanance.When i report the same to the conductor the first time he didnot listen to my words.When i approached him once again and complainted about the same he said we do have bed bugs in our bus as if they were some precious species living in the bus.Hope this will get corrected soon..

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up complaint against Guntur Depo-2 (Service No.4181 From Nerademet to Guntur)

    Dear Sir,

    This is complaint against APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation) service.

    I was traveling with my family and one kid. We have booked ticket from Hyderabad to Guntur (Super luxury) to travel on date 26/02/2011 through APSRTC L B.Nagar Franchise Centre. Ticket has been booked.

    Bus Scheduled departure was at 11.15 PM. from L.B.Nagar

    When we reached at L.B.Nagar bus stop at 11.00 pm and enquired about our bus, at L.B.Nagar Reservation Counter.

    Staff says "bus staying for yourself please go head". we immediate searching at L.B.Nagar centre. Already bus is gone. Immediately we enquired about our bus he said "you go immediately at panama bus centre already bus is waiting for yourself, i reached panama bus centre. But there no our bus.

    APSRTC drivers are so careless and arrogant. Is there any action to take against these drivers.

    On 26/02/2011,.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Apsrtc chennai thirupati fiasco

    We booked from chennai to thirupati on 23 March 2011. Bus was to start at 7 30 pm. We keep getting sms that bus is delayed by 1 hour , every hour. Finally bus came at 10 30 and started . Reached Thirupati guest house where rooms were given at 2 am. and we were to start at 4 45 am. House keeper woke us at 3 am and we put on the geyser.After 1 hour we found no hot water. managed to take bath in cold ater. The drainage wont work and water stagnated. The TV wont come on and no remote works. The house keeper RAJESH said no eleectrician . After loacl trips he took up to the top at 930 am. Till 11 30 am he couldnt get tickets and we sat outside in open sun. and then we managed after the morning bus and train also has arrived, and they managed to go before us. Absolutely unorganise d trip. and we pay 1360 which otherwise can be managed within 500 Rs per head and faster as well.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default \Sub:- Complaint on bus Driver

    Dear Sir,

    \Sub:- Complaint on bus Driver, reg.

    This is to inform out that the bus driver travelling from Shamshabad Airport to Nizamabad (Nizamabab Depot) Bus number bearing No. AP

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mu humble suggestion on an incidence

    My name is K.Virabhadra Sastri, aged 83 years
    Bus No. APIIZ 6403
    Route No. 308
    Date of incidence: 14th June 2011
    Date: 14th June 2011
    Time: 10-30 AM
    Place of incidence: Pipul Road Junction, Singnagar, Vijayawada
    Brief details of incidence
    The above said city bus arrived at Pipul Road Junction at about 10-30 A.M.
    The driver instead of stopping the bus at the scheduled stop opposite to State Bank Of Hyderabad, where a staff of APRTC was guiding the busses to stop, went forward and stopped on the center of main road just half a minute and started abruptly when I was climbing putting my right foot on the foot board, as a result I slipped but holding the rod , I was dragged further hitting my body with the foot board hurting my left hand. Though the passengers asked to stop the bus, the driver did not care or might have not heard
    However, I was pulled by two passengers into the bus.
    There was one lady conductor in the Bus but she did not give any signal to the driver to stop
    I humbly request you to kindly instruct both the drivers and conductors to observe passenger getting down and getting into the bus before starting the bus so that passengers may not be hurt.

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    Thumbs down complaint against APSRTC online reservation


    Iam pavankumar reddy csn used my icici debit card on 15th of june for booking of two tickets from hyderabad to vizag for a volvo bus. I entered all the details correctly and payed the amount but the transaction was not successful which is a problem with apsrtconline website.

    But my amount(1784.00) has been debited for my account. i mailed them and called them many times but unitll now there is nor refund from them.

    On call they will just say that we will refund you asap.

    i wasted my mobile balance but the refund is not done untill now.

    I want to complaint against apsrtc.

    Thanks and regards.

    Pavankumar Reddy CSN.

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    Unhappy Refund of bus pass amout of APSRTC(Andhra Pradesh State Road transport Corporation)

    I have applied for new metro bus pass in hyderabad on 18-sept-2011 by paying Rs.650/- ,but from the next day i.e, from 19-sept-2011,the APSRTC employees started strike and i have not even used that bus pass for travelling for one day till today,so i request APSRTC to refund my amount of Rs.650/-.

    Rahul Sharma

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