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Thread: Missing luggage claim from Air India :(

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    Default Missing luggage claim from Air India :(

    Missing luggage claim from Air India

    Hi ,

    My name is Tarsem Singh. I am working at muscat with a telecom company from Aug 2008.

    Below is my complaint detail.

    I travelled in Air India flight IC886 from MUSCAT-DELHI on 05 Feb'2010. I found my luggage missing ( luggage TAG number B5-140596 ) and loged a complaint with Air India at the Air port(IGI Airport Delhi). after 20 days i came back to muscat.

    my luggage was containing things near about Rs 40 to 50 thousands. i had lots of email communications with Air India. after that they passed my claim for USD 280 only. but still i didn't receive any amount from Air India.

    following are some information sent by Air India.

    On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 9:46 AM, NR CustomerService <ialcsnr@airindia.in> wrote:
    Dear Mr. Singh,

    We have received your claim and the same is being processed. We are under the process of investigation, kindly bear with us till such time. In the meanwhile you are requested to kind forward us copy of boarding card, copy of ticket to enable us to consider your claim as per rules.



    On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 3:24 PM, NR CustomerService <ialcsnr@airindia.in> wrote:
    Dear Tarsem,

    Reference your trailing mail on the above subject. The cheque has already been sent to you on 14.07.2010 at the address provided by you on PIR through our Station Manager Amritsar. In case it is still not received please liaise with Station Manager, ATQ.




    After that i have also visited Air India Amritsar Office 2 or 3 times. But every time they told that they didn't receive any cheque.

    then i sent following emails to Air India but they didn't reply my emails.

    on Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 9:23 AM

    Dear Bisht,

    Still i didnt receive any cheque. Plz look in to the matter.and also plz give the email id of Amritsar Admin so that i can check with them tooo.

    Plz do the needful ASAP.

    on Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Dear Bisht,

    How are you. Dear you can see the following mails, it is near abt 10 months over my luggage missing..still i didn't receive compensation. Is this Air India Service to satisfy her customers. Dear my luggage was containing things near about Rs 40 thousands but Air India has approved just $280 for my claim, that much amount also i didn't receive ...still m waiting for the cheque..dear plz do the needful ASAP.

    Tarsem Singh

    on Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Dear Bisht / Air India Team,

    I am very disappointed with the your customer service policies. Can you spare a little time to read the whole mails of our conversation. I didn't received any cheque from Air India . and 2 years are about to go the matter started. Air India has approved a claim of $280 only when the things were about $1000 i lost, even then i haven't received this much amount since a long time has gone.

    Even i have visited Air India office in Amritsar 3 or 4 times . they just tell me that they didn't receive any cheque from Dehli on my name. Even they have tried to call Dehli Office but that time no response.

    Can you please check ,where the cheque is lying now or delivered .. I am waiting for your reply.

    Tarsem Singh

    these emails were sent by me... but i didn't receive any reply..

    Can anyone help me in this matter...

    Thanking you in advance,

    Tarsem Singh
    Muscat No. +968 99385210

    Post Box 1676
    Postal Code 114
    Sultanate of Oman.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaine for Lost Baggage

    My name is Mohammed Taslim Alam. I am working at Jeddah, KSA.

    Below is my complaint detail.

    I travelled by Air India flight AI349 / AI931 from DEL-BOM-JED on 10 April 2013 . I found my luggage missing ( Luggage Tag No. AI909235 & AI909236 ) and loged a complaint at Jeddah Air Port (SGS). SGS Department provided a land line number +96626853059 and told me call tomorrow for inquiry your baggage. I had a lot of telephonic conversions but they replied same every day “NOT YET COME YOUR BAGGAGES” and cut the lines.

    I don’t have clothes to wear.

    please retrieve my baggage as soon as possible or give me compensation of my goods.

    Mohammed Taslim Alam
    Jeddah, KSA

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    Lalbhai Kanubhai Nayak Guest

    Default My luggage I don't get

    My name is lalbhai Kanubhai Nayak
    I was gone from Ahmedabad to Hong Kong via Delhi on 14 Dec 2013 .
    My luggage not come still today .
    Plz find my luggage and send it immediately .
    I will given you the detail .
    My flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi is AI011 and the connected flight is AI310 .
    My baggage tag AI 894413
    Pls help to find out the baggage and send it at Hongkong .
    I was given all the information to honking baggage service department .
    Plz help me

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    Default Baggage lost

    Dear sir,
    i have lost my baggage in Air inida ..AI.342 travelling date. 15//9/2014. because of passport issues, return on 16/9/2014.. after reaching chennai while reguesting my baggage, they told me, the baggage will come to my home address by courier.. but till now no courier or any message about the luggage..
    Name of passenger: Gopal Meghwal Sohanidevi Hodana
    Flight number: AI:342 date of travel 15/9/2014
    E.Ticket number: 0985455890034
    my phone number:9449951279
    Thanking you,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Lost Bagage during AI travel.

    I travelled from Riayad to Mumbai and then to Bagalore on 24th Dec.

    I was having one bag and another box of new Yamaha Music Drums of 3ft X 2ft X 1 ft size .

    I took the bag in Mumbai and after passing through the custome, submitted both bags to Inernation to Domesting transfer point.

    At Bangalore I have only receive one bag. Other is lost.

    Raised a complain at airport before leaving - BLRAI34197.

    Can you please help in tracing the bag.


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    lakhvir Guest

    Angry missing laggage

    Hi ,

    My name is Lakhvir Nijjar.

    Below is my complaint detail.

    I travelled in Air Canada flight from Toronto to London AC848 from London to Delhi on dec 30 2014. My all luggage is missing ( luggage TAG number AC269120, AC269117, AC269118, AC269122, AC269121,AC269124, AC269119,Ac269123 ) and loged a complaint with Air India at the Air port(IGI Airport Delhi). Now its 3 days, I still not found nothing about my luggage and nobody give any response .

    My luggage was containing all my cloths and medicines for my kids . I had lots of email communications with Air India. after that they passed my claim for Department level to Delhi only but still i didn't receive any response from them.

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    sheikh Anis Guest

    Default Blue clored "monza" company stroller bag mishandled by airindia

    My indian numbers 9890624621 ,9890649659 & 9822616865...please convey a message to me if my blue colored "monza" company bag is found.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Luggage not delivered by Air India

    We had booked our 4 baggage at singapore airport on 09.02.15 for Ranchi(India), but we did not get our baggage at Ranchi.
    The details of our journey/tickets is as under :
    Ticket No. 098-2112034580
    Singapore to Delhi by AI 381 on 09.02.2015
    Delhi to Ranchi by AI 809 on 10.02.2015
    No. of Baggage : 4
    Baggage Ticket No. AI 458528/29/30/31

    We have already inform the officials of Air India at the Air India counter at Ranchi but they are not able to trace our luggage till now.

    Pls do the needful at earliest.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Air india baggage claim

    I traveled through air india (flr-rom-del) on feb 12th 2015 and did not received my luggage when landed in delhi.
    Its been more than a month and the irresponsible air india staff is not able to find my baggage yet!
    First, they never answer their phones. And if sometimes they do (which i assume is by mistake), all they say is they are not able to find the baggage.

    Their senior officials are never ready to talk or to come at the front counter to talk to the passengers and the counter staff never have any satisfactory answers.
    My baggage contained important business documents which has caused me a big loss in business. But these guys don't care.
    Air india is the worst airline in the world. Will never travel with them again and won't recommend to anyone.
    The staff is never polite/supportive, neither on the flight nor on the ground.
    The only solution that i think left is to go to the consumer court and file a legal case against air india.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Lost bag

    Hi..we arrived at Heathrow ,London from India,in AI 111 on 27/6/15..We had checked in 4 bags and got back only 3 ..after a harrowing one hour we lodged a complaint with the required personnel ..who advised us to wait for a day and then buy the necessary items to facilitate us on our onward journey.
    The lost bag unfortunately belonged to my husband, a heat patient, who had all his belongings ,pertaining to our trip in that bag.
    As we had confirmed train tickets for our onward journey to Edinburgh the next day ,28/6/15..,we were compelled to carry on without my husband's bag..
    Our bag was found /returned after four very harrowing and difficult days...during which my husband faced severe inconvenience and hardship.. He was forced to purchase some basic toiletries,clothes and shoes as all the appropriate clothing was in the lost bag..this was not only inconviniet,but completely disrupted our holiday budget.
    We were continually corresponding with Air India lost baggage for some reprive and compensation.. But have been denied it..on the grounds that out of 4 bags,only one was misplaced..and that we traveling in economy class.
    I would seriously like to take up this matter at the callous and indifferent attitude of air India towards its passengers..
    We have proof of all the correspondence and purchase bills ..
    Losing faith in our own country's international carrier.

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