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Thread: revalidation of cheque

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    Ajai kumar ps Guest

    Default revalidation of cheque

    Iam Ajai kumar. My savings account no 7561150035831 at patiala Gajaraj Shopping Complex branch has been closed by the bank without my consent .A cheque no555484 dated 9/2/2007 for Rs 3909.85/- was received very late by me and could not be cleared. A complaint has been registered at Bangalore Koramangala br. The complaint reference no is R-053-HBCR7WZF9n-09 date-23 september 09.Request for quick Revalidation of Cheque and for phone number of Patiala ,Punjab,Gajaraj complex br.

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    Dear Mr. Kumar,

    Pls. mention your complaint in detail. In your current post you haven't mention even the name of concerned Bank.

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