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    Res. Sir,
    I submit complaint against FINEEDGE.IN COMPANY
    Several day ago I receive a telephone call from this company about giving a free Gold Discount [COLOR=#009900 !important]Card[/COLOR] with associated with my credit card Bank. The[COLOR=#009900 !important]phone number[/COLOR] was 911409303890, 911409303891. They tell me about all the [COLOR=#009900 !important]benefits[/COLOR] about that card. I do not respond it that time. But after three or four times they again ask me for this. They told me that this card issue without any charges. no charges will be charged. Its completely free.
    When I agree for that. they said for [COLOR=#009900 !important]confirmation[/COLOR] of your card. some procedure will neccesary for this. We forward you by your [COLOR=#009900 !important]credit card [/COLOR]department.
    after confirmation. I was shocked when I receive a message that from my credit card they deduct 6,399/- Rs.

    This type of thing is absolutely fraud. When I contact them and ask for this they said its one time fees. But before this they don't tell me about this one time fees.

    I told them that I was take action against this and put a police complaint about this. They said the [COLOR=#009900 !important]process[/COLOR] is complete and amount was deducted from your credit card. That was not returned.

    When I forced them for return me my amount....
    I just got one courier packet from them and its useless for me. because in my city only one "Dosa Plaza" store where they give 15% discount.
    Its very funny, I pay 6399/- for eating Dosa for one year.


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    Thanks Mr. Ankur Jakhwal,
    CEO of Fineedge Company.

    They return my money.

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