Hello Sir,

My Vodafone Number is 9833058860,since long period I have been using this number.
On 20th Sept 2012,I have initiated the process of changing my plan from an individual to corporate based on some promotions that has took place here in TCS as I work for TCS and requested for TCS_ESERVE_99 plan,there were some communication gaps within Vodafone hence the activation process took around 20 days and finally today on 10th Oct 2012 the plan got activated.
The vodafone agent here had said that along with other exciting features I will also get the data plan of 2GB@99(VMC99 @ 2Gb) which was the only reason behind moving to this corporate plan,the same thing has been confirmed by Vodafone Executive present at the time of submitting documents(TCS ID Card copy and latest salary slip) vodafone store @ borivli(West).
However when I called 9820098200 today to just confirm the details of plan so as to start with Internet Access on my phone he has said there are no Data plans active on your number and asked me to visit vodafone store again to confirm.
I am really tired and frustated of dealing with this vodafone guys!They have left me with no option but to think about changing my network service provider.
I would really appreciate if somebody from vodafone would clarify what is all this going on? Has vodafone services degraded in recent years or is just that I was unaware about this?

Suyog Patil