PBOR's Fundamental Right of getting Arrears and Increment is delayed unexpectedly
1. Millions People is exploited and affected financially by the lazy protocol to distributing the entitled arrears and increments, especially those who retire from the active ser4vice from Jan 2006 to sep 2008.
2. Why should the people be looser financially because of Government delay? I t is almost one year completed for paying the amount to everybody.
3. When the Defence personnel (PBORs) always remain looser in his position in the name of scarifies and martyr?
Who will provide fundamental right of living with actual justification for the above period retired individual?
4. How hapless the people those are very low academic to express their issue to higher authority to Zila Sainik board to record Office then to Principle comptroller of defence Account, Pension cell. This all protocol is just like facing Supreme Court to the small PBORs. Who will understand the is issue and highlight the same to actual authority to get real justice. No media is interested to focus the issue.
5. Why are some times our Constitutional rule become ineffective in impartial welfare to small citizen. They are seem to be the second class of our nation.
6. In term of safety of our country, they are ground level primary elements of the nation to maintain the security of the nation. Are they not emotionally hacked to do any kind of job even cost of life by the intellect? Which are witnessed by numbers of evidences.
7. Why are very difficult to prevail the last few privilege from government by the Ex-servicemen, which has declared as 6th CPC. Number of commissions, DESA have formed to settle the issue but none is fruit full to the Pension Below officer Rank. When always will be the ex-service trouble free and can expect the good day will come to them one day?
8. Somewhere there is very large communication gap between PBORs or low category ex-servicemen and Government authority or some authority is playing hypocrisy, duplicity and negligence with their duty and responsibility with the disbursement of arrears and increment to the innocent and hapless PBORs. They should be investigated and punished for the default crime done by them. My request is issue an early probable court order to settle down of malice.