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Thread: Complaint against courier service

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    Default Complaint against courier service

    Hello Sir,
    I have sent a courier through MAdhur Courier Services with consignment number 5143590923 from Jaipur to Pune on 19 Setember 2012 and till date 2 october 2012 it has not been delivered. on contacting with the given address there was no proper response.

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    Subhojit Bhattacharya Guest

    Default Compaint against on-dot courier service agency SKYLINK,Sonarpur,Kolkata

    Dear Sir,

    I gave my LG make color TV to ONDOT courier services agency SKYLINK,Sonarpur on 8/1/13 to shift from Kolkata to Nagpur. (Contact details:- SKYLINK, Sonarpur rail gate, 1st.floor, room no.-2, contact person Mr.Rupak Chowdhury,Ph-9836074476/03328270303, Courier ABW no.-231058498). They have charged Rs: 1900/- including packing. I have received my TV on 15/01/13 in totally damaged condition. I opened the packing in front of courier person and wrote "Material damage" on the courier slip. I have reported the same to courier office and Mr.Rupak chowdhury. Courier office denies to take any responsibility and Mr.Rupak chowdhury is not receiving my phone calls.

    Please help me on me to recover my money and justice against harassment from SKYLINK courier services.

    Subhojit Bhattacharya

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complaint against blazeflash courier services ltd.

    I have sent a courier (id no. 216540914) from delhi to bangalore containing important medical papers of my father to be delivered on urgent basis to my wife in bangalore on 5th april 2013. Till 13th april 2013, the papers have not been delivered and the company is not giving any satisfactory reply to our queries. we tried to contact their bangalore office but found that Most of the phone numbers, which are given on various websites and their website are not working or does not exist at all. And with their shameless behaviour the delhi office reply that they are not able to trace our courier and we should give it again to them to deliver it to bangalore. THE mental tension which me and my wife are undergoing is immense because those are the original medical papers of my father and it is difficult to get another copy of them from hospital. such a irresponsible and waste company should be not allowed to operate. they are not to take responsibilty of our missing courier. useless entity.

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    Anubhav Kaushik Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint against Red Express Courier Service.

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have place a order on Homeshop 18. My Order no. is 924856767.

    HomeShop 18 sent the same through Red Express Courier Service vide way bill no T00025665.

    This shipment arrived at Red Express Courier service Mahipalpul address on 23rd April'13 @ 0822 hrs. As per the tracking sheet same is in their Faridabad office @0944 hrs on 23rd April'13. I follow up from them from 24th April'13 but no result fron their side. I talk to their CCE (1800 123 2400) many time. At last on 26th April'13 evening I have words with Team Leader Mr. Ansul & he ensure same will be delivered on 27th April'13 by 1200 noon. But I haven't received the same. (Screen shot attached for your reference).

    I called up again, CCE provided me the mobile no.of their Faridabad Representative Mr. Bawinder Singh (+91 8376804901), I try that no. but no response. I call CCE then he tell me same will be delivered on 27th April'13. (I have all the recording of all calls)

    This Shipment is lying with them from 5 days.

    Request you to please help.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anubhav Kaushik

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default COmplain against courier service

    I booked a service from MARUTI COURIER service BERHAMPUR,ORRISSA for NEW-DELHI.
    They charged me 300 and now after 1 week they are saying it has broken.Neither they are refunding the money nor they have delivered the product.Also they have tempered the product and opened it.
    I demanded a refund of money along with the product but they are refusing to pay me the money.
    So,please look into the matter
    AWB NO of m product is 674659059.
    Name:Ankit Moonka

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    santoshprasadin Guest

    Default Complaint Against Pigeon Exp (Courier Agency)

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I would like to request you to registered a complaint against PIGEON EXP.

    I have alloted PAN card from PAN deptt vide acknowledgement no. 010390201586026 and send through Pigeon Courier vide Doc No. 27950540 dt. 28.03.2013.

    I have not received the courier till date. I have urgent need of it and in spite of various call to it's head office no any extra effort has been taken by company.

    Please help me in this regards.

    Bhim Singh

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against PIGEON EXPRESS COURIER

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I would like to request you to registered a complaint against PIGEON EXP.

    I have alloted PAN card from PAN deptt vide acknowledgement no. 010889700007336 and send through Pigeon Courier vide Doc No. 28178799 dt. 26-Apr-2013.

    I have not received the courier till date. I have urgent need of it and in spite of various call to it's head office no any extra effort has been taken by company.

    Please help me in this regards.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default urgent

    my name is nitesh kumar and my no 9s 09935551990.i have a complain against trackon courier services as they are running a fraud organisation under the name of trackon services...they charge money from people and after that they dont deliever the courier to the address given.i had sent a courier on 30th may 2013 and today is 6th june but no courier has been received....when i call them they say they dont know where my courier is.no one is responding from their offices in lucknow and kolkata...my consignment no is 341285706...theri nos are 01145593500,03340088461,09359635726.
    i request this forum to please help me in getting my courier..they have charged me for flight charges for sending the courier but now it has been 7 days they have not sent my courier...i am helpless

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    biju2143@gmail.com Guest

    Default parcel not delivered

    Dear Sir,
    My company has sent me a documents from chennai to alleppey through professional courier on May 25 ,consignment number MAA 513051617 it has not been delivered till date 12 april 2013 . When i contacted the. office i didnt get any proper response from them.

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    Pritam Mallick Guest

    Default DTDC Courier lost files

    Dear Sir,

    We, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. (MMFSL) Chinsurah Branch, Hooghly, W.B. sent four files through your courier on 24th May 2013, CN No. - K63070105 to our Zonal Office (ZO), Infinity Benchmark, Sector- V, Kolkata-91 for final disbursement to various dealers. Our booking franchise is DTDC, KOLKATA- HOWRAH BR., BANDEL FR. KF-448, Bandel Station Road, Hooghly, Mob- 9051337887 and proprietor is Ramendra Nath Dutta, Mob- 9836782428.

    On 30th May we came to know that till then files not received to destiny and they told files are delivered but not capable to show us the received voucher. After two days they informed us that they canít trace the files where it is. The concern person in Kolkata Region Anjan Chakraborty, Mob- 9163393928 given us blank assurance whenever we call him. In between the Dealers and also customers got fired to us.

    We also call 080-25365032 to Subhasis Chakraborty, MD, DTDC, Bangaloru. We talked with Harish and he also gives us again and again false commitments. This is customer service from MD Desk.

    And finally on 7th June, Anjan Chakraborty informed us that they lost the files. We told them to FIR in local Police Station and submit us by written but till now they donít do anything for and showing their causality.

    By this post we want to inform you, if canít find the files, submit us the FIR copy and letter soon to our branch office else weíll go to higher authority for proper justices and for compensate also.


    Pritam Mallick,
    Mob- 9933331256

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against DTDC courier

    Dear Sir,

    The consignment was dispatched on 14.06.2013 by DTDC courier from delhi to nanded with reference no. "Z92032568". Consignment reached at Nanded DTDC office on 14.06.2013, but the yet not delivered to its destination. I made several calls to DTDC nanded office but there is no response, even they didn't attend the calls. Contact number of DTDC nanded as below mention:

    I have also send the mail to material supplier.

    Please look in the matter .


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Courier not received yet

    Dear Sir

    I am in Muscat, OMan. My wife sent Courier (very important document) from Trichy thru ST Courier on 12/06/2013. Till Now I have not received the courier.
    On my repeated followup, ST courier gave TCCS Chennai No and also the AWB No : 91220111424 and asked us to followup with them. Then from 18/06/2013 to till now I have been following up with TCCS courier but there was no proper response and no one takes responsibility. On our repeated followup, they gave ORBIT Mumbai courier no and after having followed up with ORBIT courier, they gave OCS Tracking No : 930016239401.

    When I checked in OCS Oman, with the above AWB No, they informed that there is no such courier received from Mumbai.





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    Default Loss of document without any feedback on Status-orbit worldwide courier

    We have given an envelop on 20.6.13 to Maruti Courier for Oman. Till 30.6.13 , this envelop is not reached to the client.When we asked MARUTI they are replying that they are not getting any reply from ORBIT COURIER. When we are talking to ORBIT they are not giving any feedback just asking to write emails.After an exchange of n number of calls when we tried to talk to the Manager, he started telling a story of how they work, leaving the subject of Document Status. He replied that this is an economic service provided, and bear no responsibility of loss of the document.He is not liable to answer the customer.a COURIER COMAPNY ATLEAST SHOULD ABLE TO MAINTAIN STATUS OF THE DOCUMENT IF FALED TO DELIVERY OF THE SAME.BEWARE OF THIS IRRESPONSIBLE AND BEKAAR COURIER SERVICE.

    AWB 10025182


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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down First Flight not delivered consignment even after 10 days

    Consignment Numbers
    Consignment Number Booking Date Origin Destination Status Receiver Name & Contact Number Delivery Status
    Time/Reason Date
    D82853832 2-Jul-2013 delhi siliguri Pending non service station 8-Jul-2013

    Consignment Number :D82853832
    Date Serving Location Status
    02-Jul-2013 Delhi Dispatched From Origin
    04-Jul-2013 Siliguri Arrived At Hub
    04-Jul-2013 Siliguri Despatched From Hub
    05-Jul-2013 Coochbehar Town Pending-BRANCH MISROUTE
    06-Jul-2013 Coochbehar Town Pending-NON SERVICE STATION
    08-Jul-2013 Coochbehar Town Pending-NON SERVICE STATION
    11-Jul-2013 Kolkatta Arrived At Hub
    11-Jul-2013 Kolkatta Despatched From Hub

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    Harpreet Bagga Guest

    Default Complaint against Overnight Express Ltd-domestic courier company

    I had sent a courier via overnight express ltd on 12-07-2013 for shipment from Delhi to Lucknow via Consignment no.-3036046101.The courier was supposed to be deliveerd witin 24 hours i.e.,by 13th July 2013.I was charged extra for taking overnight delivery services and was promised that the shipment will be delivered by saturday.However the courier is still not delivered,it had some really important documents which were required by saturday evening.,So far there is no response.Nobody in lucknow is responding to phone no.s provided in their courier recipt and I am so upset that i want them to understand how important is any consumer's rights.I have paid for it and still i am not getting any service.

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