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Thread: HDFC insurance policy Unit Linked Endowment Winner Plan

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    Sajid Ali Khan . Guest

    Default HDFC insurance policy Unit Linked Endowment Winner Plan


    I Sajid Ali Khan saving account holder of HDFC Bank Kharghar branch A/C
    No.11021000003334,was offered HDFC insurance policy holder of Unit
    Linked Endowment Winner Plan by the Advisor Mr. Sandeep in HDFC Bank
    Kharghar, Navi Mumbai Branch. Since i am not aware of the plan details
    although your insurance advisor explained me the plan details i was
    told the plan can be withdraw ed anytime with certain nominal and
    reasonable charges, as i had doubt i had signed the insurance
    application papers but asked him not to use it untill i give him
    clearance and agree to certain amount i would be interested to invest,
    but the amount of 1 Lakh was debited from my account without my
    knowledge and confirmation and since i was out of station i was not
    aware of this thing. i returned on 28th august i had those insurance
    paper in my mail box thereafter I contacted Mr. Sandeep for withdrawal
    of the plan but after taking 15 to 18 days time he gave negative
    response that this plan cannot be cancelled. and later i approached the
    branch there to i was asked to hand over the original document and was
    given a received note but its about a month i had been hanged with no
    response when approached the one who issued the policy is sidened and
    they just asked me to go branches to branches nobody is taking any
    responsibility of the issued policy, grievance cell of hdfc called up a
    month before thereafter no response i had got nor even i am maken aware
    of the status of procedure. I would like to take this matter to Court
    and TV Media as fraud matter by the HDFC bank and HDFC standard life
    insurance company too.As bank and Insurance company misused my documents
    and manipulating my saving account.

    I request you to please look into the matter and help me for the
    withdrawal plan and refund the whole amount since that amount was saved
    for medical treatment for my grand mother.Hope you understand and may
    look in to the matter as soon as possible. Awaiting your reply.

    Thanking You,

    Policy Holder : Sajid Ali Khan
    Contact : 9768170008 / 9222337191
    Policy no.13054288
    Dated 1st August 2009.
    HDFC complaint no 010000000079561

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default HDFC UL ENdowment Plan miss sold

    dont know who I am referring to. but this plan was actually miss sold to me.so pls get in touch at flight_cadet@hotmail.com or at +44 7578649344. i am based in london (uk) but the premium is being paid thru my india bank account. few days back when i called to know the where abouts about the investment plan, a separate story was issued. i am very annoyed so any way from complaints pls get in touch.its not a fact of hundred of thousands in money but the main thing was principle and falsifying comments..

    Mr. Ankur Ghosh..

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    Post A/c statement

    I am transfer to bangalore obc bank a/c transfer to bangalore with same a/c

    you are requested to send my a/c statement which i paid every year.

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    sambhaji shankar raktate Guest

    Default ul endo. winner pl no 12550524

    My policy details

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