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Thread: Complaint against "India Plaza"

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    Dr. Anand K. Sethi Guest

    Default Complaint against "India Plaza"

    Dear Sirs,

    In June 2009 I ordered two books on India Plaza and paid online by credit card.

    Firstly, the delivery was delayed well beyond the promised time period and was made
    only after
    several reminders to India Plaza.

    Whwn the books finall came it turned out that one of the books was not what I had

    1) What was ordered by me was " A Study of History - An Illustrated Abridged version of
    Arnold Toynbee's Twelve Volume Work".

    ISBN - 13 97805171179413

    Price: Rs. 839/=

    2) What was delivered was "A study of History Vols. vii - X" - Arnold Totnbee

    ISBN - 978019505081-3

    Price: Rs. 899/75

    Note: This book has absolutely no ILLUSTRATIONS. Not One.

    I have now made repeated complaints to India Plaza saying that they had shipped the
    wrong book to me.

    First they kept replying that the matter was handed over to their 'Resolution Expert'.

    No communications were ever received from the 'Resolution Expert'

    On further complaints India Plaza responded by stating that they had checked with
    their Book Supplier
    who claims that the correct book was shipped to me hence a replacement or refund is
    not possible.

    I have asked to be given the name and phone number of a senior person but they
    refuse to do

    Now even a child can see that this is 'nonsense'.

    The book shipped had the wrong ISBN number, was priced wrong, had not one
    illustration which
    the ordered book was supposed to have.

    I would greatly appreciate whatever help in getting the right book or my money back
    from India Plaza.

    I susupect that the India Plaza Book Supplier having made the error is now not
    willing to send the
    correct book.

    It is not the question of the money but the principle involved. I believe India
    PLaza must be forced to
    be more responsive to the errors they (or their suppliers ) make.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr. Anand K. Sethi
    14-F, Basant Lok
    Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi 110057

    Tel: +91 11 26140346

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    Hemavathi Heggeri Guest

    Default Complaint against Indiaplaza

    I had order 'Dan Brown's Lost symbol' on Sep 22 through TheHinduShoppingOnline site (powered by Indiaplaza.in). The book was not delivered even after a month. So I called up the customer care number and asked to cancel the order for a refund. No action was taken. I had raised 3 tickets in their customer support site . But no response till now. Most of the time , the customer care phone number is non-responding. I want Indiaplaza.in to cancel my order and refund the money.


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    Jul 2009


    Dear Dr. Sethi,

    Through which medium you have forwarded your complaint to the Co., pls. inform us as soon as possible.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Guest,

    Do you have any postal address of the Co. or is it mentioned on their website? If yes, then it's better to send your complaint to the Co., through post.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Fraud Online business conducted by India Plaza


    1) Have purchased 1 pc 4 GB Pen Digital Video Recorder with Spy Camera through online shopping from Indiaplaza.in dt. 06.06.2009 vide order no. 060620090406

    2) Have made a payment of Rs. 1,349/- (One Thousand three hundred forty nine only) vide my ICICI Bank credit card.

    3) As per the delivery terms of the company the material ordered has to be delivered within within 1 week from the date of making the payment. But the same was delivered after 2 weeks and that too after lots of follow-ups/phone calls at the customer care number of India Plaza.in

    4) Item sent by the company was of faulty nature and of below standard quality.
    Defects found were as follows:-
    a) Recording was happening initially, but files saved were not getting deleted from the device.
    b) Dates of recording were not set correctly.
    c) Charger was faulty.
    d) After the battery of the set got discharged completely the set was not even getting on in a power mode.
    e) No complete user manual with its features and other description was sent to me, except a small piece of paper stating just how to switch on and off.
    f) On enquiry it was revealed that quality was much below the standard and these sets are available at the local market as well for a price not more than Rs. 100.00 to 200.00 for which India Plaza have charged me Rs. 1,349/-

    The same was intimated to the company over the mail about it. They confirmed that matter will be taken up very soon and replacement of the material will be done at the earliest.

    5) Inspite of repeated calls and emails at the customer care of India Plaza, only false commitments were received to change the set. (List of mails attached dt. 11.07.09 & 15.07.09 with no. of calls from time to time). Finally on 15.07.09 it was confirmed by India Plaza over the mail to send the defective piece through courier which was finally couriered by me through ELBEE courier vide

    6) But on receiving the faulty material the company took no initiative to dispatch the fresh one at the earliest. Rather, I kept on following up with them over the mail (List of mails attached dt. 07.08.09 & 18.08.09). But have received no positive reply except some false commitments by the company over the mail (List of mails attached dt. 07.08.09, 18.08.09 and 24.08.09). Finally on repeated follow-ups I received a mail from India Plaza stating that they have couriered the serviced item vide consignment# 5794792076 dt. 01.09.09 .

    7) Finally I received the item on 05.09.09, but to my surprise it was the same set which was delivered to me earlier. When I tried to use the item, I found that the same defect was there as it was returned earlier. Rather, when I tried to charge the item by plugging in the charger to one of the electrical point but I got a severe electric shock and was almost fainting. Later on inspecting the item, I found that the plug-charger provided by me was rusted at the plug-in area.

    8) On complain they assured me of replacing the material once again, but this time I was committed to teach them a lesson for their such fraud and cheat with the customers.

    Therefore, I pray the following:-

    1) Want to get the money back with interest (from 06.06.09 till date)

    2) And immediate compensation/damages to the tune of Rs. 10,000/- for the mental and physical pain suffered for calling your customers care executive at Bangalore not less than 50 times during the last 3 months for which I would have spent more than thousands of rupees as this number was not toll free.

    3) Because of this material which was of an utmost importance to me regarding one of my cases pending in a court. Since, I was not able to use this item on time for gathering some proof/datas which would have otherwise possible had I ordered the same item elsewhere and may have taken the delivery on time. For this too I claim a damages to the tune of Rs. 25,000/- as I had to hire some external agencies for gathering such proof for me.

    4) Since the material/charger was rusted, I got a severe electric shock while plugging in the material for which I had to take a leave from my office for a complete rest and had to take immediate medication as well. For this I had to take 1 day off from office and 1 day leave got deducted from my total leave. For this I had to suffer a loss of Rs. 1,500/- per day which I claim from India Plaza.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Navin lath
    Finance & Accounts
    Wipro Technologies
    Block - DM, Plot -8, Sector - V
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700 091
    Mob# +91-9831536037

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Indiaplaza cheated me

    I had placed an order for "Seagate Freeagent Go 2.5" on 18th Feb 2010 in indiaplaza website. The order number for the same is 180220100141. After booking, they told me that the product would be shipped in 7 days. However, after 7 days I could not see any sign of shipment. So, I called them up and they told me that they would ship in 2 days, since the product went out of stock. I waited again and the story repeated again and again. So far I have called 10-15 times to their customer care and I am hearing the same thing, "We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will ship the product in 2 days".

    At one moment, I asked them to cancel the order. However they came up with an excellent idea, saying, "They have Seagate Freeagent Go 3.5 in their stock and the difference amount will be refunded to the prepaid account. They would ship that in just 2 days". I trusted them, but I got duped. They did not even fulfill that. They neither cancelled my orders nor shipped my product. However they had promptly taken Rs 3874.00 from credit card.

    By today (8th Mar 2010), I have called their customer service so many times and requested so many ways for the shipment. I am very disappointed with the way they treated me. It is very bad customer experience. They are big fraudsters.

    Please help me out of this problem.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Indiaplaza

    I have suffered from INDIAPLAZA.

    First. They took order from you.

    After 15 days they will cancell the order. the reason is no stock

    Final I found. this is my mistake order from indiaplaza.

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    srinivasa rao Guest

    Default non delivery of order

    I have ordered Next Gen Kids Laptop and the reference number is 939555 on 11/04/2010. I got a call about the delivery within 5-6 days, but till today, nothing comes. Hope my kid can play with Next Gen Laptop during her childhood days only. Try to keep up the words and promise. It is only because we ordered thorough online by seeing the name of the Hindu and try to keep the respect of the name in future.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kids laptop

    Quote Originally Posted by srinivasa rao View Post
    I have ordered Next Gen Kids Laptop and the reference number is 939555 on 11/04/2010. I got a call about the delivery within 5-6 days, but till today, nothing comes. Hope my kid can play with Next Gen Laptop during her childhood days only. Try to keep up the words and promise. It is only because we ordered thorough online by seeing the name of the Hindu and try to keep the respect of the name in future.
    I also faced the same issue. I ordered the kids laptop on 30 March 2010. They never delivered it.

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    Dear Customer

    We are extremely sorry at the experience you had with us. We are unable to track your purchase history with available details. Hence, we request you to kindly provide your registered email address/ Order number/ your contact number so we can contact you and resolve any issue which is pending. We will ensure that we provide better service in future. Kindly contact us on 080- 40617000 or write to : gautham@indiaplaza.in

    Wram Regards,

    Team Indiaplaza

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against IndiaPlaza

    I had placed an order on the 14th of September 2010 for a Blackberry Pearl 3G thinking that I was purchasing it from a genuine site. My order number was 1409100373. I have made a payment for Rs 19,179 also. The scheduled date for delivery was 21st September 2010. However, even after 5 days past the due date, there is no sign nor mention of shipping the product. I have sent them 3 tickets till now, but they never bothered to reply to any one of them. Their telephone line is not functioning.

    I just want a refund of my money and freedom from this mental harassment at the earliest. I am shocked that such a well reputed website is resorting to methods like this to make money at customer's expense.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complain againt India Plaza

    order, # IN0310100235, placed with us on October 03,2010 as per details below:ItemQtyValue(Rs.)Status
    In The Line Of Fire

    Till to day i did not receive the item, and called them and their phone asking me wait and nobody is answering,
    I checked my account of pending order it is not showing anything,
    i checked order history it is not showing anything,
    i did not any other number to call them,
    i lost

    how can i get my money back,

    please help me

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    I placed an Order IN0110100509 on 1'st Oct 2010. Which should be delivered by 13th. Then status was updated that, it will be delivered by 18th, then on 19th status was updated as will be shipped by 20th.
    Now no one pick up the phone and reply to status.

    Still waiting for an update. What should I do? If they can't deliver then why list item on site.
    Worst part is that they do not care to let customer know that they can't deliver on time. I have to keep follow up.
    Please help...

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    Unregistered Guest


    sirs i have ordered two llalitha sahasranamam books by sri ravi 20 days back. sorry to note that i did not get any reply or e-mail. the telephone no. which u have given is saying the same taped messages. i feel very bad that my first trasaction with Indiaplaza has become a painful exercise.

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    I have Made Three Orders with India Plaza. It is now getting to two months. All these three orders which consist of about nine books and their time of delivery were by end of January.These Are the details of the order.
    IN0801110088 on January 8 2011 of Rs: 1115
    IN0101100041 on January 1 2011 of Rs: 1422
    IN1001110146 on January 10 2011 of Rs: 2287

    And I contacted with indiaplaza and they said that they will deliver all the items before End of February 2011.Then i again sent 2 mails to them but i have not yet got any answers from them. Please Help Me.

    Georgekutty Joy
    Nadukudy House
    Muvattupuzha - 686661

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