Dear Nodal Officer,

This is with reference to the above mentioned subject.
I had taken four Idea sim cards ( 2 under my name and 2 under my wifes name ) on 1st
Oct 2008 with a years validity, under the lifelong - My Gang Plan - tariff was 10
paise within the gang and 50 paise for other calls.The tariff plan was explained to
us by the Idea Executive at Idea Gallery, Mohamadali Road - Mumbai, .

Shekhar Jadhav - 9702632493 and 9702632494 under the My Gang Plan
Nilima Jadhav - 9702632498 and 9702632497 under the My Gang Plan

Now while renewing the validity we were told that the tariff plan was changed and we
would be charged 20 paise instead of 10 paise, which is not right as we were told
the plan was lifelong.
Hence, we called the Idea Customer Care Department and the executive Mr Amol
Awadhagede ( surname maybe mispelled ) informed that the plan was changed and
disconnected the call without solving our problem.

1. Why were we not told that the tariff plan of My Gang would change at the time of
taking the connection???

2. How can the customer trust you, as you are cheating us by misleading us in
taking the Idea sim card.??

3.We want to renew our validity with the same My Gang tariff plan.

4. We just received a an SMS of validity expiring and no information on tariff plan.

If issue not resolved we would have to tap the door of consumer court.

Hoping a positive reply as soon as possible.


Shekhar & Nilima Jadhav