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Thread: whirlpool india

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    Rajni Kapoor Guest

    Default whirlpool india

    This is to inform you that we have purchased Fully Automatic Whirlpool
    Washing Machine (Professional) of Rs. 19,700 five months before. It is
    under warranty and we are badly faced by the poor service of the company.
    It is not in a working condition for last 23 days. The complaint has
    been made through authorized dealer and telephonic contact. Third day of
    the complaint one engineer visited and checked. The problem is that rats
    have cut the internal electric wires of the machine. The engineer said they
    have faced such type of problem for the first time. The only option is to
    replace the wire set and it is not under warranty and we have to pay for
    that. The term was ok. But after that we had made a number of calls to him
    but no response. We are waiting for him from that third day and today is the
    23rd day. I cant explain in words the situation of dirty clothes at home.
    Plz. take action. What we have to do now.
    Address of the the dealer from whom we have purchased the machine:

    NEELKANTH Electronics
    Kailash Nagar

    The engineer is from Luxmi Nagar Service centre.

    Rajni Kapoor
    House No. 4039/1, Street No. 16,
    Ajeet Nagar, Ghandhi Nagar
    Delhi - 110031

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complain for whirlpool fully automatic washing machine

    An early action is solicited.
    EMAIL IS: tilak_panwar@rediffmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Whirlpool - washing machine -


    We have bought Top loading , fully automatic Whirlpool washing machine. From last few months, it wobbles while rinsing starts and stops. We have to hold the machine tightly till it finishes the action so that it won't fell from the stand.

    We laudged complaint for this in the month of Sept. Complaint number is : PN0909007508. Nothing happened after that for 15 days or so . When we called , the call center support representative told us that the complaint is closed.

    No idea, how did this happen!!!

    We again laudged another complaint on 3 rd Oct.09 - No. is : PN1009000839. Finally after 4-5 calls to support representative / call center executive , finally they sent a junior guy who was so arrogant that he started quarrelling with us as soon as he just saw machine. He was told the PCB is dead. We even don't know what a PCB means ( being an Engineer, i thought it is the a electronic circuit board , but I was wrong : Its the display on machine ) ... So, his point was : we complained as the PCB is dead. he stated arguing with us and pointing out fingers at me. What a representative sent by Whirlpool ...

    He was miscommunicated by call center rep or he mistakenly mixed 2 different customers' problems. We don't know ... But he was so arrogant , he left home saying will come again to fix this problem.

    Till date neither he has come, nor support guys have replied . Now, this complaint again is closed on their own. We came to know again after when we tried to reach support people. They assured us , they will send some one senior from the team.

    I don't know what CRM software do they use which closes the complaints automatically without resolving problems and how they use / misuse their internal communications!

    I don't expect such a service from such a renowned brand like Whirlpool. Instead of paying Lakhs of Rs to the brand ambassador for marketing and sales , i request whirlpool team to take care of their existing customers first and resolve issues. It definitely adds value to your existing customers + new customers acquisition.

    Its almost more than 2 months from the date of laudging first complaint. We have not seen any positive ( ? ) response other than call center executive saying, please laudge the complaint for just one more time... For how many days should we expect same reply and no resolution of the problem!!!!

    Best Regards,

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    Jul 2009


    Dear All,

    Pls. forward your written complaints to the Head office of the Co. and also keep a photocopy of that letter with you.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Execssive sound

    I have purchased a refridgerator Perofessional Model in Nov'2009.accodingly the same was commissioned but since begining the refridgerator was having excessive noise of compressor which is very irritating and during the night It can be heared in whole the home. It is creating lot of pollusion and disturbance. The same was informed to service centre through call centre and a person attende the same. The person has not found any thing and he told that it is only like that and there is no solution to reduce the noise.I was also having the refridgerator ealier of other company with has very less sound which is not creating distrubance. Since Nov I am really feeling very much disturbance in the study of my children as wel I have doubt It has somthing wrong in the refridgerator.
    now i request kindly takeup the matter at the hightest level so that problem can be resolved and can be avoid accident.
    Ph 09410391055

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against pathetic after sales services and to replace my unit or my compres

    sir, i have purchased a whirlpool air conditioner .8 tonn from chabra agencies at25/04/07.After repeated complaints at job sheet on there free services for frequent tripping of compressor there service engineer Mr Monu always says the problem is due to voltage fluctuations instead of replacing it.
    Now I has deposited it in your service centre" SHREYA COOLING CORPORATION complaint no LK0310010396 "giving service charge Rs 400 today.Now they dont want to listen anything and asked for another Rs 1200 for refilling of compressor instead of replacing it against manufacturing defect in guarantee
    Please look into that matter and instruct them to replace my unit or my compressor
    Yashpal Singh
    133/120 P transport nagar Kanpur

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Worst Service

    This is to inform you that on 26/07/08 I had purchased Whirlpool Washing Machine. The Model was Ebony Royal. It was one of the most high end models of whirlpool at that time. Since the D.O.P already 3 times the Circuit Board has been changed. Every time the service executive visited for service he was just least bothered about the primary job, instead of that he was more eager to push sell the "Iron Filter" for the same. Amongst the three time changes of the Circuit Board one time he changed the same with an old one. Even last time when he was asked to change the defected board with a seal pack new one, he refused & said that due to checking they used to open all the seal packs at their end so they can provide any seal pack item. The quality of the product is very poor & service is worst as I ever faced.
    The serial No of the Model is: INB 081700885

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Whirlpool washing machine

    Frequent failure of Power circuit board (PCB)

    I purchased an automatic wahing machine of Whirlpool model F 65 in the year 2005 and the PGB(Power circuit boead)
    has been changed thrice so far. At present the machine is out of service for the failure of the board and the
    Whirlpool wannts payment to the tune of Rs.3500/- for the replacement of the same telling that the guarantee
    for the PCB is only 6 months.
    It is understood that the life of the board which is like the heart of the machine is only 6 months and it invariably
    fails after 6 months' service and before one year.
    The attitude of the company is shocking and unbelievable.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Washing machine

    We had made a complaint on 10/4 reg our washing machine. We have an AMC valid till Jan 2011. The complaint was registered Satis code 517 SR No. CN0410022378. A technician visited the same day, said the drum needed replacement and said he would come back after 3 days with the parts. His supervisor Mr. K something confirmed. I called after 4 days (14th or 15th) to the call centre (Muthu), who said that I would get a call within an hour. I called the call centre (Sudha) again today (21/4) and was told that I would get a call by 10AM.

    I have a Whirlpool W/M and Refridgerator, believing in the company's after sales service. I was wrong. While I am waiting for a call and the repair, the inconvenience caused by Whirlpool's poor service cannot be tolerated forever and I will need to replace the machine, if required and it certainly will not be a Whirlpool again.

    I went to their website to file an email complaint. The web form failed saying that the transaction failed. The call centre person will not give me details to escalate the problem.

    Hoping to get the machine is repaired today. Please let me know how the forum can help.
    Rajat Roy Chaudhury

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Whirlpool waching machine - SSAN652 - Poor customer service - HYD


    I brought a semiautomatic washing machine of whirlpool from Reliance digital (Banjara Hills) 8months back.

    1month back i saw my drain selector got broke down. Still i could use it with my hand but thought of getting a new one. So i registered a complain on 2nd April with complain no-0756. After that their service agent came and told me that the part need to be replaced. He opened my machine and without fitting it went out and told me that with in 2 days he would be coming with the new part.

    Its been 20 days no response from their end. I have been calling to their customer care cell in HYD but every time i am getting one simple answer "few more days..parts not available".
    I am washing all my clothes in my hand from last 20 days.

    I am really disappointed with the kind of service the world class company like whirlpool is providing. This is really frustrating and disgusting.
    Can anyone tell me what i need to do ?

    Raja Pattanayak
    mail id - pattanayak.raja@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Poor Service Trivandrum Kerala

    We purchased a Whirlpool Professional Elite FF45 refrigerator from Quilon Radio Services, Trivandrum in October 2009.
    About the second week of April 2010, the unit stopped cooling, and the matter was intimated to the Whirlpool Service Centre Trivandrum on the 14th of April 2010. A Service Technician visited the premises on the 17th, inspected the refrigerator, and left, promising to be back the next day, ie Monday.
    When the promised visit failed to materialise, the Service Centre was contacted on the 15th, we were informed for the first time that the problem was being caused by the failure of the refrigeration sensor, and that service was awaiting arrival of spare parts.

    It is now the 24th of April 2010, and the refrigerator has not yet been fixed. The Service Centre claims that the requisite spare will only be available on the Monday or Tuesday (26-04-10 or 27-04-10)
    In the meantime, we are having to discard large quanties of food and groceries, and have no other means to chill water.

    i request that immediate measures be taken to rectify the problem, or the erfrigerator itself replaced, failing which I shall be forced to take recourse to legal assistance.

    Dr. Praveen Pillai
    TC XIII/116, ARA - 18
    Trivandrum - 695024
    PH: 04712743124
    CELL: 09961454499
    CELL: 09847168095

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Poorest after sale service of double door refrigerator

    Have purchased a double door refrigerator in 2006. Since then i am facing problem of no cooling. Six months back there was problem with compressor .then i complained to your customer care. Then local service centre send their engineer and replaced the compressor. Since the replacement on every month i am facing the same problem of no cooling.you can chechk from the records of your customer care. That almost for every 20-25 days since last six months i am complaing for same problem of no cooling.now on april 21 ,2010 i faced same problem of no cooling. Then i complained to your customer care. Then service engineer came and said that there is some leakage in pipe . We said that you please rectifiy it.then they said we will do. Again after two days no body came. Then i again complained to your customer care. Then again they sent some other engineer v. He said that your compressor is not working.i was surprised that two persons from same service centre are telling different problem.then we asked him to change the compressor. He said he will come again to replace it. Then no body came. Thgen i went to your local service centre. There i met mr prithpal singh ,main person on service centre. He said you please wait we will send the person to change compressor. Then again i waited for one day.no body came.then again i called at customer care then i was shocked to know that our complaint has been closed without doing any repair.his is what you people are responsible. We pay hard earned money to have comfort and no body cares after selling the product.i faced heavy loss in throwing away my grocery. This is what your local service centre you have appointed giving service to ourselves. We are not expert in electronics.waht your local service centre says we have to accept then afterwards we are not getting the service. This is what your company which is giving advertisement daily on television with kajol and ajay devgan.sir please see in this matter.otherwise we have to take some legal action.
    You can check all the details from your customer care
    deepak sehgal
    +91 98784 47054
    0181 2620079
    +91 98728 47054

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Replacement of defective Refrigerator

    Quote Originally Posted by advocate View Post
    Dear All,

    Pls. forward your written complaints to the Head office of the Co. and also keep a photocopy of that letter with you.
    Subject: Less cooling & non-functional automatic defrost system in Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator

    Sir/ Madam,
    This has reference to my complaint no.AH 0410007660 lodged on 12/04/10 which hasn’t been attended surprisingly till date. I am disgusted with the service followup standards in a major West Zone city of Ahmedabad.

    It is disgraceful that my innumerous telephones are simply not attended & the ‘Whirlpool’ customer doesn’t get any written feedback of the status.

    This is to inform that I bought this fridge (310 Lt) PROFFESSIONAL, model: 11334; Sr no-INA093202885 on 19th Aug 2009 from your locality dealer “Shree Saibaba Electronics, Sahajanand Park, MOTERA. The product started malfunctioning during 2nd week of this month just at the onset of peak summer. The problem of non-working of frost free upper refrigeration unit was conveyed to Customer cell on 09/04/10. The complaint no. AH 0410006031 was attended by your representative Sh Nilesh Modi on 10/04/10. He replaced a component (presumably the bi-metallic sensor) and informed that the icing of cooler chamber had been resolved.

    However, the less than optimal cooling [basic function of a refrigerator!] was not apparently solved as the icetray took 36 hrs approx to make ice. The status has been witnessed on 12/04/10 by your Engineer who intimated that pressure charging of refrigerant was the likely option for dechocking of the condenser tubings. Besides refusal to extend warranty (balance for only the 6 months approx), he simply couldn’t guarantee a permanent fixing of the malfunction in this case.

    Under the prevailing circumstances, I didn’t agree for gas refilling {a hit and trial method of repair} of a new refrigerator and further lodged the complaint seeking replacement of the total unit as per industry norms.
    Sh Mitesh Patel intimated that my request for replacement has been forwarded for approval on 13/04/10. Since then, neither the dealer nor your Customer Care section cared to send any personnel to my residence for the same in spite of repeated telephonic communication.

    In view of above, I once again request to take immediate action and send another brand new factory certified unit as replacement otherwise I would be constrained to take up the case with appropriate authorities / higher forum.

    I may add that earlier I had bought a Whirlpool 310 lt Single Door Mastermind Model in June’07and even that model’s less cooling complaint was attributed to faulty door gasket problem. The refrigerator had been thrice attended by your service representatives during the 1 yr warranty period but the rubber gasket was never replaced, only minor repairs. After the mandatory warranty expiry period i.e. around 1-1/2 yrs from purchase, the diagnosis was compressor fault and I was asked to remit Rs 1500/= as refrigerant and additional related costs for replacement of the same as the cooling was less than desirable even setting at maximum range. Considering the fact that the troubleshooting of faulty compressor (5 yrs warranty) was not pointed earlier during the warranty period & its replacement issue cropped up soon after, I categorically denied incurring this expense on a relatively new fridge.

    Upon assurance of Proffessional model performance by your attending engineers and urging by the dealer, I placed my faith in Whirlpool brand once again naively believing as positive feedback from a refrigerator dealer. Imagine spending more on a double-door model [2 fridges purchased within 2 yrs], although a measly sum was offered as IInd hand sale of a 1-1/2 yrs new fridge by the dealer stated above. I had foolishly not followed the adage” Once bitten, twice shy”.

    As misfortune has stuck me again, I hereby demand immediate resolution of my grievance in the form of change of complete refrigerator & nothing less to compensate for the immense mental harassment. Besides the monetary losses in form of daily rottening of milk, curd, cooked food during these summer days, we are unable to stock non-veg food, deserts / juices etc.

    It would be appreciable if I get a early, favourable response in form of written acknowledgement. Notwithstanding the horrible Whirlpool experience so far, I am still faintly hopeful of meeting my justified demand as regards the warranty conditions at no extra cost within a couple of days, or else I would be forced to take suitable legal recourse.

    D. Banerjee
    ONGC Ahmedabad
    D/402, Aditya Residency, MOTERA-380005
    Contact: 9428330773
    E-mail: debban455@yahoo.com

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    MITHU Guest

    Default WirlpoolSemiAutomatic Washing Machine-Defective Consignment

    This is to inform you that we have purchased semi Automatic Whirlpool
    Washing Machine (Professional) of Rs. 7,700 12days before. It is
    under warranty and we are badly faced by the poor service of the company.
    It is not in a working condition for last a12 days as the machine is found defective on demonstartion day. The complaint has
    been made through authorized dealer and telephonic contact. The engineer said they
    have faced such type of problem frm their dealer where the customer had been supplied with defective pieceThe only option is to replace the set and it has taking so long.This was supposed to be a gift to my Monther on the New Year ans such is the fate we have to face.We have made number of calls to the dealer but to vain
    Plz. take action. What we have to do now.
    Address of the the dealer from whom we have purchased the machine:

    Khosla Electronics
    kolkata-BEHALA BRANCH

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    Angry Whirlpool Front Loading Washing Machine:

    I have purchased whirlpool washing machine (Whirlpool Professional Sport – Front Loading) in Jan 2010 and thereafter I am logging a call with Whirlpool for my washing machine (Whirlpool Professional Sport – Front Loading) every 15-20 days because it stops working. Also we have observed below issues with washing machine.
    1. Stops working every 15-20 days
    2. After setting up washing program, suddenly timer changes from 2 hours to 55 minutes and within 5 minutes it shows 22 minutes and start spinning and then stops
    3. After the washing of cloths when we open washing machine, the water start coming outside and we need to start program for drying again
    4. Sparks are coming out from washing machine motor
    The engineer who had visited last week informed us that this machine needs replacement as it has manufacturing fault and today (29/04/10) when I called them, they said that request has been rejected and now we are planning to replace motor of washing machine which will take another 3 days, so the machine is non-operational for 13 days and it is already non-operation for almost a month time in total period of four months.
    Also I would like to provide you the history details also for this washing machine.
    This washing machine was purchased from Croma, Juhu on 08/01/2010 and after a tremendous follow-up with Whirlpool Customer Service Centre, the engineer came after 10 days and informed us that it was damaged shipment which was replaced by Croma and took one week again to get demonstration of machine. It got operational in Feb 2010 and thereafter every few days I am logging call with Whirlpool for some and some issues.
    This machine is not even 4 months old.
    Call Details:
    Replacement of new machine before demo (Damaged shipment) – 25-01-2010 - MB0110011868
    Machine is not working - 24/03/2010 – MB0310011315
    Machine is not working – 07/04/2010 – MB0410003263
    Machine is not working – 19/04/2010 - MB0410010254

    Really tired with following up with different people in Whirlpool and they have very very poor support and cheap quality of product.
    Last edited by JigneshDesai; 04-29-2010 at 03:12 PM.

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