R. K. Ummer Haji


Thrissur Corporation


The complainant is a consumer of water connection of respondent vide Consumer No.2937. The complainant is managing a Hotel by name City Palace as part of self employment for livelihood. The water connection was changed to the complainantís name on 23/5/98. There was no liabilities at that time. Even though a new meter was installed it stopped functioning within a short while. The complainant paid water charges up to 14/10/2001. But as he did not get any water from the connection, he did not remit any water charges here after. On 28/7/04 the complainant received a notice from the respondent to pay Rs.148091/- for the period from 10/94 to 5/04. No details has been given in the notice and also without any basis. It is time barred also. Hence the complaint.

2. The respondents called absent and declared exparte.

3. The complainant filed affidavit and documents to prove his case. They are marked as Exhibits P1 to P9.

4. The complainantís case is that he had paid the water charges up to 14/10/2001. The water meter was defective and he did not consume any water here after. But he was served with a notice to pay Rs.148091/- as arrears of water charges from 10/94 to 5/2004. No reading or details was given in the notice and also without any basis. And the complainant is not liable to pay the bill. There is no evidence to the contrary.

5. In the result the complaint is allowed and the Exhibit P2 notice stands cancelled.