I am a consumer of CESC
My consumer no is 48031108124

1st billing reading is 882- Meter reading taken by CESC representative as on 25TH May12 was wrong because reading as on 20TH Jun12 morning is 768. Then how it is possible to take reading on 25TH May higher than today 20TH Jun12? May bill- previous reading 644 (which is ok) but present reading as on 25TH May12 was 882 (which is wrong).

I went to CESC North regional office, Kolkata700004 and discussed with CESC representative. He has taken a complaint in their system for rechecking of meter reading. But no action has been taken from CESC.

2ND bill reading is 882- Again CESC has sent a bill with previous & present reading 882 & 882 respectivey. Where as meter reading as on 24TH of Jul'12 is 828 and bill by showing bill not paid.

Is it acceptable?