This is Dayanidhi.
This is regarding my credit card complain with SBI in Mumbai, this is the case of Sep 2007.

I had a SBI credit card (5264 6854 2417 6012) in 2007, in which I requested SBI in August 2007 to make balance transfer to one of my ICICI Amex Credit cards of whatever the maximum amount SBI can provide at that point of time. Post that I was provided with a DD(#735261) of Rs 28000 in Aug 2007(This amount was max which was accepted by SBI to be provided in Balance Transfer), which I submitted to Skybox for ICICI Bank.

After around a month(Sep 2007), I learnt that the same amount (Rs 28000) was not credited to ICICI Credit Card's account and at the same time I received a letter on 12 Sep 2007 from SBI stating that "The request for balance transfer cannot be processed due to credit line's unavailability on my credit card".

Not sure how, SBI had this record with them as the DD(#735261) which they had provided me, has been cleared from SBI and with reference to same they sent me a letter on 30-Jan-2008.

On digging the issue from both the parties, I found that ICICI had never received the amount through SBI DD asked ICICI the same to be given in written which they provided Letter (Ref#022008/223109C).

After this, SBI started harassing me with so many unwanted calls, threats from collection departments to be beaten up etc.

As a responsible citizen, I have been visiting SBI's collection department in Mumbai and given all the details to them. I sent a dispute form to SBI's corporate office Gurgaon also along with the details. All the above efforts I have been putting at least 15 to20 times till 2010, but of no use and even in this duration I was always getting calls from SBI's different offices from Mumbai, Gurgaon etc and every time I have been explaining the complete story to every new person calling from SBI and they hung up the call with assurance that they will get it sorted out for me.

After this, SBI started sending me legal notice about the same and when I spoke to their legal adviser Mr. Sawant and explained the complete story, he told me that this can be settled if I pay some minimum amount (some 30-40% of total outstanding over 1 lakh) of settlement and get the issue sorted out. Right from that point, my concern was that why will I pay a single penny to SBI of the amount I have never availed and I too have the letters given from SBI and ICICI that the same request was actually never processed from SBI.

After so many discussions, Mr. Sawant promised me to help me with some solution and SBI will provide me a letter with all the balances cleared without anything to be paid from my side, However that never happened and even till today, I am getting calls from corporate office of SBI or some others to give some minimum amount which they have have decided to be around Rs 45000 and on refusing they are threatening me to make me blacklisted for any kind of loan in future and ruin my Civil image to all the other banks and RBI.

I request you to take my case in serious consideration as this has been a very long case because of SBI's irresponsible system and inventory of faulty records with customer's transactions.

I request you to provide me a solution to this and at the same time the information on whether I can sue the SBI for the same or not with the details I have will be of great point of help.

I have lot of hopes from Consumer Forum to get a solution. Request you to please help me on the same.

P.S. : All the above letters of communications which I have mentioned are available with me and can be provided if needed.

Dayanidhi Naidu