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    Default Make My Trip

    Sh. Raj Kumar Kaushal s/o Sh. Baldev Krishan Kaushal r/o H.No.133B, W. No.13, Bhagwanpura Road, Samrala, Distt. Ludhiana.


    1- M/s Make My Trip, through their branch office SCO 35, Feroze @@@@hi Market, Ludhiana-141001 Ph.0161-463-8687 Fax 0161-460-0649.

    2- M/s Make My Trip, Head Office, 103, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon-122016, Ph.01244628747. Ö.Opposite parties.

    O R D E R
    1- For his daughter Capt. Supriya Kaushal, complainant on 10th September, 2007, booked one seat from Delhi to Imphal, in Indigo Airlines, through opposite party no.1 and made payment of Rs.4819/- for flight on 2nd October, 2007, vide his credit card no.5473441626313004 of Bank of Baroda. On the scheduled day of departure of the flight on 2nd October, 2007, daughter of the complainant got surprised when the airline refused permission to her, on ground that though seat was reserved for her, but had not received payment from opposite party no.1. Consequently, she was made to pay fare of around Rs.4600/-, by using credit card of the complainant, as she was not carrying amount in cash. Thereafter, complainant approached opposite party many times, who assured to refund payment within 48 hours. But they remained waiting till August, 2008 and consequently, served legal notice dated 24.7.2008, providing details of deficiency in services and the loss and damages suffered due to harassment of the complainant.

    Ignoring grievances of the complainant, opposite party only paid Rs.4500/- approximately in the month of September, 2008. On account of fault and deficiency, complainant suffered financial loss in terms of interest charged by the bankers. Consequently, the present complaint u/s 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, for direction to opposite party, to refund full value of fare of Rs.4819/- alongwith Rs.4500/- charged as interest by the bank and damages of Rs.2.50 lacs with Rs.10,000/- litigation costs.

    2- Opposite parties initially appeared through their branch manager Sh. Anil Thakur, who subsequently, failed to appear or file written statement. Hence, were proceeded exparte.

    3- Complainant by way of exparte evidence, tendered own affidavit Ex.CW1/A, legal notice Ex.C1 and statement Ex.C2 to Ex.C4.

    4- We have heard the complainant and perused the record.

    5- At the time of arguments, complainant produced invoice dated 10th September, 2007, of paying through credit card, a sum of Rs.4819/- to opposite party for booking of flight of Indigo Airline on 2nd October, 2007 from Delhi to Imphal. The same amount of Rs.4819/- vide credit card statement Ex.C3, was credited to the account of opposite party no.1. Statement of credit card Ex.C4 goes to show that on 2nd October, 2007, a sum of Rs.4574/- was charged from the complainant for boarding the flight from Delhi to Imphal. These documents make us to rely blindly on affidavit of the complainant that despite receipt of fare from Delhi to Imphal, opposite party failed to remit the amount to the Indigo Airlines and as a result, daughter of the complainant was forced, while boarding the plane, to pay Rs.4574/- to them.

    Had opposite party no.1 done its duty, by remitting amount to the Airline, daughter of the complainant would not have been forced to pay amount of Rs.4574/- again. This means and proves clearly that opposite party no.1 was deficient in doing its duty towards its own consumer, when failed to remit the amount of fare to the Airline, so received from the daughter of the complainant. Subsequently, opposite party failed to settle the claim, forcing the complainant to serve legal notice Ex.C1 dated 24.7.2008. It was thereafter that in September, 2008, approximately Rs.4500/- was refunded by opposite party no.1 to the complainant.

    Daughter of the complainant, as such, had to undergo agony of making payment for the travel despite that had already paid the money through opposite party no.1, who failed to forward the same to the Airline. Such act must have caused harassment to her, amounting to deficiency in service on part of opposite party. Consequently, for such harassment suffered by her, we allow this complaint, by passing exparte order against opposite party, to pay damages of Rs.3000/- to the complainant with litigation costs of Rs.1000/- within 45 days of receipt of copy of order

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    Alakananda Ganguly Guest

    Default MakeMy Trip.com

    Hello ,
    I would really want to bring to your kind attention about the fraud this so
    called 'MakeMy Trip.com', plays with the innocent customers through net.
    This is supposed to be one of the premiere company on whom people can rely
    for travel bookings.

    I have booked flight tickets through this site from Hyd-Kol. *My MakeMyTrip
    Booking ID : FLT00006677308.The payment was through ICICI bank card, 3
    months easy installment option. *I had my tickets booked. Suddenly after 2
    hrs some body called Meet from customer care team called up and said , that
    though they have received the payment , they cannot process my tickets. I
    asked them to arrange something else. But she said that she may want to
    process my refund and will take her sweet time to give it back. when i asked
    her, that Its quite a good amount of money, and I want the refund fast, she
    said that she will get back to me, after discussing with her superior.

    To my utter astonishment, though I had opted for the installment option, My
    account was deducted with the full amount. First fraud!!!!
    Then the lady, who said will call back, never called me with the
    upates....second instance of fraud and non-commitment and words based on
    false commitment. This I guess is a mental torture.

    And to intensify all this, I called some 50 times to the toll free number,
    just not to get any response, "saying that travel specialist are busy" How
    can all people can be busy fo 3 hrs.Its like taking people's money and
    enjoying, puttting other people into difficult situation. If its their fault
    for not getting the tickets, then the reply and action should be prompt.

    Also I have not received any confimation about my ticket and also the money
    recovery. They also have plans to deduct cancellation charges, without any
    fault on my part,. This all discretion lies on makemytrip... to make people
    dance on their tunes.

    Do let me know, what best I can do to get back my money fast from this so
    called robbery.

    Alakananda Ganguly

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    Nilesh B Guest

    Default Late refund from makemytrip.com

    Hi ,

    I booked an air ticket though makemytrip.com on 21st Aug 09 from Hyderabad-Mumbai, but within 1 hours I received a call from one of the customer care executive of makemytrip.com stating they deducted the amount from account but my ticket was not confirmed, then I purchased a new ticket from Airport itself and completed my journey.
    After few days I spoke to one of the customer care executive about the refund, then the executive gave me some resons, that they tried calling me, but somehow they didn't reach me, which didn't convinced me at all, but still I neglected the same and checked for my refund status. At that time I got an update that my refund has been processed on 4th September and I will be receiving the same in next 10 working days, the same is metioned in the email as well. But I didn't received my amount in the committeed timelines.
    Whenever I used to call up the customer care center they used to keep me on hold for more that 10-15 mins and after that the call used to get disconnected from their end and the communication used to end their itself, then I have to restart the same procedure again to check the refund status.
    I already crossed the due date of paying my credit card bill through which I booked the ticket, now my credit card bank is asking me for interest charges.
    Since its pure negligence from Makemytrip.com, they have to pay the interest charges as well along with my refund amount.
    But today they refund my amount back to my account without the interest charges.
    Makemytrip took more than a month to clear my refund back to my account, so its their responsibility pay the interest chanrges as well (the amount which my bank is asking me to pay).

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default MakeMy Trip.com

    Hi ,

    I have booked a bus ticket data 16-09-09 from pune to hyderabad thru
    makemytrip.com for neeta volvo at the time of booking bus fare was Rs 645/-.
    Now bus operator is saying ticket fare was increased to Rs 1800/- so need to
    pay the difference amount otherwise the ticket will be cancelled.

    Please can u suggest how to proceed?


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    Default Make My Trip

    1. Smt.Perianayagam

    2. Smt.M.Abirami

    3.Baby M.Ritika,rep.by M.Abirami

    4. T.M.Senthilkumar. --- Complainants


    1. M/s.Make My Trip(I) Pvt.Ltd.

    rep.by Branch Manager, Coimbatore-2.

    2. M/s.Make My Trip(I) Pvt.Ltd.

    rep.by its Manager, Chennai-34

    3. M/s.King Fisher Airlines Ltd.

    Coimbatore rep.by its Branch Manager,

    4. M/s.King Fisher Airlines Ltd.

    Bangalore by its Chief Manager. -- Opposite Parties


    Complaint under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 seeking direction against the opposite parties to refund the infant ticket charge of Rs.225, to pay damages of Rs.2 lakhs per head and to pay cost.

    The averments in the complaint are as follows:

    1. The Complainant No.1 is the mother in law of the 2nd complainant, the 3rd complainant is the child of 2nd complainant and the 4th complainant is the brother of 2nd complainant. The nature of work of opposite parties 1 and 2 to reserve tickets for the passengers to travel in and around India. The tickets are reserved directly and through internet from their website and mode of payment accepted through cash and credit cards. The 4th complainant reserved E tickets in King Fisher Airways Flight No.2901 through internet on 9.8.08 and payments were made through HDFC Gold Card Credit card of one Mr.Kiran R. vide Card No.517652100468685 for the journey date 15.8.08 and the time of departure is 5.35A.M. and arrival time was 6.55 a.m. The first opposite party had received a sum of Rs.8076.

    2. The complainants 1 to 3 were boarded the flight on 15.8.08 and landed in coimbatore around 7.00 a.m. to the shock and surprise of the complainants, the king Fisher Airways officials from Chennai made a call to the 4th complainant to his mobile No.98940 77783 and asked to pay a sum of Rs.225 for infant ticket fare in the counter of 3rd opposite party. On production of the E tickets before the officials of 3rd opposite party they turned deaf ears to the complainantís representation and insisted payment of amount for the infant child Ritika and 3rd opposite party official Ms.Pooja collected Rs.225/-. The act of opposite parties are purely unfair trade practice in claiming ticket fare twice from the complainants and all the acts done by them make the complainant to suffer mental pain, torture and agony which is purely gross deficiency in service. Hence this complaint.

    The averments in the counter of opposite parties 1 and 2 are as follows:

    3. The opposite parties 1 and 2 are engaged in the business of providing travel related series to its customers across the world and are also authorized to book air-tickets for various airlines within and outside India. The e-tickets in question were booked on 9.8.08 by the complainants through the on-line services of the opposite parties 1 and 2. The said air-tickets were booked for the Chennai-Coimbatore sector through opposite parties 3 and 4, the payment was made against the said booking through the credit card number mentioned in the complaint. The opposite parties 1 and 2 had fully discharged their duty/obligation by issuing e-tickets to the complainant. Admittedly, the e-tickets were used by the complainants for the desired journey, therefore no fault can be found with the opposite parties 1 and 2 at all.

    4. The alleged demand of Rs.225 from the 4th complainant was admittedly not made by the opposite parties 1 and 2 but the same is said to have been made by the opposite parties 3 and 4 and the same needs to be explained by them. The opposite party No.1 reimbursed the amount of Rs.294 instead of Rs.225 to Mr.Kiran R who is the friend of complainants on 10.9.08 by crediting the credit card through which the payment was received for the bookings. The complainant should be asked to produce the credit card statement of Mr.Kiran R for the month of September and the complainant should be put through strict evidence. The alleged amount of damages claimed by the claimants are wholly imaginary and baseless and are liable to be rejected due to lack of any evidence whatsoever.

    5. The prayer made to this Forum, which is liable to be rejected in view of the fact that the amount of Rs.294 was reimbursed instead of Rs.225 to the complainant on 10.9.08 itself by the opposite parties 1 and 2. The damages claimed in the complaint are wholly baseless and without any supportive evidence whatsoever, hence needs to be summarily dismissed.

    The averments in the counter of opposite parties 3 and 4 are as follows:

    6. Since the complainants had booked their tickets through Opposite parties 1 and 2 and the said opposite parties didnít credit the aforesaid amount of tax to the answering opposite party airlines, hence it was mandatory on its part to collect the same. The complainants at the time of check-in had produced a copy of the document issued by the opposite parties 1 and 2 and under bonafide impression that the amount of PSF paid by the complainants to the opposite parties 1 and 2 would have been forwarded by them to the answering opposite party airlines, they were issued the boarding passes.

    However, after release of the flight when the statement of PSF received against the actual number of passengers who boarded the flight was reconciled, it was detected that PSF of one infant passenger was not received. On further inquiry it was found that the name of the infant passenger whose PSF was not paid was Baby Rithika. Therefore the Chennai Airport passed on the message to Coimbatore airport to collect the PSF amount from the passengers traveling with the infant passenger. As such the PSF was collected and a receipt of the same was duly issued to the complainants.

    7. The complainants have no grievance pertaining to the services of the answering opposite party airlines. Hence the present complaint is not maintainable against the opposite parties 3 and 4 and the same is liable to be dismissed.

    8. The complainant and opposite parties have filed Proof Affidavits along with Ex.A1 to A11 was marked on the side of the complainant and no documents was marked on the side of the opposite parties.

    The point for consideration is

    Whether the opposite parties have committed deficiency in service? If so to what relief the complainants are entitled to?

    ISSUE 1


    1. Complainant No.4 booked Air tickets for complainants No.1 to 3 for the journey dt.15.8.08 through opposite parties 1 and 2 in the Airline of opposite parties 3 and 4 and reached Coimbatore on 15.8.08 at 7.00 a.m.

    2. King Fisher officials from Chennai made a call to complainant No.4 and asked topay a sum of Rs.225 the same was paid at Coimbatore and the same was received by Ms.Pooja Customer care officer.

    3. The opposite parties 1 and 2 had reimbursed the amount to the account of credit card No.5176 5210 0468 6855 that too Rs.294 instead of Rs.225.

    10. As against Opposite parties No.3 & 4:-

    The complainants themselves have admitted in the complaint that they have paid the amount of Rs.225 to the opposite parties 1 and 2 and it is also admitted fact by the complainant that the said amount of Rs.225 paid towards the tax for the infant was not credited by the opposite parties 1 and 2 to the account of opposite parties 3 and 4. On receipt of message from Chennai Airport the opposite parties 3 and 4 collected that amount on behalf of Airport Authority of India from the complainants. Subsequently the opposite parties 1 and 2 had reimbursed the said amount to the account of credit card number. Moreover the complainants have comfortably traveled against the consideration paid by them and therefore there is no deficiency in service on the part of opposite parties 3 and 4.

    11. As against Opposite parties No.1 & 2:-

    The e-tickets in question were booked on 9.8.08 by the complainants through the on-line services of the opposite parties 1 and 2.Since the amount was not credited by the opposite parties 1 and 2 to the account of the opposite parties 3 and 4, the same was collected from the complainant at Coimbatore by the officials of opposite parties 3 and 4. As per opposite parties 1 and 2 the amount Rs.294/- was reimbursed to Mr.Kiran R. on 10.8.08 as per Ex.A11. Without the knowledge of the complainant the amount was credited in the credit card account of Mr.Kiran. Due to the reasons of not crediting the ticket fare in time the complainant suffered mental agony at the Coimbatore airport on 15.8.08. WE are of the view that the complainants have proved that the opposite parties 1 and 2 acted in an negligent manner causing mental agony to the complainants. The complainants are entitled to get necessary relief from the opposite parties 1 and 2.

    12. In the result, we direct the opposite parties 1 and 2 to pay to the complainants a sum of Rs.10,000/- as compensation for mental agony and cost of Rs.1000/- within two months from the date of this order failing which the complainant is at liberty to execute this order u/s.25 and 27 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.This complaint as against the opposite parties 3 and 4 is dismissed.

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    Mohammad Shahnawaz Guest

    Default False marketing tactics by Makemytrip.com

    This is regarding false marketing tactics for there telephonic sales of
    "holiday saver voucher" and absolute dissatisfaction from the service that
    makemytrip.com is providing. Below is the list of things that has been told
    at the time of accepting the deal. 1- Lifetime membership of
    makemytrip.comcom and I will be getting userid with the courier only
    and it is not there
    in the courier that I received. 2- 30 days advance booking clause was not
    mentioned at that time. Although Mr Vivek ( the sales operator) was knowing
    my date of travel which is of 31st of October. 3- Vivek also confused me
    regarding twin sharing rate. I was told that it wouldn't affect the total
    cost if you and your spouse are in twin sharing. 4- I don't see any refund
    policy in the Holiday Saver voucher nor your marketing guys told me about
    it. Payment of Rs 6000/- had been paid through my credit card. Please let me
    know what should we do now.
    Contact Number: 09394040587
    Mohammad Shahnawaz
    Software Engineer,
    Teradata R&D Div,

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    Anik kumar singh Guest

    Default make my trip

    Dear sir/mam,

    I booked an air india flight ticket for Bhubaneswar from new delhi for 28th of
    September at 11:30 am through Make My Trip India Pvt ltd ,
    But due to air india strike on the specified date ,the flight was cancelled without
    informing. I called make my trip authorities regarding refund for the same ticket
    and they assured that I will be provided refund and the amount will reflect in my
    account in less than 10 days...they also sent me mails in this regard and I can
    produce them...but despite of repeated requests nothing has been done by them and
    now they are asking me to produce the ticket with the air india cancellation
    stamp..the fact is that when I called them on 28th and every time since then they
    never mentioned the fact that I need to produce the ticket ..they just asked me for
    certain details that I successfully provided to them....but now suddenly they ask
    for the receipt and refuse to refund the amount until I produce that ...the thing
    is that because I was never told in my regular correspondence with them that they
    would need the ticket I have lost it..but I still have all the details and all the
    mails that make my trip sent me during this course...I thus request you to help me
    out and let me know how I can get my refund and charge make my trip and air india
    for the misbehavior and all the turmoil...


    Anik kumar singh

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    Arun Ramalingam Guest

    Default Make My Trip

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have booked a round trip from Make My Trip, Mumbai to Chennai and Back
    to Mumbai on 14th of October, I was Booked In IT - 3181 (Kingfisher Red)
    departing Mumbai at 06:40 hrs on 16th oct 09 and reaching Chennai 08:25
    hrs I was charged 13270 for this journey and my return to Mumbai is
    booked in 9W - 2701 on 19th oct 09 departing Chennai at 12:00 hrs and
    reaching Mumbai at 13:45hrs. And I was charged 8800 for this flight.
    Totally I was charged 22070 for the whole trip.

    As soon as I booked the flight I got a error and I the screen showed the
    this gave me my trio ID (FLT00007203506) I check the trip details by the
    trip ID & My booking from Mumbai to Chennai was not confirmed and said
    it was under process however I was already charged for the whole round

    However at this time it was 14:00 hrs, no one called me till 15:00. I
    chose to call your customer support, I spoke to ms Karandeep, she said
    the booking is confirmed and she gave me a temp PNR (4ZNJL7) and she
    said I will receive the confirmed PNR number in 4 Hrs (Complain Number
    IN910R0042421), this means I had to check at 19:00hsr, however I checked
    at 21:00hrs, nothing had happened so again I called up your customer
    support this time I spoke to ms Shika and she had no clue of what had
    happened when she checked my details, so at that time I asked her to
    transfer the call to a supervisor, I spoke to this nice Gentleman Mr. A
    Kumar, I narrated the whole story to him and he said he will help me out
    he put on hold for about 5-7 mins, when he came back he said the booking
    is confirmed, however it will take 10 more mins to generate the PNR and
    he said instead me holding the line as a good will gesture he would call
    me back in 10 mins as I was sure he will not call me I told him that he
    can take half hour, but he should call me. As make my Trip always did
    they ensured no body called me up.

    Now when I m checking my booking I cant the see my booking of Mumbai
    Chennai flight, and when I check the mount charged its Rs10481, I don't
    know where's my booking, where's the rest of the money that was charged
    to me. Even after this I called up your customer team and they have no
    clue of what's happened, and again I have spoken to a supervisor Mr
    Mohammed and he has assured me a call back in 3 hrs, And no one has
    called me back.

    Some one please help me as I have lost my money as well as my booking.


    Arun Ramalingam | Process Owner | Euronet India | Direct (+91)
    22-3064-7044 | Handphone (+91) 9322-157707

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Amount Paid but didn't get the Ticket.

    i m a student at NIt trichy.I got this problem when I was a booking a ticket for my holidays back to home.My mode of payment was online banking.I was directed to the page of online SBI where I paid the money to make my trip and got the confirmation message on the sbi site as well as my cell phone.But when I was redirected to the makemytrip web page ,instead of getting a payment confirmation and my booking ID I got a message that my session has expired. So I was left with nothing but to regret my mistake of using make my trip.

    I then thought these things happen in online payment and mailed the my problem.I got a reply.they gave me my querry refrence no.I mailed them again and they told they will checkmy problem and have already raised the same problem in front of their finance team.They also asked for the bank satement.

    I mailed them my bank statement ;alsoasked them for a customer care executive number so that I dont have to listen to a computerised voice service.Till now I haven't recieved any message from makemytrip.

    Guys help me out.I m particularly new to all this.I think most of the complaints i read on Internet said a common thing that makemytrip is loosing their customers very quickly and I completely agree to this.

    I was booking a flight from Banglore to lucknow 6E-341
    My sbi Ref no. for makemytrip transaction is IG30143670.
    My refrence ID given by maketrip for the querry is 101002-011310
    My sbi account is 00000030204576150 and amount paid was 4634 inr

    Also can anyone give me a cutomer care executive's number?


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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Fraud made by MMT office (Rajkot)

    I Ketan Parekh Residing at Rajkot had booked a trip of Kashmir from Rajkot office (Landmark Office) .My transcation id no.IN1203B08075.My trip dated 10 April 2012. Retish had given us two choices one in Premium Tour and Deluxe Tour .He told us that premium would charge you Rs 3000 more per ticket. We asked him to give us premium tour .We repeatedly asked him what is difference between a normal deluxe tour and premium tour .Listen to his reply carefully.

    He told us that for premium customers there would be a totally different hotel (4 star) and good food .He also told us that you will get different and premium services than deluxe customer .He also told us that bus or tempo will pick up seperately from that hotel.

    Now , the real tragedy begins .At airport we met two couples who had already booked deluxe tour .Hotel vouchers of the all three were same .We got completely perplexed that how is it possible that vouchers are same for both deluxe customers.We again asked Retish . How is this possible? Again listen to his reply he told us that you would get a slightly higher room than deluxe clients of yours.He too said you may get a suite there at hotel.

    We were told at first that houseboat would be same for all customers. We do not regret that for now. At our second day we were reported to hill top hotel at Gulmarg which is by far to my knowledge is a 3 star hotel.We were provided deluxe room and same facilities .Even few deluxe customers were provided far better facilities than us.My mother which is 65 yrs old faced harsh difficulties.The temperature was about 2 degree celcius .At this temp. we were not provided with room heater nor a hot blanket .She got terribly ill due to cold temperature. More difficulties . Now we felt cheated .When we had paid for premium facilities we didnt even got what was meant for deluxe.We called our Sales manager .He told us about reasons and started avoiding us.He gave us many reasons .Actually he started or faking us or better told as excuses .He confirmed to your tour manager (Raj and Yash ).that we were booked at premium .You may ask them that in actually we were given deluxe facilities . They confirmed this and are our witness .Mr bilal who is our guide is too our witness who proves us that we were given deluxe facilities .Our grief is that we were charged Rs 15000 more (5 tickets Rs 3000 more per ticket).We request you to refund the same amount .Later we called Duke head of all sales manager .He confessed us that you are getting deluxe facilities at premium rate .He told us that you will get bed tea free of cost which we never got in the whole tour.

    Some of the reasons given by Duke as well as Mr Retish are listed as beloware totally false confirmed by your tour manager Raj Yash Khush and Mandar)
    1) You would get better rooms.
    2)You would get bed tea.
    3)All the customers are upgraded.(In reality we were degrAded from premium to deluxe).
    4)You would get better facilities and assistance.
    5)You would get something better than deluxe customers

    Now atlast we were told you would surely get better rooms at and if not good rooms bed tea. In reality we were treated all bad .Our booking agent told us that I have actually booked you on pemium tour with all deluxe facilities for your satisfaction.In short he completly cheated us by far. He took Rs 15000 more with no extra service or any other facilities. He replied harsh and didn't suited us well.

    Now at Pahalgam we were provided with same facilites as of deluxe clients of yours .Later at Srinagar we too were provided with same facilities that OF deluxe customer.
    Now Question arises If we were to get deluxe facilities why did we paid extra ?For what we paid extra? WE are not here for your charity to MMT group Right?We feel frustrated.Now we look upon you and your founder Deep Kalra to give us justice.

    In actually we were sent by Jain social group to verify your services . But all in vain .I think this incident will lose you atleast 200 people of our group .Which we decided not to
    book on your MMT trip.

    WE felt quite cheated and humilated.We request you to give us refund Rs 15000 and make us feel satisfied .If you do not give there' always justice in court of god(more prominently nature).I think this was ours worst tour ever .We never ever got cheated like this .I know that MMT isn't a cheater and in full faith return our rupees.
    I request you to adopt a business etiquette and attitude and return our faithful and righful money .I look upon you to take necessary actions and kindly do reply me of the same above .We think that if this money (Rs 15000) was given to all that poor workers at Kashmir (sledge riders pony riders potter photographer etc) It would give us aesthetic pleasure and felt quite satisfied .Now there is no such feeling except of being cheated or a white collar crime. Our colleagues at your trip Mr Manish from Una and Mr Bharat from Vadodara are our witness for our Pain given by employee Retish. You may ask them and then take necessary steps.You may take confirmation of all we said above.
    My mobile no is 9825074504(Rajkot). Please take necessary steps and do inform us.
    Refund our money as early as possible and take necessary steps.

    Thank You,
    Warm Regards
    Ketan Parekh.

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    I just got a mailer from Make my Trip today. As usual I was about to delete it when my eyes locked in on the word Roopkund.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default refund

    i prasun jain booked the ticket from kolkatta to delhi in october booking id IN1210B21909.on 13 december i wanted to cancel the tickets for one of my passengers but unfortunately one of the executives have cancelled both the tickets.you people promised me to give me the cancellation amount as well as the fare difference charges.inspite of providing you the new e-ticket and boarding pass for the passenger named PRASUN JAIN,i havnt got the refund.it has been already more than 1 month i am waiting for the refund.i have called you several times and sent you mailsbut i am unable to check my refund status.i am feeling harrased and highly unsatisfied with the services of makemytrip.i am asking for my money as if i am begging from you people.please revert back as soon as possible and get my refund amount soon.

    thanking you



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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Not receiving the refund after confirming cancellation

    I Dinesh Arora has not received refund after confirming cancellation on 19th Dec , 2013 . Please find the ticket booking confirmation for the round trip from Bombay to Jaipur and return

    Booking ID- NF2204329255217 Booking Date - Thu, 07 Nov 2013 for the go air flight on 24 th Dec 2013 and return on 5th jan 2014
    On 19th Dec I sent an email regarding cancellation .
    But no one guided regarding the cancellation or reverted back for for the email sent for cancellation . instead said that there was hike in cancellation charges from 2500 to 3500 rs.

    I have been requesting for the refund since last 2 months which is not provided till now . I am dissatisfied with the services of make my trip.
    Do we have to beg for our own money. As for the cancellation they just generated a query no131219-031724 with no refund and also said that contact the airlines for the cancellation . Why do have to contact the airlines for cancellation when done with the booking with make my trip .
    When talked on the toll free no. they said send an email. When emailed they did not answer back . Is this the service we are paying for . Why not book through a local agent . we would have got the refund till now .
    Dinesh Arora

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    Default Cancellation of flight and not receiving the refund even after 4+ months for Booking ID NF220432925

    Dear Sir ,

    I had booked a return ticket on 7th nov 2013 from Bombay to Jaipur and back . Due to personal reasons I had to cancel it . I called make my trip Firstly they said contact the airlines for the cancellation , when I asked why should I cancel it from them when booked from your site.
    Secondly they informed me that they have revised the cancellation fees from Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 .
    I emailed them to confirm the cancellation . They generated a cancellation query id no with no followup .
    As they had informed me that I will get a refund with in 24 hours I am still waiting for the refund . It had almost been 5 months .

    First I did not come to know that they had not done the refund as it was my son's account that the payment was made , it was only in April 2014 when I had come to know that the money has not been refunded .
    When I contacted them they gave the reason that I had not confirmed the cancellation.
    When I forwarded the cancellation mail they said we will provide only the no show amount .
    I reverted back with a NO . why should I take a no show amount when I cancelled the ticket.
    Another adviser came into picture saying that I cannot claim for the refund .
    Its been almost 45 days that I have continuously being insisting for the refund giving all valid reasons .
    But there is only a apology from all 5 of them who have come into the picture during this period with no result .
    They also advised me to fill the escalatory form , when I tried it always said that TRY AGAIN LATER.
    Why do I have to beg for my own money just because I booked my ticket from make my trip site .This kind of service is not at expected .
    I would have got my refund long back if I would have done the booking through any local agent

    Dinesh Arora

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