Dear Concern ,

This is to inform you that I am holding a credit card for Barclays Bank since last 4 years. I have used the Credit card during 1st to 15 April 2010 (INR 29,605). As I got a job offer in UAE I left from India on 16th of April 2010, in between I did not get a chance to go back to India to clear my outstanding balance.
Last week I got call from one gentleman saying that he is the Advocate and calling from Patiala house court New Delhi behalf of Kotak Mahindra (as Barclays has been takeover by Kotak Mahindra bank) and I have to pay INR 50536 immediately that also in Cash which will be collect by concern person, otherwise court will forward this case to embassy and I will be deport from UAE.
I want to do the settlement but with Bank only where I can pay the bill through Cheque. I know I have done the mistake that I did not paid the credit card bills on time but then also is there any way which will help me for the settlement at Principle Amount.