Bhagirathi Bauri - Complainant(s)


The Snapdeal Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd., - Opp.Party(s)


30 Oct 2021



POST  /  DIST: Rayagada,  STATE:  ODISHA,  Pin No. 765001.


C.C.case  No.     114      / 2019.                           Date.      27    . 8. 2021

P R E S E N T .

Sri   Gopal   Krishna   Rath,                                               President.

Smt.Padmalaya  Mishra,.                                                 Member


Sri Bhagirathi Bouri,  S/O: Rama Chandra Bouri, At:Dhepo Bhandari Street, Po:Gunupur, Dist: Rayagada.                                                                                    …. Complainant.


1.The Manager, The Snap deal, Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd., ,               New Delhi-110020. And 5 others.                                                                    

                                                                                                 … Opposite parties.

Counsel for the parties:                                 

For the complainant: - Self..

For the O.P No.1  to 4  :- Sri  S. Ramesh  Kumar, Advocate, Rayagada.


                                                          J u d g e m e n t.

          The  present disputes arises out of the complaint petition filed by the above named complainant alleging deficiency in service  against  afore mentioned O.Ps for non refund of  purchase  price  towards   mobile price a sum of Rs.15,890/- which was received damaged condition through  courier service.

       On behalf of the O.Ps. No.1 to 4  Sri S.Ramesh Kumar, Advocate, Rayagada  has appeared and filed written version interalia defend the case.

       During the course of hearing the complainant in present appeared before the District Commission  and submitted memo  stating that he had received the claim amount of Rs.25,000/-   through NEFT credited  SBI Gunupur branch  account No. 32628532287  of the complainant towards his damage  and claim has already  been settled with the Snap deal  and received the above amount

The O.Ps  considering the exigencies   of  the matter with out any basis   in the right time properly settled the disputes  at his end to avoid further litigation by  over looking  all the deficiencies  without contesting the present case  in the sense of humanitarian point of view  by following  the principles of  natural  justice in view of justice as contemplated  the  Modos  Operandi  of the O.Ps   no doubt  worthy of credence.

          This District Commission   perused the memo   filed by the complainant.    Memo is allowed.

          Accordingly the present dispute mitigated  and the  case stands disposed  and  the O.Ps wriggled out of  liabilities & the  case closed against  them    as  the  complainant   does not want to  proceed  with  the case further against the O.Ps  .


Dictated and corrected by me

Pronounced on this               27 th.         Day of     August,,   2021.



                                                                                Member.                                      President



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