Bajrang Lal Goel S/o Raghunath - Complainant(s)


The Director Urban Improzenmont Company - Opp.Party(s)

15 Jan 2024


Distic forum Faridabad, hariyana
final order
Complaint Case No. CC/84/2021
( Date of Filing : 11 Feb 2021 )
1. Bajrang Lal Goel S/o Raghunath
1. The Director Urban Improzenmont Company
Dated : 15 Jan 2024
Final Order / Judgement

Bajrang vs Urban Improvement


Present: Sh. Bajrang Lal Goel,  complainant in person.

            Ms. Ruchi Gupta, counsel for the Op no. 1 and 2.


          Complainant appeared in person and made a statement that I do not want to pursue the present complaint and wants to withdraw the same due to some technical fault and permission may kindly be granted to file fresh complaint before this competent court/Commission.

          In view of the statement of the complainant, the complaint is dismissed as withdrawn. However,  the complainant is at liberty to file fresh complaint/suit or any other proceedings before any competent Commission/Authority/Court.  The complainant can claim benefit of Section 14A of the Limitation Act to exclude the period spent in prosecuting proceedings under the Consumer Protection Act before this Commission while computing the period of limitation.  File be consigned to record room.

Member__________Member_______                                    President

                                                                             DCDRC/Fbd. 15.1.2024


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