Shambhu Kumar - Complainant(s)


Prakash Traders - Opp.Party(s)

20 Apr 2024



District Consumer Commission, Jehanabad.

                                                                                                         Date of Filing-27.06.2022

                                                                                                     Date of Disposal- 20.04.2024


The District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission


Present: 1. Hon'ble Sri Prem Ranjan Mishra, President,

2. Syed Mohtasim Akhter, In-Charge Additional Member.

Dated, Jehanabad, the 20th Day of April, 2024.

Consumer Complaint No: 35 of 2022

Complaint Register Serial No: 50 of 2024

(Under Section 35 of Consumer Protection Act, 2019)

                                 Shambhu Kumar, Vill- Tehta Math, PO- Tehta, PS-Makhdumpur, Dist-Jehanabad..........…....Complainant.



                                 Prakash Traders, Room No-1, 2nd Floor, Raj Niketan, Exhibition Road,Patna-800001.........Opposite Party

                    For the Complainant: Sri Motilal Prasad, Advocate.

                    For the Opposite Party: Sri Ramanand Sao, Advocate.For the Opposite Party (1&2): Sri Anil Kr Mishra, Advocate.


As per Hon'ble Mr. Justice Prem Ranjan Mishra,

                Present Consumer Complaint Case has been filed againstthe opposite party on 27.06.2022 alleging delivery of defective &useless goods i.e. Mini Flower Mill Plant worth Rs. 5,04,906/- to 

the complainant and further being deficient in service throughnot properly installing and not attending the complaints afterone week for repairing when the plant stopped working.

2. Case of the complainant in brief is that the complainant in orderto start an industry under UDYAMI YOJNA after due permissionfrom the Industries Department and raising loan of a sum of Rs.10,00,00/- from the state Government purchased Mini flowerPlant worth Rs. 5,04,906/- from the opposite party PrakashTraders on 06.09.2021 and thereafter developed the siteincurring an expense of Rs. 2,56,534/-, took electric connectioncosting Rs.30,000/-, paid rent of the land and the premises from05.01.2021 to 31.10.2021 costing Rs. 25,000/- and purchasedother instruments also worth Rs. 14,100/-, total expenditurecosting Rs. 10,55,000/ but the plant after one week only fromthe date of installation stopped working and became useless.Despite repeated complaints and persuasions and protests,opposite party did not repaired.

3. Despite repeated notices to the opposite party throughregistered post with A/D on 07.07.2022 and 22.09.2022 since hedid not appear, Hence as per the postal peons's report, since theopposite party had refused to accept the notices, therefore inview of the postal peon's report, services were held valid andthe case was fixed for ex-parte hearing vide order dtd.22.09.2022.

4. Complainant in support of his case examined himself andproduced and proved the following documents

Ext. 1- Cash Memo dtd. 06.09.2021 for purchasing of Mini FlourMill with all needful accessories worth Rs. 5,04,906/- fromopposite party,

Ext. 2- Quotation/ Estimate for Flour Mill with accessories dtd.09.08.2021,

Ext. 3.- Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate,

Ext. 4- Copy of Letter dtd. 21.12.2022 by the complainant to theManaging Director, District industries centre, Jehanabad.

5. From the un-impeached evidence of the complainant on S.Athrough affidavit supported with documents Viz. Ext. 1, 2, 3 & 4 Iam constrained to hold that the complainant has satisfactorilyproved his case of supply of defective goods i.e. Mini flour Mill,here and further being deficient in service through not repairingthe defective Mini Flour Mill despite repeated phone calls,requests and persuasions to repair the defective goodsdelivered.

6. In view of the above said facts and circumstance of the casefollowed by discussions made above and the findings arrived at,it is therefore, hereby,


That the present consumer's complaint is allowed ex-parte andthe Opposite party is directed to either replace the defectivegoods through new one of same description and configurationetc.or to refund the total price of the Mini Flour Mill with Motorand all the accessories etc. realized through ext. 1, the cash 

Memo and to Pay the Sum of Rs. 5,04,906/- with Simple interest@ Rs16 % per annum, since the

payment of the cost price of the purchased goods was paid fromthe loan advanced from the Govt of Bihar from the date ofinstitution of this complaint i.e 27.06.2022, as well assum ofRs. 50,000/- as compensation for the Mental agony and thephysical harassment suffered by the complainant plus a sum ofRs. 25,000/- as the cost of litigation, within Ninety (90) daysfrom the date of knowledge / receipt of this order otherwise thecomplainant shall be at liberty to realize the admissible amountthrough the procedure stated under section 71 of the consumerProtection Act, 2019.

Let a copy of this order be served to the parties individually inperson or through their respective authorized advocatesimmediately free of cost as per rule.

Since the opposite party has not participated in the ex- partyproceeding of this case against him, therefore let the free copyof this order be immediately sent to the Opposite party throughregistered post with A/D on the requisites being filed by thecomplainant.


                                                                                                                                                         (Prem Ranjan Mishra)



7. I agree,

                                                                                                                                                      (Syed Mohtashim Akhter)

                                                                                                                                                          Addi. Incharge Member





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