Pramila Dalabehera - Complainant(s)


Branch Manager, LIC of India & others - Opp.Party(s)

Md. Azad

08 Jun 2023


Complaint Case No. CC/62/2017
( Date of Filing : 01 Sep 2017 )
1. Pramila Dalabehera
At-Balijodi,P.O-Purujoda,P.S-Tekoi,Dist-Keonjhar-758076 At present- C/O-Nabaghana Kanar (Relative ),At-Angul High School,Angul Town,P.O/P.S/Dist-Angul
1. Branch Manager, LIC of India & others
At-Branch Office,Rerakhole,Dist-Sambalpur
2. Branch Manager, LIC of India,Sambalpur Branch
Office-II,At-Chandan Nagar,Mandaila,P.O-Khetrajpur,Sambalpur-768003
3. Divisional Manager Claims, Life Insurance Corp. of India
At-Divisional Office,Jeevan Prakash,Ainthapali,Sambalpur-768004
4. Branch-cum-Divisional Manager, L.I.C of India
At-Angul Town (Near Fish Market ), P.o/P.S/Dist-Angul
5. The zonal Manager Claim, LIC of India
East Central Zone Office,Jeevan Deep,6th floor,Exhibition road,Patna-800001
6. Premashankar Pradhan (Agent )
LIC of India,working under The OPs At-Branch Office,Rerakhole,Dist-Sambalpur
 HON'BLE MR. Saroj Kumar Sahoo PRESIDENT
 HON'BLE MS. Sasmita Kumari Rath MEMBER
Dated : 08 Jun 2023
Final Order / Judgement

Sri S.K.Sahoo,President.

          This  is  a   complaint  filed U/s. 12 of C.p.Act, 1986  by one  Pramila Dalbehera of Vill. Balijodi under Keonjhar District, who is  at present residing  at Angul in the house of one  of her relative.

2.       The case of the  complainant is that  her   husband  Prabhakar Dalbehera  had  obtained  a  policy from LIC of India  through the  agent (opp.party No.6 )    bearing policy  No. 594774195 under New Endowment Plan and  a certificate was issued in  favour of  her  husband. The  policy  commenced  from 28.07.2015  and the  risk covered from 03.09.2015. On 18.12.2015 the  complainant’s  husband  felt pain  in his  chest and  died  all of  a  sudden. The  policy was  in vogue when  the  husband of the  complainant  died.    Being the  wife and nominee of the deceased  policy holder the complainant submitted  her  claim application before the opp.parties. On 01.04.2016  the  opp.party No.2  supplied the  claim forms  for   disbursement of the  death claim. The  complainant  duly filled  the  claim form and  submitted it along with  all the required documents  before the opp.parties. No steps was  taken  by the opp.parties for  disbursement of the  claim amount. At last   finding no other way the complainant being a lady approached the agent  but no result. On 12.03.2017  the  complainant  received a letter from opp.party No.3 ,in which  she  was  asked  to submit  some documents. Again  n  29.03.2017 she  received another letter  from opp.partyNo.5 , in which  she  was directed to   attend  East-Zonal office at Patna along with supporting  documents. The  complainant  being a lady and  rustic villager  it  was  not  possible  on her part  to  travel  Patna. On 30.06.2017  the  complainant  submitted her  reply. Till filing  of the  case the opp.parties did not take  any steps  for payment of the  dues to the  complainant. Hence this  complaint.

3.       On 26.02.2016   one B.N.Samal the manager LIC of  India, Divisional Office, Sambalpur has filed the  written statement signed  by  him. The  case of the  opp.parties  is that the case is  not  maintainable  either in law or  in  part. There is  no cause of action to file this case against the opp.parties. The  case  is barred for non-joinder of necessary parties and  mis-joinder of  unnecessary parties. This  Forum/Commission  has  no  territorial  jurisdiction to decide the dispute raised  by the  complainant. It is  a fact that  a  policy bearing  No. 594774195  was  issued in  favour  of   Prabhakar Dalbehera by opp.party No.2,  having  commenced dt. 28.07.2015  for  a sum assured of  Rs. 5,00,000.00  with  quarterly  mode of payment. After receiving  the  information about the  death by opp.party No.2, the  complainant  was  asked for  submission of  claim form  as per  rules of the  corporation. The  complainant  did not submit the  forms  in claim form  B & B1 regarding the   life assures   treatment  particulars. .The  claim form of the  complainant  was  forwarded to the  concerned   Divisional Office , as the death of  Prabhakar Dalbehera was early  in  nature. The  settlement of  claim needs various  inquiry and   collection of  documents  which needs  time. From    internal inquiry by the opp.parties it is  ascertained that  Prabhakar Dalbehera was  under  going  his  treatment at S.C.B.Medical College,Cuttack  for   his  heart disease  but   at  the time of  submission  of  proposal form he has   suppressed the truth  by not  disclosing  about  his  treatment. So the opp.parties repudiated  the  claim of the  complainant.

4.       From the  complaint petition and  the  documents filed by the complainant  it  transpires  that the policy   holder  Prabhakar Dalbehera was   a  permanent   resident of Vill.Balijodi under Keojhar District. He had obtained  the  policy  through  agent (opp.party No.6) from  branch office  bearing  Code No. 5004. From paragraph- 2  of the  complaint petition it is  clear that  Prabhakar Dalbehera,    the  policy holder  was  running  his  footpath business  at  Redhakhol while   he   obtained  the  policy from the opp.parties. Prabhakar Dalbehera was  a  permanent resident of  Keojhar District , who died in   his native  village Balijodi on 18.12.2015 . The  complainant i.e  wife  of deceased Prabhakar Dalbehera  has  filed  the   photo copy of  R.O.R  which shows that Prabhakar Dalbehera  has a  gharbari land at Vill.Bantala under Angul Tahasil. All the  transactions  relating to the  policy obtained by  Prabhakar Dalbehera  are outside the jurisdiction of this  Forum/Commission. The  complaint is  filed  under   C.P.Act, 1986.

          After going through Section-11  of the C.P.Act, 1986 it is clear   that all the opp.parties are residing  outside the territorial jurisdiction of this Forum/Commission except  opp.party No.4. There  is  no reasons  why the  complainant  has  arrayed opp.party No.4 as  a party  to this  case. He has  no role to play  in whole transaction in this  case. The  present  residence of the  complainant  as claimed by  her   will not  confer   the  territorial  jurisdiction of the  Forum/Commission. No part of the  cause  of  action arose within the  jurisdiction of  this forum/Commission. So after  going through  the materials   placed by  both the  parties it is  clear that this Forum/Commission   has  no  territorial jurisdiction to  decide  the dispute  raised by  the  complainant. 

5.       Hence  order :-

: O R D E R :

          The  case  be and the  same   is  dismissed on  contest on  the ground that this  Forum/Commission has  no territorial jurisdiction to decide the dispute raised  by the complainant.

[HON'BLE MR. Saroj Kumar Sahoo]
[HON'BLE MS. Sasmita Kumari Rath]

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