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Arithrik Basak, S/o Sri Gopal Basak, Residing at Padmapur, Dharmanagar, P.O P.S Dharmanagar District North Tripura State Tripura 799 250 And Another - Complainant(s)


Apollo Hospital Enteerprises Ltd, BISHOP Gardens Raja Annamalaipuram Chennai 600 028.Rep by its Chai - Opp.Party(s)

M/s.Acari & Antoni Associates

22 Feb 2022



BEFORE         Hon’ble Thiru. Justice R.SUBBIAH                            PRESIDENT

                         Tmt. Dr. S. M. LATHA MAHESWARI                           MEMBER


C.C. No.116/2019

                         DATED THE 22ND  DAY OF FEBRUARY 2022



Arithrik Basak,

S/o. Sri Gopal Ch. Basak,

Resident of:

Padmapur, Dharamanagar,

P.O & P.S – Dharamanagar,

District – North Tripura,

State: Tripura,

PIN – 799 250.        


A Minor represented by his Father & Natural Guardian:

Sri Gopal Ch. Basak,

S/o. Late Narayan Ch. Basak,

Resident of:

Padmapur, Dharamanagar,

P.O & P.S – Dharamanagar,

District – North Tripura,

State: Tripura,     

PIN – 799 250.                                                                                  .. Complainant.



1. M/s. Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd.,

Represented through its Chairman,

Bishop Gardens Raja Annamalaipuram,

Chennai – 600 028.


2. M/s. Apollo Children’s Hospital,

Represented through its Chairman,

No.15, Shafee Mohammed Road,

Thousand Lights,

Chennai – 600 006.


3. M/s. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata,

Represented through its CEO,

No.58, Canal Circular Road,

Kolkata – 700 054,

West Bengal.    

4. M/s. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital,

(Information Centre),

Represented through its Manager,

IGM Hospital Lane,

Rabindra Pally Road,

Agartala – 799 001.                                                                 .. Opposite Parties.


Counsel for the Complainant                     : M/s. Achari & Antoni Associates

Counsel for the Opposite party Nos.1 & 2 : M/s. Maimoona Badsha

Counsel for the Opposite party Nos.3 & 4 : Mr. Dayaleeswaran


          This consumer complaint coming up before us on 22.02.2022 for filing proof affidavit of complainant finally as last chance or for dismissal and this Commission made the following Order in open court:                                                      


Docket order


Opposite party Nos.1 & 4 present.  No representation for the complainant. 

Today, this matter is posted for filing proof affidavit of complainant finally (as last chance) or for dismissal.   When the matter was called at 10.30 A.M., there was no representation for complainant.   Hence, the matter was passed over and again called at 01.15 P.M. still, there is no representation for the complainant and no proof affidavit was also filed on his behalf. 

We are of the view that the complainant is not interested in prosecuting the case. Hence, the complaint is dismissed for default.   No cost.


                    Sd/-                                                                                      Sd/-                                                                        

S.M.LATHAMAHESWARI                                                                           R.SUBBIAH                        

          MEMBER                                                                                           PRESIDENT


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