Oyo Rooms

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Total 44 Consumer Court Cases Against Oyo Rooms.


OYO Rooms V/S Sumit Kumar

Oyo Rooms  

Court Name: DF-I

Appelant Advocate In Person

Respondant Advocate

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum-I, U.T., Chandigarh CONSUMER COMPLAINT NO. 820 OF 2019 Sumit Kumar Vs OYO Rooms & anr.BEFORE: SURJEET KAUR, PRESIDING MEMBER SURESH KUMAR SARDANA, MEMBERPRESENT: Complainant in person.Dated : 16th August 2019ORDER Office report seen....

Case Number: 820


Date of Filing: 13-08-2019


Date of Upload: 19-08-2019


Oyo Rooms V/S Mr. M.V. Raj Kumar Gabriel

Oyo Rooms  

Court Name: Hyderabad

Appelant Advocate M. Srinivas

Respondant Advocate

BEFORE THE DISTRICT CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUM I HYDERABAD(9th Floor, Chandravihar Complex, M.J. Road, Nampally, Hyderabad 500 001)Complaint Case No. CC/458/2017( Date of Filing : 23 Oct 2017 )1. Mr. M.V. Raj Kumar GabrielH.No. B.63, Municipal No. 6.7.10, Bansilalper, secu...

Case Number: 458


Date of Filing: 23-10-2017


Date of Upload: 24-07-2019



Oyo Rooms  

Court Name: Jodhpur

Appelant Advocate K.S.PUROHIT

Respondant Advocate

Case Number: 813


Date of Filing: 05-10-2015


Date of Upload: 02-08-2018

Madhya Pradesh

oyo rooms V/S sanjiv tyagi

Oyo Rooms  

Court Name: Bhopal

Appelant Advocate

Respondant Advocate

Case Number: 17


Date of Filing: 24-06-2017


Date of Upload: 01-08-2017

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Common FAQ

Question : Am I eligible to file case against Oyo Rooms in Consumer Forum?

Answer : If you have purchased a product or avails any service, either for your personal use or to earn your livelihood by means of self-employment.

Question : When I can fill a complaint against Oyo Rooms ?

Answer : A complaint may be made against Oyo Rooms under the following circumstances:
1 : Loss or damage is caused to the consumer due to unfair or restrictive trade practice.
2 : the article purchased by you is defective.
3 : the services availed of by you suffer from any deficiency.
4 : charged more then MRP
5 : Goods or services, which will be hazardous to life and safety, when used, are being offered for sale to the public.

Question : Is there any exemption from payment of Court Fee?

Answer : The complainants who are Below the Poverty Line shall be entitled for the exemption of payment of fee for complaints upto rupees one lakh on production of an attested copy of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana card.

Question : What are the Reliefs available to Consumers?

Answer : The reliefs available are :
1 : Removal of defects from the goods
2 : Replacement of the goods
3 : Refund of the price paid.
4 : Removal of defects or deficiencies in the services
5 : Award of compensation for the loss or injury suffered;
6 : Discontinue and not to repeat unfair trade practice or restrictive trade practice;
7 : To withdraw hazardous goods from being offered for sale;
8 : To cease manufacture of hazardous goods and desist from offering services which are hazardous in nature;
9 : If the loss or injury has been suffered by a large number of consumers who are not identifiable conveniently, to pay such sum (not less than 5% of the value of such defective goods or services provided) which shall be determined by the forum;
10 : To issue corrective advertisement to neutralize the effect of misleading advertisement;
11 : To provide adequate costs to parties.