I am a customer of samsung washing machine model WA80P1B/XR FULLY
AUTOMATIC bought on Febuary 2007f rom Jainsons at chennai in India. my
machines tub broke down and i filled a complaint at samsung service center
at chennai on 23RD MAY 2009 and the complaint number is 8410394406. I am
highly disappointed at the companies service . The company took the machine
from my place on 11TH JUNE 2009. till date i have not got a proper update on
the machine repair status neither have i got my machine back.the service
manager has not spoken to me properly and neither reverted to any of my
calls .As a customer i am facing a lot of practical difficulties wittout the
machine.the company promised to replace with a substitute machine which has
not happened till date, i have been washing clothes with hand due to which i
have had a hand fracture. I am highly disappointed and the company service
and very furious . i have been calling the company almost every day.i want
to claim all my expenses till date and also get full claim for the loss.i
dont wat to get exploited by these international companies who only promise
and donot deliver.pleas find me a solution and help me how i get get justice
waiting for your reply eagerly