Dear All,

Please read it carefully, I dont want any one more to suffer the same what we had since the day we have joined with Star Infranet.

About the Company : Hallucination

Star Infranet used to say the best service provider in the field of domain / Web site management. He claims as the best of service providers after and before of subscribing its service. starinfranet

Truth : Its all SHITS. Even its service cost more than double than competitors price. Very poor after sales service even they used to make down the servers of existing websites servers. Star Infranet Price- 6000 Rs to 13000 Rs per web sites. Others- 2000 Rs to 5000 Rs.

They make dealers and distributes by putting colors of sheets and take a lakhs of amount from them. More than 60 People from around india have spend their money into it and still suffering.

Employees at Star Infranet are used to treated like machines few of the highlights are mentioned below ----

[B]9:30 Am to 7 : 30 PM working (As per the labor act No employer can make a 10 hours work schedules, But at Star Infranet it happenns)
No Satur day off (Even This guys are not bother about the laws of 48 hours work per week )
No Govt. Holidays (Again the same, Employees of Star Infranet used to work in Govt. Holidays also.) They all were present at office on January 26 and all other Government holidays.
No appointment letter for employees.
No leaves, In urgent cases salary will be deducted depending up on leaves.
NO SALARY !!!! If you are a sales guy than you have to achieve your target else no salary , they never bother about the product, time even they will never hasited to fire a sales guy just in the first month.
They allow a person to perform with in 14 days else they used to fire him ( Just playing with everyone's career)
Even No salary for Operation team. Attrition ratio is very high.

The CEO of the company Mr. Anand Mishra is a Big DUMBO.
He has a null brain and dull attitude, Dont know how to speak, behave and attire.
They used to say to be a part of India News group itvnewsindis (Picadilly Group) , Mr. Kartikeya Sharma owns.
Is this is the truth whats the reason behind all these.