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Thread: Complaint against Savitha (HP) gas agency, adambakkam, chennai..

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Complaint against Savitha (HP) gas agency, adambakkam, chennai..

    Dear Sir,

    I'm Calling the Savith gas agency at adampakkam in chennai
    since last 15 days to book the gas cylinder, but they weren’t keeping the receiver properly to get the consumer call.
    Always the phone will be number busy or Not in use. So we are not able to book the gas by phone, while asking directly regarding this
    They keep on said phone is out of service. This is not only now every time this will happened. Last time also I called more than 10 days and I went
    directly to there.

    If u can check this telephone no's.


    I have photo evidence for they weren’t keeping the receiver properly. I don’t know how to proceed. Kindly take the action regarding this.

    Agency Name & Address :
    Adambakkam Savitha Gas Agency,
    18/2, Surendar nagar,
    1st Street, Adambakkam, Chennai.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default worst agency savitha gas agency adambakkam

    I too agree with what has been said.

    I am also a consumer of H P from savitha gas agency.

    The staffs are irresponsible.

    The cylinder is being book by some body and when we are trying to book , they said that it has already been booked.

    Very very worst agency.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Too Bad - Sai Chitra Gas Agency M.G.R nager chennai - 78

    I'm consumer of Sai chitra Gas agency located in M.G.R nagar (K.k. nagar). I booked the gas 1 month before, recently (12/10/2011) i got message like "Dear Indane customer ...... cylinder shell be delivered shortly.

    But till now we are not getting anything. When we asked to Gas agency directly, the foolish person said i donot know.

    Irresponsible mad guys.

    Could you please anyone take severe action regarding this.

    This is the telephone no's for gas agency - 8124024365

    - Karen

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cylinder not delivered yet

    I lost hope with Savitha Gas Agency. Its 26th Day after booking cylinder still i didnt get any cylinder i got a message in my phone that my cylinder was delivered 1 week before. Several times i visited their office and talked over phone everything are waste. The staffs are absolutely irresponsible and behaves really bad. Please any one take severe action

    18/2, 1st Street, Surendar Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai- 600088
    Email :
    Phone : (44) 22446619 65279299

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Yet to receive Gas Cylinder

    I totally frustrated with SAVITHA Gas Agency. I booked for Gas on 2nd, i got a message on 21st saying my Gas cylinder was delivered. But i didn't get Cylinder. When I went to Gas agency they said today will come, but i used to call them daily from last 10 days, every day they said today definately will come. But it never comes. I do not know whome i need to complaint against these culprits. If any one knows, please post here.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Worst service from Savitha HP Gas agency

    I booked gas refill with Savitha HP gas agency on 15th November 2011, as on 6th December 2011 I did not received gas cylinder.
    So I have been waiting for 21 days and the wait is still going on..
    whenever I call thier land line number, it is always busy.

    I have been checking feedback of many customers in this customer court about Savitha HP gas agency.. it is totally irresponsible.

    This kind of useless and irresponsible agencies licence should be cancelled first.

    I the past also I had tough time with this.. it was too much delay in delivering cylinders to customers... and always they divert cylinders in black market to hotels / other commercial shops.

    Even I booked complaint in HP website.. it seems no one is working on customer concerns... totally disappointing..
    no action..

    Hope this is the right place to address customer concerns....


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    getraj23 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2012

    Post Savitha Gas Agency

    I am also a consumer of H P from savitha gas agency.

    The staffs are irresponsible.

    They are selling the gas in black. The bill dates are different. They are taking at least 25 days - 1 month to deliver the gas. This is happening only after we do lot of pain driven follow ups and fights with the staffs. I don’t know how to handle this Gas agency.
    This is not happening one or two times. Every time when we book the Gas they are doing the same. This time I booked the Gas by second week of December 2011 still the GAs is not delivered and we don’t have Gas today. This is Pongal time, We don’t have GAS so far, I have given lot of complaints to HP in the past but no response so for. They are repeating the same thing. Somehow this Gas agency license should be canceled.
    Last edited by getraj23; 01-11-2012 at 05:16 PM.

  8. #8 Guest

    Exclamation complaint Aigneis savitha gas agency

    Dear All,
    my name is neelavathy65years old (My Consumer number 700731 ) .This is my fourth complaint about Savitha gas agency, Adambakkam, chennai. I have booked a cylinder sixty days after last cylinder delivered ….on the 22nd may… still now i didn't get the cylinder, but i have received the message the cylinder has been dispatched. I have asked in the Savitha gas agencies all staffs behave like rowdily and i have informed them , shall i complain to HP , they told nobody will not do anything and scold in bad words. This is not for me lot of people are having the issue like that . Please do the need ful and cancel the distributor licence and give good people since they spoiled HP gas companies image.Please find the below for my booking status

  9. #9
    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up Please complain to concerned authority

    I request all of you to complain in HP gas portal which sends it to HP officials . I myself have complained for delivery person asking for a 'tip' for deliveries and it was addressed.

    if it does not work then log in to

    and then go to complaints page

    Even after this your complains are not addressed then you can lodge complains against concerned HP official at MINISTRY of PETROLEUM through URL
    This is a new Grievance portal launched by government of india

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint against Savitha Gas Agency Adambakkam

    Very very worst service, really they are stealing from the new customers, customers are compulsorily insisted to purchase gas stove and accessories then only they give new connections, "with the gas stove and accessories only we are giving new connections otherwise we won't give" they said. But they are not providing any receipt for gas stove and accessories, I paid Rs. 6500/- but they gave receipt for the amount Rs.3050/- only. this 3050 includes deposit amount for two cylinders and one regulator,they were not provided any receipt for remaining Rs.3450. for this amount they are providing gas stove, lighter, gas tube and cylinder book each one in number of maximum retail price of Rs. 1875, 100, 150, 25 respectively. (total Rs. 2150) , (these costs are MRP rate but market rate is cheaper than these rates). They are collecting Rs. 1300 from each customers without any reason, I already have all those things except cylinder book, so Rs.3425 is loss for me, due to my urgency, I lost my money to this cheating people. I am going to register grievance against this cheating people to HP for the benefit of new customers. Please be aware.,,,,,,,,,,

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    Ramjraman Guest

    Default Gas leakage complaint raised

    Past ten days I complained four times about the gas leakage while fixing the regulator on the newly issued cylinder. But the irresponsible SAVITHA gas agency until not care about that any body help to terminate the worst response of them..... I think the gas leakage issue is of the most concern complaint for gas agencies

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default arrogant service

    Booked cylinder on 16th april 2015 and got delivered on 27th april 2015 .. this post is in regard to the line boy of savitha. Delivered at ramnagar north madipakkam, i received sms stating i should pay only 614 after submitting aadhar. But the line man charged 650 and when asked his reply was arrogant stating its delivery charge. He charged rs 36. He said its must. I was adament and said i will call the gas agency to check. Then he returned my amount. He said 'i returned money now whats the problem dont talk more'..And he scolded me so badly that i denied to give delivery charge of what he asked. He also said 'go and complain anywhere you want'. Im a non tamilian and i dn think my husband would have let him go like that if he was there at home. He was arrogant and abused me only after knowing that there was only myself alone at home. I called gas agency to complain on this and there was no answer. This such incidents should be taken very seriously. Delivery man charged exatly Rs.36 . The reduction of gas on subsidy is Rs 36. What the use to name it as subsidy cylinder? I wonder what for they introduce these complicated rules to be pain in the neck.

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