I bought a combo offer of a Onida Microwave and Inalsa Coffe Maker (Serial No. TMX10100856) from Reliance digital on 12 Dec 2010 from Reliance Digital Store Shipra Mall Ghaziabad.

The Coffee Maker stopped working while it was still under warranty and I gave it for reparing at Reliance Digital Ambience Mall Gurgaon after showing required receipt of purchase on 26th January 2011.

I was told that it will be repaired in 7 working days and Reliance digital will get back to me though that did not happen. When I called the customer care number (0124-4029121) a number of times (more than 20 by now which can be provided through my cell phone records if required) and was every time asked to "wait for another 3 days as the part to be replaced has been ordered and is due to arrive in another day".

After more than a month, when the issue was not resolved I reached the “In charge” of Service Desk at Reliance Digital (as told to me by the guy at Reliance Digital ResQ Desk) Mr. Mohit Saraswat, Reliance Digital Ambience Mall (Phone Number-9560102516). This “In charge” was rarely available at the store or the employee at desk simply said so to stop me from meeting him and he came to meet when I really insisted pretty hard.He rarely answers the call and when he does he always tells me that he will follow up and return the call which he never did.

Today on 10th May 2011, it has been more than 3 months and the product is still with Reliance Digital and I don’t even have an update to what is going on and if the Reliance Digital is even going to return my product to me.

This is a case of shear fraud, negligence, consumer harassment and failing to fulfill the promise of customer service post sales. Reliance digital has a pathetic post sales service and I have learned my lesson and vowed not to buy another product from Reliance Digital store.

Websites are full of such complaints and reliance digital really has a very tainted and bad reputation in the market which obviously no body at Reliance Digital cares about.

After such a long wait and disturbing experience Reliance Digital I am compelled to look at the legal options.

Please let me know in case there is any further detail required.

I would request you to look into it and resolve it and I will be looking forward to your response.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Phone - +91-9810196042

Email- progsudhanshu@gmail.com