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Thread: Icici bank credit card Customer Care Complaint

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    s ramakrishnan Guest

    Question Credit card


    I'm S. Ramakrishnan. My credit card no.5239 5113 0960 7008. the statement date 02.06.12, payment date 20.06.12, The total amount due is Rs.21,499.10. First payment paid Rs.3000/- dated 20.06.12, Second payment paid Rs.18,500/- dated 30.06.12. Now total amount paid Rs.21499.10. The statement date 03.07.12 service tax Rs.161.37 and interest charges Rs.1,305.56 Total Rs.1,466.47. so kindly reduce the service tax and interest charges with in date of 20.07.12. Please do the needful.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S. Ramakrishnan.

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    nataraj.sp is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Default Complaint regarding harasment from your credit card division Reg

    The Complaint Cell,
    ICICI Credit Card Division.

    Sir / Madam,

    Sub: Complaint regarding harasment from your credit card division – Reg card no is 447746310658

    I'm S.P.Nataraj. As a customer, I wish to post my agony to the concerned person with regard to the style of dealing by your Credit card division. I still have a doubt, how I entered your “Customer” ambit.

    While I was working as Crane operator in PSA Sical, Tuticorin I was ill-doctrinated by your sales representative about the features of your credit card and compelled me to purchase your agency credit card thro him. I have received an envelope said to contain the card.

    Meanwhile, within a short span of a fortnight, I received a call from your ICICI lombard Call centre executive regarding a Health Insurance. The person scripted me exorbiantly about the features of the policy and persuaded me to accept for one. (I am already covered under health insurance from my company ) I was of the opinion that like the credit card, we need to sign some documents for this insurance policy also and the concerned representative may approach me in a day or two. But to my surprise/wither, I received a policy after two days.

    Immediately, I rangup the same number, from where I got the call to cancel the said policy as I am not comfortable with this type of procedure and as I was lack of many basic informations about the policy. After hearing my statements, he finally agreed to cancel the policy. After that I haven't received any information.

    Meanwhile being hit by the global recession, I struggled hard to retain my position in the company even at the cost of lower salary.

    Almost after 1 year, I have received a letter from ICICI Lombard to pay service charges towards the health policy and the Premium. Immediately I called the Call centre executive and spoken to the Team Manager and enquired about my Cancelletion of Card and Policy. But I got only partial reply that my cancellation of my health policy is under progress ( to my dismay; even after 1 year – Additional Info: Finally it got cancelled only in January 2012) and also informed me that I wont receive any bills after that. For next 3 years I haven't received any bills / correspondence. Again in November 2011, I have been issued a Legal notice to pay a sum of Rs.18,000/-. After spurious followups finally I got the information that my policy got closed and no information about my card closure.

    Last week I received a call from some of your executive to pay Rs.10000/- atleast.

    Now to be frank, I am not in a position to pay a single penny w.r.t my financial strata. Kindly get my card cancelled and inform your call centre executives to stop harassing me over phone. As I have to work round clock to meet my basic needs, sometimes I may be working almost 50-100 ft above the water level. Even not ready to turn on their ear for; in what situation I am being, your call centre executives started speaking over phone.

    Due to the anguish created by the speaker on the other side, if I lost my control for a fraction of second will lead to human losses and lakhs of rupees loss to the Port. Then in that case directly or indirectly being the last call conversed you will also be added as a party to the plaintiff filed by the Port against me for recovery of the damages incurred.

    I am from a structured family back ground, I want to lead a peaceful life. So kindly initiate action to relieve from credit card hurdle just by cancelling it & the card number is 447746310658.

    My basic doubts are:

    • I am still not an IT assessee and my salary is not crossing the prescribed slab to pay income tax. Eventhough I opt for a Credit card, kindly let me know whether I am eligible for a Credit Card as per the Bank's policy.
    • I haven't given any debit instruction to the insurance call centre executive to debit from my credit card; Because I was unaware of its features and Tuticorin, the town where I lived, five years before was not having much avenues to use Credit card except Cash withdrawals through ATMs.
    • Without my instruction / knowledge, whether the Credit Card agency is empowered to debit / allow others to debit my account. In such case, who will be held responsible for the debits and what is the procedure to recover the amount and whether I will be paid any interest for the wrong/unauthorised debit and delayed re-credit.
    • Eventhough I have not utilised the card even for a single swipe / withdrawal, whether I am legally entitled to receive a legal notice from the bank for payment of Rs.18,000/- . Who will bear the cost of my mental agony, distress and sleepness nights.
    • Eventhough marketing bank products through selling agents is only recently approved by RBI, a card had been sold to me almost 5 years before.
    • Because of the problems, embarassment, harassment faced from my first Credit card, Ain't confident of using/ purchasing any credit card thereafter and restricting myself to cash transaction only. This is against of views of RBI, as RBI is insisting to route transactions through alternate channel. I am not ready to changeover, because of my first experience. So morally I am pulling back India's progress towards paper less transaction.

    So kindly resolve the issue and Cancel the credit card. I am ready to surrender the card at any of the nearest office.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Last edited by nataraj.sp; 07-14-2012 at 08:37 PM.

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    ICICI Bank Care is offline Senior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2009


    Mr. Nataraj,

    Please write to us at with your contact details and our official will get back to you soon.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    ICICI Bank Care is offline Senior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2009


    Mr. Ramakrishnan,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have made a note of your credit card number. Our official will get back to you soon.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    Pratibha Yadav Guest

    Angry Pathetic way of talking and getting unnecessary calls again n again

    ICICI Complaint Cell

    Subject - Complaint regarding abusing and rude way of talking from no. 01145666360, ICICI.

    Dear Sir / Ma'am,

    I am getting calls from ICICI no. 01145666360 and caller name is Neha. She really don't know how to talk to customers, she is asking for some person but i really don't know who is he, I told her three four times but she is calling me again and again in my office time ; and talking to me in hindi in very very rude language "madam aap jhunt bol rhi ho aap unko janti aap mujhe unka no. kyon nhi deti ho", "madam aap ye maanjao ke aap unko janti ho" and so on... is this the way ICICI ppl is not customer care it is customer torcher scheme or something...
    Pls do something against this type of treatments.

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    ICICI Bank Care is offline Senior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2009


    Hi Pratibha,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please send us your contact details at and we'll contact you to address your concerns. Kindly refer '3220620' in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    Soumitra Sarkar Guest

    Default Change of e mail ID


    This is Soumitra Sarkar and my ICICI Credit Card No is 4629 8644 9677 1009.

    May I pls request you to update my mailing address, as given below and also, pls make all the correspondences(including mailing card statement) as per below details;

    Soumitra Sarkar

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    Rituob is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2012


    This is regarding personal loan that my husband had taken from ICICI bank, now we are seprate.... I dont know about his where abouts.....people from collection agency are calling at my work place n harrassing me..... the no of the lady is 8652200332...Please help me... Im suffering for something that ive not done also......

  9. #54 Guest

    Default 4629864336667003

    Dear Sir,

    I am holding your banks Credit card no: 4629 8643 3666 7003 since several year. Since 21st june 2011 I started facing problem by adding almost Rs1,100 charged on my card for the delayed payment of 7 days. Before making this payment on the next month, I have called up your customer care & requested them to waive off the additional charges charged on me. They informed they can only waive off Rs441.20. Upon that, I have paid the balance amount. Next month again I have charged arround Rs1,400/- with-out any reason. Against I contacted your customer care. They told me, customer care did not do anything that which is informed me, so late payment charged for this month as well. But we will arrange to waive of the additional charges charged. Still this continued in the thired month as well.

    Then I stopped making the payment & being run the card by paying minimum balance. When ever I get call from the customer care for additional facility, I have informed them about my problem faced from ICICI Credit card dept. Still no response. Last month called your recovery dept in Bommana halli bangalore to send me their person with the statement of my exact payment with-out any charges, as I want to close the card dealing (ph: 080 6630 2581) no action from them as well.

    I have been receiving statement continuously till sept 2011, afterwords no statement received properly.

    When I have so much of trouble, as for as your service concern, how can deal with you?

    With this mail I want to notify you that, I will be closing card dealing with you. I am ready to pay for the purchase I made through your card but not ready to pay neither the delayed charges or any sort of interest.

    Please send your executives with the amount I have to pay (with-out delayed & interest charges charged on me) & collect single cheque for the balance payment.

    With Regards

    Cell: 99803 19730.

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    Muthu.T Guest

    Default Taken cash from sb a/c without my knowledge

    Dear Sir,

    I used ICICI banks Credit card no: 5176 5338 6420 8001 for past more than 5yrs. Recently my credit card was expired on Dec 2011 for that i have not received new card instead of my old credit card. So that i hold Rs 5500/-(Approx) on Mar 2012 for getting Direct call from ICICI regarding New credit card, but nobody called up from customer care. But every month they adding late fee charges, and include that amount to actual paying amount of 5500rs it comes next 5month around 11500rs on Aug 2012, meanwhile i called up customer care, I have informed them about my problem against ICICI Credit card, Still no response. But without my knowledge they were taken rs 9160/-from my ICICI SB A/C on 18/07/2012. Against I contacted ICICI customer care and informed all issue but they told me, u should pay the balance amount rs 2340/- otherwise we will make you as defaulter list or make it your name in CIBIL LIST.

    So kindly help me and advice me what to do?



  11. #56
    Bala_kasireddy Guest

    Default Please settle my credit card Problem.(fraud)

    I am Bala Lakshmi Narayana Kasireddy, my credit vard number is 4477464569969003. I am leaving in London from the past 4.1/2 years, I didn't receive any type of new card after expire of my credit card and I have brought this to notice of the ICICI bank executive through email and spoke few times to Mr. Rajesh Viswanathan about this fraud and got assurance that he would solve the problem.I am on my vacation now and fleeing to UK in the next couple of days. Finally I got a legal notice by registered post to my parents address received today by me. I don't know what to do at this juncture and the amount is about Rs.50,000 approximate.

    Please kindly help me and advice me what to do.

  12. #57
    unregistered Guest

    Post Please settle my credit card Problem

    I have filling this complaint on behalf of my brother, My brother had a credit card from ICICI bank in 2004. The Name imprinted on the Card is V Mahesh. Name of my brother is K V Mahesh. I 'm being getting regular harssment call from the collection departemnt to repay the amount being used on the card. The total outstanding amount on the card is Rs 1, 47,000. The Card limit is Rs 1, 05,000. The Collection agent Rajguru is was negotiating with me regarding the repayment for the Card. My brother is out of work and he has undergone 2 major sugeries including a spinal cord surgey. I have infomred the agent I'm ready to make the payment but I need time and a decent waiver should be done on the outstanding amount. The collection agent is very adament and very much indecent. The collection agent is not ready to negotiate with regards to the time to make the payment. The Collection agent is calling my relatives and using very abusing laguage to them and demanding them to make the repayment. The Agent is repeatedly calling them and disturbing them. I have already spoke to collection agent and pleaded to not call my relatives and friends. The collection agent demands he want to get the money before 28th of September and he will call all my friends and relative till gets the money. I'm harassed physically mentally by this collection agent. I asked to provide his Manager's direct contact number but he is very sarcastic and abusive.

    Please kindly help me and advice me what to do.

  13. #58
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Not able to ICICBank contact customer care even after being on hold for 20 min on phone


    I am not able to speak to ICICBank customer care even after being 20 min for hold. I had done the payment for credit card and it is debit from the account also, but not reflecting in the credit card statement.

    Umesh - 09972644228

  14. #59
    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Poor service of credit card department

    I am one of ICICI Bank Credit Cards Holders and using this Credit card since more than 8 years. I was regularly receiving my statements on my e-mail and hard copy of bills. Since last 3 months I have not received any bill either on my e-mail or hard copy. Despite this since last 2 months I have been making payments based on SMS alerts that I receive on my mobile. This month, precisely today, I have received an e-mail stating that my credit card has been blocked due to non payment of last month bills, which LET ME TELL THAT I have not yet received. ICICI Bank can verify from my statements that I have never defaulted on payment in last 8 years.
    I wish to know that why my statements have stopped coming on e-mails and hard copies and why the penalty has been levied on me for non-payment of bill which is no fault of mine.

    My Credit Card No is 4477 4743 6270 3004

    Amit Kumar
    Chief Manager
    State Bank of India
    Administrative Office
    +91 99174 74130, +91 98370 03869

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Issue of credit card

    this is Anurag from Pune. I had applied for a credit card since on month back. I got a call from icici executive regarding credit card and i gave all the documents to him at my work place. It was told to me that I would be getting the card within 15 working days. But as on date nothing was informed to me regarding what's the status of the card. The name of the executive is Babita. A mail id named was given to me for any querry. But till date date i don't have any clue whats the status so i shooted a mail at the given id few days back. i got a call and again they started me asking the same questions that they asked me on emonth back like where i work. etc. I have clearly explained them Am not from Pune and that i stay in a guest house provided and funded by the company. I got a call few days back from a person regarding verification of my residential adress and he visited my adress when i was at offfice . i aso clearly mentioned dat i am a bachelor. today when i called the executive he said my card has been declined as when the executive has visited my residential adress it was locked. That true if a person visits the house when i am at the work place it will be locked and i don't see this as any excuse for declination. Also the customer care executive stated that may be u aren't frm Pune so it may have got decline. If thats the case they should have told me that earlier i wouldn't have applied then because i HAS WASTED A LOT OF THE TIME GIVING ALL THE DOCUMENTS. Tthe executive would come and ask for such and such documents today and again some day later he would ask for some other documents. I had to rush to my guest house bunking my office to give her the documents and thats really strenous. Therefore a strict action should be taken regarding this matter. Who knows all this just a hoax.

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