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Thread: Housing loan problem due to credit card, cibil report

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    Post GE Money has showing twice loan in my account

    It is very unfortunate that because of nationalise bank formalities we have to go towards the private bank and they charge us how so ever they can. This incident happened with me i have taken home loan from GE Money in june 2009, in these days i want to takeover this loan with nationalise bank but when i got my cbill report there is two loan in my name one is house loan another is personal loan by GE Money but i have taken only housing loan, when i talked regarding this by GE Money there is no satisfied reply from there side. I want to tell all the person who is availing credit or doing business with private banks specially like GE Money company, we aware from them.
    Kindly advice me what i have to do against the GE Money Company, should i have to file case against the GE Money or what step i have to take against them.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Similar case with me :(

    I think middle class is being looted ! . I was also rejected a home loan because of cibil report. I accept i had problems with 1 bank and 1 problem with a finance company. But i did pay them off long back, around three years. I did pay them with such high interests.Even after submitting the NOCs, banks refuse to sanction me home loan ! Ridiculous, all that is left for me is to beg these basta... ? 7 years without a credit amounts to just that !!!
    Indian economy needs a boost not from this black money. It doesnt account anyway.
    RBI is creating havoc with the middle class people. You see the inflation ? You should try and arrest that. people are bleeding !!! help us for god's sake. People with black money simply get away with these issues. Looks like its wrong to be a decent indian citizen. It pays if you take up wrong ways. So be it. Enjoy india. We'll be a developed nation anyday ? Some people even talk of being a superpower !!! What a shame such idiots exist today.

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    brian nathaniel soans is offline Senior Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2010


    whther you are poor, middleclass or highclass law is one for all.

    it is how we are understanding law and how practical we are with law when it comes to help us.

    Banking law helps you fight and come out CIBIL matters.
    CIBIL is just a private body -website and has nothing to do with RBI or indian banking system.

    Only a few private banks make a big issue of this CIBIL.
    The bankers who mkake a big issue of CIBIL are itself encouragers of CIbil.

    Today cibil has become a blackmailing medium.

    For legal help to fight cibil:
    contact : Allied law Inc , INDIA
    PH: 09245809644

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    piyush R chauhan Guest

    Smile Houseing loan problem due to credit card

    Dear sir

    I hv applied for housing loan from hdfc ltd.but as per then there is delay payment & bal payment in credit cards.
    As per me all credit card payment ther no Any due from my side but as per cibil report some payment is balance & delay payment in two credit pl.clear my query as early as possible.

    My control no is 470488486.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Foreign bank mafia

    I agree with pradip. Banks have aggresively marketed credit cards and then charges amounts which were unbelivebale. Finally when there was a dispute banks have sent dsa who approach the borrower to make settlements just so they can earn commission.
    Banks never approached not educated the borrower of the consequences and instead of geving benefit to borrower paid huge commission to dsa agents.

    In fact people only past 2/3 years realized the outcome and rbi without understanding or taking opinon granted a tool in hands of foreign and pvt banks who are using this tool to defame deserving candidates.

    The biggest fools are nationalized banks who are following it too for secured business loans.
    Firstly al cinil records before 2008-09 shud be deleted and advertisements in tvs and news papers given to educate borrowers just like ads for income tax sales tax tds etc.

    Cibil should have no bearing on secured loans bcos we didnt ask foreign banks to come to india and do business in unsecured way . They minted a lot of money. The borrower evn aftersettlements has actually paid more than what he borrowed. They were the ones who were responsible for npa's due to their lending of unsecured loans and credit cards.

    In fact only after people stopped taking credit cards and personal loans did they venture into secured projects where they are still high on interest rates than nationalized banks.

    I smell a rat here the way rbi has favored them to govt owned banks and allowed them to enter india and loot the indian people on account of business loss to govt owned banks.

    Surely some bureaucracy practised here by decision makers and a clear case of oversight on part of them.

    If in a country deserving people do not get loans then it cant be a true picture of growth and surely not at 8% as shown by upa govt.

    Nationalized banks have lost a lot of good potential clients in secured finances evenin cases where the borrower has a good income and strong in repayments .
    Even a few banks have ignored the fact that the borrower with existing credit facilities with other banks and having a sound record of repayments, intrest servicing and utilization of limits in overdrafts aganinst property just due to a silly small amounts of credit cards in thousands while the proposals are in excess of crore with collateral values much higher than 1 crore.

    Sit up rbi and i am sure your understanding all this when a simple individual like me can. If your honest, clean and really more concerned about govt owned banks banish the cibil and restart it just for pvt banks and foreign banks and only for unsecured loans.

    This will make them go back form hwere they have come or lower their necks and start secured projects .

    Finally if they want to compete the strong govt banks then they shud have lower interest rates not higher than govt owned banks.

    We are giving away our country's wealth to them instead of dcitating them. This is not new in indian politics and administration.

    Our govt has always allowed pvt organizations and foreign companies have the advantage against govt owned companies. Classic example foreign banks, mtnl, reliance power, reliance industries take over of hoc and ipcl.

    Who needs this foreign banks . Our banks are more stronger than them. Can rbi explain why abn amro got taken over by royal bank of scotland. Surely not due to credit cards sold in india.

    In west they have similar system in place but in a proper way where the borrower is educated.
    Their democracy, culture and logical way on implementation allows this system to function correctly. But in india we blindly copy them without having a proper plan and the tax payer and voter is always the loser.

    I cud not imagine how can a bank refuse a secured loan just due to a few thousands of rupees to a tax payer who is paying taxes in lakhs or even crores.

    Well we never have people who took honest logical decisions. When will these people be a little loyal to thier jobs and loyal to country and country men. Big money offered to them by foreign banks makes them disloyal and also the amount of money pumped by these banks through foreign investors in stock market the main reason a common man will keep suffering.

    The writing is clear in the wall. A few nationalized banks have only deposits and no advances and are in rbi's caution list. But still there eyes are not open and have not objected to this uselss system of cibil. In 5 years down the line a lot of business will be lost by them to these foreign and pvt banks who dont hesitate to provide term loans to big business men with bad cibil report.

    Reason the decision makers of govt owned banks are happy with salary.

    We need a uprising like in egypt against these govt blind officials and the foreign bank mafia

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    Unregistered Guest

    Arrow Rbi

    Egyptians were bold to put there demands through to the govt. How do we fight this injustice and make these greedy politicians who dont realize our problems and make clear to all nationalized banks that cibil is a foreign term and for foreign banks who did risky business of credit cards ,personal loans and all unsecured finance at killing interest rates and dictative statements.

    The word has 7% ratio of npa's while in india it is just 2%. Wot is this big hue and cry abt cibil for by the rbi.
    In fact nationalized banks npa is not even 0.5% due to their secured loan structure,

    so all problems are fist created by foreign mnc banks and after looting innocent people they went into venegenance by adopting cibil which is also stopping vot owned banks to do business.

    A few thousand rupees in unsecured for credit cards or personal loan if matters then banks shud also check the od/cc limits, car loans and repayments with intrest the same borrower shows . Any answers mr subba roa director rbi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Navnath Shelke

    Dear Pradeep

    I also got trapped in the same scinario , I do not have any loan now , I tried for home loan , but after 15~20 day's before submitting file , I am getting message as your CIBIL record is not up to the mark ? ,
    Now I do not have any option other than to cancle the booking

    Really pathatic

  8. #38
    Unregistered Guest

    Talking How geniune is CIBIL Report?

    I had an ABN AMRO card in 2005, for which there was a dispute and I closed the account. I also received a confirmation from the bank and CIBIL that my name has been removed.

    However, after my present in CIBIL, I got a loans approved from ICICI and SBI, which are also closed in year 2010.

    Now how can a bank reject, based on only one negative rating, without considering the other transaction that a person has with other banks or credit card he has been using.

    Does the loans taken and repayment done by the consumer reflect a change in the credit worthiness of the consumer. Or CIBIL just keep a track of non-payment done by the consumer.

    In interaction with certain, they mentioned the good track records are very rarely sent to CIBIL, if the consumer with good track misses out a single payment or emi.. it is pushed immediately in CIBIL. Till then it is not.

    Also all your transaction are not updated in CIBIL.

    The US Credit report is much easier and however, Indian Government has started but they do not know how to handle it.. as 80% will be defaulter due to help given by bank in order to gain market share in credit card and loans division.

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    hp_bang is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2011


    I have got my name listed in CIBIL. I came to know this after about 10-15 submitting application for loans and credit cards. The bank collects the document and never reverts back with the application status as why it was rejected.

    This time I have applied for HDFC loan and they same happened, collection of documents, final call and sms that you are application is process. After which there was no update for next 25 days, for which HDFC promise in it ads and marketing email that loan will be released in 3-4 working days.

    I raised a complaint to the HDFC highest level and also mentioned that I will go way ahead of RBI with the same complaint. I received a call from HDFC Personal head South India head, who mentioned that your name listed in CIBIL, this is only reason you application has got rejected.

    The facts that he mentioned were shocking to me.

    1) Banks will collect from document for each individual though his name is listed in CIBIL or not.
    2) If the individual mentions during this documentation that he is defaulter and his name is listed in CIBIL, they will still collect and do not work on it. ( How will a person whether his name is listed in CIBIL or not).
    3) Bank has all authority for not giving a call back or updating the customer if his application is rejected.
    4) If we apply for loan and credit card which has rejected will also reflect our credit rating and bring it down.
    5) If we do any settlement with the bank, that will be also be considered as defaulter as you have not paid the complete due amount. (Bank will list your name in the defaulter list).

    CIBIL has started killing people with, no transperancy of how its works, and we need to pay 142 Rs to get the details from CIBIL. Now on calling CIBIL or writing an email to them they need information like:
    Customer id:
    Control id:
    Membership number:

    Who will provide this. I got my details from Personal Loan South India head when I threaten him that I will go forward and raise this issue with RBI.

    My questions:

    1) As normal person, how will he know my name is listed in CIBIL?
    2) Is there a way, we can get the above information by just going online.. and then submitting the required documents for more information.
    3) Why does not bank provide information to the citizens about the CIBIL when applying.
    4) Why does the bank list the person as defaulter though this was settlement is an agreement with the payee and payer.

    Do we have answer for these As this will help many other citizens of India.

    (Written the same email to : You may have a special show on CIBIL which will give more transparency for the citizens and get information atleast minimum. No response from them

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    d gisha mole fernando Guest

    Default finding default

    not able to get loan

  11. #41
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Housing loan problem due to cibil

    I have applied for Housing loan and itís got rejected because of Cibil report. I have credit of RBS bank, I didnít pay them for long time but now i paid all the amount, but still my loan is not getting clear and i am stuck with problem, even though I have cleared all my due's, donít know wt to do.
    Could any one help me to know how i can resolve this issue?


  12. #42
    pola ganesh Guest

    Question Housing loan application declained

    I am a govt.employee and drawing salary through nationalized bank Vijaya Bank, PG Road, Nampally, Hyderabad I applied Housing loan to my surprise it's take 6months time to process and all the process was done like Valuation of property, Legal opinion was done on the last minute the bank authorities declained my loan application stating that "Presence of trade line with worst status in last 6 months, low proportion of Satisfactory trade" its not fair on their part how they given the statement as I am purely a State Govt.Employee of AP and not a Business Man. for whole this period I lost around 3lakhs for delay in the transaction for not getting loan from bank. Please do needful in this regard I am furnishing my Member Id BN01191030 DT.30-07-2010 and I request you to please send the information as to why application was declined and what should I do get rid of this statement and on what basis they given that statement moreover they themself given 768 Cibil Transaction score at the same time. I am giving my mail id so as to give response please .......

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    Josh Guest

    Default Credit Card Company harrasment


    I got the court notice letter indicating that I need to pay the HSBC credit card bill of Rs.29,000.00. I contacted the HSBC representative and requested him to provide the details.

    I don't remember that I ever took HSBC India credit card but Bank insists that they have issued the card in 2006 and closed the card in 2007. There was some TATA-AIG insurance charge of Rs.100/month on card and for 1 year the charge is Rs.1200.

    Till date, I never received any statement in mail nor in email when I checked with them they said they sent it to office address but cour notice they sent to my residential address. I am using the HSBC US credit card and made all the payments in time and have the same email id. Bank never bothered to send any email.

    I went to the Bank and personally met the represntative and requested them to send the details transaction details and all other relevant documents.

    Bank representative was very harsh on me and he said he has already sent my name to CIBIL and offered the settlement amount of Rs.15,000 .

    I informed them on that I ready to pay the amount but give me proof that I ever took the card and did the transaction.

    I am waiting for detail transaction report from last 5 months. I really don't know how to proceed on this...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Home loan approval problem due to cibil report


    I had citibank card and due to some credit card fraud I had a dispute with them. Finally I had payed off my due (one year back). Now I applied for a home loan at LIC, they are asking for more proofs and statements. Since I have a
    last credit card statement saying "no outstanding". How to deal in this situation?

    I hope you some of you guys have faced the same problem.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default 736 cibil score

    Hi There

    Is 736 a good CIBIL score to get HDFC Car Loan? Urgent reply is highly appreciated

    Thanks & Regards

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