I have taken this policy # 14259669 last year and ran into following issues this year with the second premium payment.

1. I have recd the premium payment request and it mentions the direct debit. I wanted a clarification on what it means of direct debit and raised service request through e-mail twice without a reply. Third time had to generate a complaint to get the reply. I did not know that I had to raise a complaint for asking any clarification and it would not be construed as service request.

2. The payment was promptly debited from my account on due date which was 7th Mar'12. However no receipt (soft copy or hardcopy) was generated for next 8 days.

3. I have written to customer service after 3 days upon the premium debit about the receipt generation. It assured me that within 24-48 hours, softcopy would be generated and shall be reflected when I log into its website. Even after more than 72 hours, no softcopy was generated.

Your own written committment is not honoured and that breaches all trust levels. Needless to say, it do not inspire any confidence to have any future relationship.