My husband is facing a terrible experience at the Airport Hospital at IGI Airport New Delhi. He landed from Bangkok and found suffering from 102 Fever. He was asked to submit his passport at the Airport Authoirities and wait for the thorough Check Up. Later he was taken to APHO Hospital and was asked to get admitted. He was admitted in a ward where there were 3 beds which were all empty when he came in. He requested the staff to provide him with Blanket & Food and the reply came from the staff was that they cannot provide it. After much fight he was given both that too when he told them that he will call the Media. He was not given any medication till then. In the Morning a Dr. came to take the test for Swine Flu and when requested to provide the time by when the report will come there was no reply. Since morning he is given nothing to eat. Even the medicine has to asked by the patient if he finds having fever. 2 more people have been admitted in the same ward with same Swine flu suspect. There is no staff or Doctors to take care of the patient, no medication, even no food is been provided to the patient, and to top it all the patient is given no information as to when he will be released from this Mental Trauma. Literally this is harrassment to the patient no matter what illness he might be suffering from. We know that our government tries to prove that they are taking sincere steps to control Swine Flue but I must say if this is the way through which they restrict the spread of this disease it is really a harrassment to the General Public.