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Thread: Complaint against Tata Sky Dth Service

  1. #16
    Sanjiv chaudhary Guest

    Default mega package

    While buying mega HD package i was told that this package includes all new channels which will be launched during validity..but now i have asked another ₹ 500 for new channel on pretext of special channel "Sworld premier".This is like cheating a valuable customer.

  2. #17
    Unregistered Guest

    Default samir

    Cheating by new Hd service regarding.

  3. #18
    Unregistered Guest

    Question TATA SKY New HD Channels

    I am a 3 year old customer of Tata Sky having Mega HD annual package. At the time of taking this package and even at the time of renewal in Dec'12, I was told that all future HD and SD channels will be added free of cost. This has been told by their executives in all telecalls. Now, Star Premiere HD is launched but not included in Mega HD. They claim this is 'Special' Package and I need to pay another 500 per year to get this. Their Nodal Officer says that this has been informed to me in February while there is no correspondence on record.
    I had take renewal this year only after assurance from their Executive. Tata Sky is only offering 12 HD channels out of about 35 HD channels available in India. Even after taking Mega HD annual package (Rs 5500 - among the most expensive packages across all DTH operators) providing among the least HD channels, they are still trying such tricks to cheat customers. If they can put Star Premiere HD in 'Special' category, they may decide to put Star World HD also in 'Special' category tomorrow. What stops them from cheating further?
    Even Star TV itself has labelled Star Premier HD as a 'General Entertainment Channel', but Tata Sky thinks otherwise.
    It is deplorable to see Tata Sky do this. New and existing users may be advised of this cheating by Tata Sky. The Nodal Officer has also written that future additions will be charged. All customers like me who are hoping to get more channels in the Mega HD annual package, BEWARE!

  4. #19
    Unregistered Guest

    Default my customer id is 1072331372

    I have three connections of tata sky . among these one is HD .Since last two days that is from 28 september 2013 it was not working .I had filed a com[plaint at the call center Ajur Systems Gzb . They had sent Mr Bhupinder for the help this person was so rude and didnt had any ethics tobehave . I hope the concered authority will take suitable steps and accordinmgly this was not the suitable way of behaving with the customer. His answer whle communications was like : karna hai to kara lo nahin to rehne do.

  5. #20
    Avinash057 Guest

    Angry Payment not refunded And Helpline says "They can't help"


    I am using TataSky from years. Recently they replaced my Tata Sky Box with a new one as old one is no more supported.
    They asked if I want 1 year warranty or not, In case of warranty they will charge Rs500. I said NO, I don't want any warranty.

    Even though I said NO for warranty they deducted Rs500 from my account. I complained for this and the front office registered a complaint and said the back office will call me within some 2-3 days and resolve the concern and said "Its a process".

    Even they have all the required things in system
    - Transaction detail of my account
    - They have the my contact detail
    - And my concern as I don't want any warranty and want my money back

    I don't know what the hell they want to confirm from Me. But this doesn't stop here.
    Now they tried to call me, and due to my office work I am most of time busy and can not pick the call, they just close the request with status as I could not be contacted.

    So I have to available for them 24*7 till my concern is resolved.... what the hell???
    I requested to front office to give me contact number of Back office, so I could contact them and provide the information what they want for closing the concern, Front office said I had to co-operated with back-office and pick the call whenever they call to get my request resolved.

    Every time I could not pick their call, they just close the request. It happened 3-4 times.
    - I have spent almost Rs200 on call to them!!!
    - I could not watch TV from last 15 day!!!
    Still the concern is in process.....what the .....

  6. #21
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Closing of account Tata Sky

    I have been a very old customer of Tata sky and have been posted in many places all over India, never had any complaints. Recently their customer service execs kept calling us for upgrading to HD. We kept telling them that we do not want but kept getting calls from them finally we asked them the total cost of upgrading to HD and were told that an amount for the set top box would be deducted and we would need to pay for the HD package some extra charges(we specifically asked if any other charge was required). We were fine with that and told them to change the box and recharged the amount required. The technician who came to set up the connection said that we would need to change our dish since it was incompatible with HD. We agreed to it after Tata Sky promised to do so without any charge. After the dish was changed 10 days later we get an email from some Jyoti saying that we had damaged the dish therefore it is being charged to us. How in hell can we damage a dish, please tell me. The email was rude and accusatory. It is not the amount that bothers us but the attitude of people in Tata Sky. Is there any way to get them to apologise???? Why should a premium customer have to endure such treatment. We wish to close the account with Tata sky and migrate to another service provider but there is no response from Tata sky since we have a whole yr subscription with them we would like to get a refund.

    Our account no is 1010549176

  7. #22
    Raghavendra Rao Guest

    Default Complaint aganist your new set up box

    I am Raghavendra Rao having ID no 1005517873, unable to see Ch 704,709,714,715,716,717,718,719,720 and 817 since 2 months I have complained to your costomer care for about 3 times but in vain. So i have decided to complaint at consumer forum aganist you if my setup box will not get repaired with in 7 days from the date of this notice.Awaiting ur quick reply.(my mobile no:9845666867)

  8. #23
    Santosh Kumar Pradhn Guest

    Angry Tata Sky not working relocation problem for last 4 days its urgent

    Our Tata Sky is not working as there is some relocation problem for last 4 days , it's very urgent every time the customer care told as after 2 hours engineer will come after that nothing happen is this the service of TATA is this the service of such a big company this is a worst position for us solve our problem asap otherwise we will go on consumer court.

    My customer ID is 1017335900.

    Santosh Kumar Pradhan

  9. #24
    Snagwekar Guest

    Default Tatasky after sales services

    Date: 25nov 2013. My subscriber id is 1060882774. I am registered for tatasky hd plus box since 3yrs now. Suddenly today my tatasky does not work giving an error my settop box is not receiving signal so i called the cust care 4times. The first time the cust care exec told me to remove the wire and restart and wen it didnt work just told me that a technician wud be sent who will charge me rs.150 for checking, on which i denied saying why shud i pay for no fault of mine so i disconnected the call restarted the system, except for my HD channels other channels started working so called up the cust care again wher the exec guided me with some settings and after it was done assured me it will start working in some secs but to my dismay again it didnt work. Called up third time and the girl on other side just heard my complaint and disconnected the call!! Fourth time i called the exec again guided me thru some settings but it remained the same so ultimately i had to agree to the technician being sent because it seems there is some signal problem, i dont understand why am i being charged for some problem from tatasky end, is it my fault that tatasky does not have good signal in my area? Isnt it the company's duty to come and check the fault rather than just charging the cust for such kind of an issue? I agree if it was some issue with the wires from my end but is signal issue my problem? This is not the first time i have faced such an issue with tatasky but had this same issue earlier as well and thus made me mentally frustrated with such kind of customer care! Why is a customer penalised for such issues like signal which is the company's problem?

  10. #25
    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down (Cheating) TataSky closes Service Requests w/o solving Client issues

    My Service request SR2011131091310 was placed on 22nd Nov...and Tata Sky as usual failed to address in time ...and has been attending on piece meal basis...It is still not completed...Of late Tata sky service has become abysmal....Even the service personnel are very rude and keep on harassing clients for money ...Bettter to switch over to Airtel...

  11. #26
    Bhag chand Guest

    Angry Not Response yor side before 2 month

    Dear Sir/Mem,

    Please register my complain & follow.
    sir/mam why are you not responding my telephonic complain before 1-2 month?
    Please reply me urgently....

  12. #27
    JK Chawla Guest

    Default Shifting charges

    I being a defence employee got posted from Gujarat to Rajasthan.
    I contacted the call centre of TATA Sky and explained them the situation and they agreed to do a free fixing of dish as every material was available with me.
    Not even a small screw was to be used.
    The service engineer confirmed to the call centre after fixing the dish that NO material was used and it to be treated as a NO charges call.
    Next day the customer care executive called to confirm the relocation and further confirmed that no charges for the service had been charged.
    But next day I found that Rs 200/- had been deducted from my account without my consent.
    Then whenever I tried to ring up the customer care they replied rudely and started quoting the terms and conditions etc, when it was discussed as free.
    I feel cheated on two counts firstly when a free call had been initiated then why they should charge me.
    Secondly, they deducted the amount from my account without my consent ie from the money kept in their custody.
    Not considering the rude behaviour of the customer care executives.

  13. #28
    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Poor Service and Overcharging

    Earlier this month i called Tata sky for re-installation of device to my new location. After the installation my account was updated and they charged 200rs for reinstalltion and 75 rs for cable.

    I was already told by them that upto 10meter cable wire is free during relocation and exactly the same length of cable was used by the installer.

    Whenever i raise a request on their portal or chat with there representative, they create a new request and then sends a email saying that 15m cable was used. I asked them several times to come and check the length of cable but i didn't got any response from them.

    My Subscriber ID: 1104136807


  14. #29

    Default Mental Harassment & Foul Language used by Tata Sky Installation Engineers


  15. #30

    Default service related

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I deeply regret to write this mail, but I think itís important for customer to leave his feedback, if he expects a good service.

    My ID: 1098843871
    My number : 9766204968
    WO number : BMD0BS4

    I Shifted from pashan to bopodi on 30th June, and had requested for reinstallation of my tatasky in my new address.
    I faced the following issues which I want to highlight so that these donít happen again from tatasky end:
    1. I have requested for English speaking installation person while the two who came spoke only Hindi.
    2. I got a message that they will come at 1PM on 31st but they arrived at 2.15 PM after 5 calls from me. I had taken 1 hour permission from my office, and i also told them to install fastly but they completed the work only at 3.30 PM which led me to take half a day leave.
    3. They went upstairs of my apartment (society)and didnít turn up for half an hour and when I went up I found one of them is chatting through phone and only one was working. He (Farid pathan) didnít stop talking to someone till the end while (wondering whether he or me is from tatasky) I myself helped the other person in drilling & installing the dishnet.
    4. They were connecting an extra cable with connecting cord and told me that I have to pay extra 200 for cable & connector. When I enquired why not use my dish, they said the cable is small and canít be connected. When I told them I will confirm it with customer care they told no need and the dishnet can be connected directly and did the same. Finally I found that they tried to mislead me even though there was an option of not using an extra cable which is found very irritating & misleading.
    5. Of all above this person (Farid pathan), who didnít do any work came down at last and sat in table with his legs crossed and was hearing music while he was trying to get the signal ( It seems as though he was the owner of the house) and also he spitted out through my balcony directly from my house ( I live in first floor) . I live in a society which is very strict and I was warned because of his irregular, impolite & arrogant behaviour.
    6. If his splitting has fallen on someone from my flat, it would been hell for me to deal with.
    They also didnít bring extra cable for supply wire which I had to provide.

    I didnít ask for someone who will mislead me & not work while I have to do his work, but for someone from service department who know the meaning of service.
    He didnít even work and was in his phone throughout and how you can call this a service. Try to educate these people about service or please donít send them for these kind of service oriented jobs

    I want to an apology from his superior for Farid pathanís misleading words & arrogant behaviour and also compensation for the half day leave & the mental pressure I went through because of this person.
    I am sure I will escalate this to the highest level till I get a proper apology. I need a compensation (even Rs10 is OK) just to make sure that this case highlighted and never happens again.

    I am using airtel broadband, mobile and they are ready to provide me a proper service as a combo offer and also there are lot of my friends who I can suggest to leave/stay with tatasky based on your reply

    I still believe that tatasky will provide me a better reply & a proper service here on which I look forward to and I wrote this mail not only for my sake but also for tatasky to increase their service thereby increasing their overall business ( Since I also work in a customer oriented business)

    Thanks & Regards
    Senthil Krishnan M
    Emerson Process Management | Process Systems & Solutions
    Matrix Building (Emerson Tower) | Old Pune Mumbai Road | Pune | Maharashtra | 411005 | India
    T +91 20 6704 7554 | T +91 20 6704 7000 | M +91 9766204968

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