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Thread: HDFC credit card Customer Care Complaint

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    Default Apply for credit card

    My name is yogesh, i applied for credit card on feband given my documents photocopy to HDFC bank agent twice but till now i've recieved my credit card .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Question Credit Card

    I am holder of a credit card 5289456001198311. I am not satisfy with your services and you are charges extra amount on every month I am very disappointed with it so you are requested to kindly look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.


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    Default Complaint against telli caler of collection

    HI !
    Myself Shailesh kaushal bearing the Credit Card No.-5243681001662900 from last 5 years and making payment on time every time within due date but during last 6 months I am facing some Financial problem due to illness of my family member who is suffering from Cancer.I have still made payment of minimum due amount in this last 6 months.
    This month I am facing problem to make payment and I told that to the lady calling me from the Center for payment but she is harshing me and also using some bad language to me.
    Please look into the matter as soon as possible otherwise I have to take some serious legal action against bank and that particular telli caller.
    My phone No.-9331988605

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default wrong statement of payments towards my credit card no 4617863002618203

    HDFC Cedit Card Division
    P O Box No 8664
    P o Chennai 600041

    I sushma fadte Bering credit card holder credit card no.4617863002618203 & contact no 9766908208 This is regarding to wrong statement of payments towards my credit card no 4617863002618203 which I m receiving form Feb 2012 till date. I am using your bank credit card since last 3 years but from Feb2012 I m facing this problem.
    Actually one of executive from pune branch without my knowledge permission & confirmation had started the Hdfc arga health insurance policy no 51034130 for which my amount is deducted from my credit card. I have not received any document for tis policy.I have already given verbal notice to your company before 45 days to cancel the policy as well as two letter dated 02/02/2012 & 02/03/2012 a written notice with verified documents to credit card department even though they deducted amount form my credit card for which I use to get wrong payment statement. Every time I use to confirm the payment with senior of your pune branch & they use to assure me that they will correct the statement but till date I have not received correct statement. I fed up of giving request to your to customer care executive they don’t provide proper information & nor expecting feedback
    HDFC credit card dept had only refunded the EMI of that Hdfc arga health insurance policy no 51034130 but not refunded the processing fees of that policy for which they are creating wrong statement for my credit card. I m not gong to pay for this processing fees because without my intimation they have started this policy

    Below is my credit card statement towards purchases & payment on my card from January 2012.
    January 2012: - Emi Rs.4338/-
    Emi Rs.1862/-
    Purchases Rs.556.32
    Purchases Rs.271.36 total amount is Rs.7028
    I made payment of Rs.7030

    February: Emi Rs.4298/-
    Emi Rs.1832/- total amount is Rs.6130
    I made payment of Rs.6130/-

    March: 2012 Emi Rs.1862/-
    & HDFC Insuranc policy Rs.10,000/-
    I made payment of Emi Rs.1862 on 29/03/2012 &
    & Rs .4000/- of HdfcIns policy on 04/04/2012

    April 2012 Emi Rs.1850/-
    I made payment of Rs.8400/-

    Emi Rs.1850/-
    & Rs .6000/- of HdfcIns policy
    & Rs,650/-including late fees +for my duplicate credit card which is by senior officer
    May 2012 Emi Rs.1850/-
    Purchases Rs.1950/-
    I made payment of Rs.3800/- on 02/06/2012.

    After receiving this mail you will do the needful as early as possible & refund my deducted amount from credit card.& please ensure that I will get proper statement

    Thanks & regards

    Sushma fadte

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    Neeraj kumar chourasia Guest

    Default Cradit card not received ref no. 12040712453530w6

    My name is Neeraj Kumar Chourasia i applied for new cradit card feband given my documents photocopy to HDFC bank agent twice but till now i've recieved my credit card .

    Ref no. 12040712453530w6
    Mobile - 9893706868
    Alternet No - 8518003111

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    Amrutha N Guest

    Angry False promises claiming that card is free and has not procsessing/annual/registeration charges

    I have been very dissapointed with the quality of support and services HDFC bank offers to Customers.

    Dissapointed about there being no proper clarification or response for my phone, I'm writing this e-mail.

    I opted for a HDFC Titanium Credit Card for myself, in the month of March 2012, after persistently getting calls from the HDFC guys stating that the card is absolutely free and there wouldnt be any fee charged for the same.

    I swiped the card for an amount of Rs. 9180 in the same Month.

    But only after I received my first statement did I see that that was an additional fee charged of about Rs 270+.

    I did not make the payment on the requested date ,due to was a discrepency with regard to my bill, and also had issues with delayed bill statement (both via e-mail as well as manual post) for which I had placed a complaint.

    On receiving the e-mail bill I did make a full a payment of an amount of Rs. 9180 (the amount that I'd swiped for using the credit card).

    With the next statement I realised that they had charged an additional 200 Rs for late payment, though there were issues from your side.

    All the above activities were accompanied by several desperate phone calls and complaints by me to the HDFC guys, asking for a clarification on the same.

    During a couple of calls, I wanted the customer care person to pass on the call to the manager and was put on hold for a long while, after which the person would state that the manager was busy and hang up.

    The same inceident has also happpened with a friend of mine, Sudheer Belvi, where he was also told that no fee would ne charaged and the card would be free, but he was charged some processing fee.

    I had to repeat the my grevienace and complaint to every HDFC person whom I spoke to, since nothing that I had mentioned earlier was updated prorpely.

    I was promised that I would get a call back from the manager several times, but I got was messages stating "You number could not be reached". This could happen once or twice, but not all the time, I do live in a civilized place and not a jungle, for and it doent not hold good, when people to state that could not reach me via phone. I specifically even made sure I received all calls from unknown numbers, hoping that some HDFC person would call.

    I even called back CUstomer care after all this and they'd only repeated the same old thing stating "I’d receive a call back in 24 hours".

    There has been one call that I received last from a HDFC Customer care person, who stated that she'd called me regarding a so called issue I had with "me not being able to use the HDFC credit card to get offers on movie tickets", which I found ridiculous since I never had any such complaint, and was totally unrelated to the complaint I'd made earlier about precessing/annual fee being charged, though I was infomred that the card was free.

    I even had asked the person to cancel this card and waive off that amount.

    I have several other issues with the team that processed my credit card application.

    They have even interchanged my first and lat name and everytime I call up HDFC personell I end up being called by my Fathers name.

    The same team did not allow me to specify my preferred correspondence address, and stated that they would compusarily send the card and statements to the address mentioned in the address proof.

    These are just a few to name.

    I would like this to be escalted and would also state that I wouldn’t pay any charges, that HDFC has levied against me on the credit card, sinc ethis is no mistkae of mine and would want the same to be WAIVED OFF.

    Else please go ahead and have the card cancelled and I still wouldn’t make any payments!

    I'd like to enhance the fact that the service from HDFC has been beyond pathetic and I have also been warning friends family and colleagues agianst opting for HDFC cards and the false promises the HDFC bank guys give.

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    attorney is offline Senior Member
    Join Date
    Jun 2012


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    · Office name : INNOVISION SERVISES
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    We do not work for CIBIL or any government body; we are private organization having legal advisors to tackle issues& secure proper remedy.

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    Default statement not receving

    I Puneet Sabharwal user fo Titanium credit card no.5289455002363080 from several years and please checkout that how many times i had filled the complaint in cutomer care and the complaint is only and only about ''I AM NOT RECEVING THE SYATEMENT ON TIME''but the concern does hasd any effect and does not try to improvve the service and resolve the issue for the next future terms.Everytime i hadtto take care to deposit the money on time by confirming from the message sent by bank.please for god sake improve your service and this habbit would leda the customer to default by not receving the statement on time.


  9. #24 Guest

    Default used harsh language by collection executive on phone


    Myself Manoj Sharma bearing the Credit Card No.-5243681000670664 from last 5 years and making payment on time every time within due date but during last 3 months I am facing some Financial problem due to some crises in my business so that I could not to make payment on time. A lady was calling me again and again from some Center for payment I had told her about my financial problem and assure her to make payments soon, but she was harassing me and also used some bad language to me. She told that "Maje to le liye payment bhi kar do". She had made calls to some of my known who are not concerning about all this. She told her name "Reena"
    Please look into the matter as soon as possible otherwise I have to take some serious legal action against bank and that particular Tele Caller.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint regarding credit card

    i just want to inform you that I am classic customer of HDFC Bank and I had applied for a HDFC credit card on dated 21-06-2012 vide application number 12062220740360PK. I got that application number vide sms on my mobile number on dated 25-06-2012. But i dont know how my credit card application disapproved vide code " Disaaproval of the credit card application does not reflect in anyway on your credit standing or your financial stability". The bank personnel are not giving me the write answer or response, they are telling me that a letter will come at my home ragarding cause of non approval. Sir, I have very good work and wealth but i dont know how it can happens. I am very sorrow to hear that news. This is really a shocking news. You must look into the mattter and help me out of this, so that i can know the reason about my card disapproval.

    from :- Balwinder Singh
    mob no:- 99150680865
    email id:-
    Pls reply to me.

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    sibaramid Guest

    Angry Forcefully given the life insurance on credit card and not reverse after i complaint several times.

    I asked to convert my bills in EMI, but HDFC customer care has told me that i have to go for a health insurance if i need EMI option on the bill. It is the critical time that i don't have all money so i forcefully told yes as i was busy on my marriage. After that when i returned to Delhi i talk to one of the hdfc manager and he told it is not mandatory. Immediately i told him to cancel the Insurance and he told i am putting the request to cancel it. after that also it was not canceled i called the customer care time to time but up to 6 month they had not done anything but i regularly paying the EMI and with the insurance EMI also. Finally i stopped the payment. But time to time some of their Customer care people convincing that we will do it settle so i paid another 4 EMIs money. But still now they had not done anything and send me a notice to put case on me. Every time i called and requested them to arrange a meeting with some responsible person who can take decision on my issue but they had done anything. It is harassment to me. I have a good record to pay all credit card bills in time and failed never but this time it effect to my CIBIL record also. I still want somebody from HDFC bank to settle the amount exact to my emi + interest not more than that.

    Even if it is a fault from BANK side we are suffering. They always sale the product never support the customer.

  12. #27
    Sujiragu10 Guest

    Default Unauthorised deduction from my credit card


    My name is sujatha I have a HDFC Platinum credit card credit card Number 5520881000022239 .In my account regularly 414 is reduced with out my authorisation.This was noticed only by my husband , after which we searched in the inter net then i remembered that this a policy , which i declined long before when i got a card .can u please tell me on what basis these deductions are made , do u have any document signed by me before agreeing for deductions.i crearly told the customer representative both from mumbai & in chennai .that i am not intrested in that policy .could u please revert back on this .this is a serious breach of trust we keep on you .Please do contact my husband for this .
    Ph number:9488475348.

    I personally fell this as clear cheating , u cannot get approval just on phone for a financial transaction.
    414.75 .00 19 Oct 2011
    414.75 .00 19 Nov 2011
    414.75 .00 19 Dec 2011
    414.75 .00 19 Jan 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Feb 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Mar 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Apr 2012
    414.75 .00 19 May 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Jun 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Jul 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Aug 2012
    414.75 .00 19 Sep 2012

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    sachin.sawant1980 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Default Release Or Refund My policy Premium or Release the hold amount of My Salary Account debit Card 01461

    I Sachin Sawant,
    My Credit card no is 4346 4810 1381 2483,

    I take a policy from HDFC ergo against above credit card.
    But After two Premium paid i Cancelled all Policies. & i received refund amount letter from HDFC Ergo.
    But still i dont received this amount.

    Your credit card collection dept hold my debit card amount against the balance premium.Kindly release the same as early as possible If not i go to consumer forum & log the complaints against you.

    I herewith attach the same refund amount letter which received from hdfc Ergo.


  14. #29
    Dharmendra Chauhan Guest

    Post Credit Card Not Book

    Dear Sir

    My Credit car no:4346 77200341 1633

    I am at present foreign,

    Book Railway ticket but book,
    so i am harass,my add as under:
    HDFC company not give to details,
    so not book my ticket.

    add:Dharmendra Chauhan,
    43,Chimanlal Park Nr Ranchhodji,Temple,O/s Panigate,

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    sakeel65 Guest

    Unhappy Complaint against your messenger.

    Grievance Redressal Officer,
    HDFC Bank Cards Division,



    I am painfully constrained to bring the following facts to your kind notice with a humble demand to make good of the humiliation willfully caused by the messenger sent by you/on your behalf on the pretext of verification of the particulars I had furnished while applying for a Life Time Free Gold Credit Card.

    That, while checking the Salary Saving Account No. xxxxxxxxxx8326, I have since been maintaining with the HDFC Bank, Khanapara Branch, Guwahati, Assam through net-banking facility on 03.08.2012, I suddenly saw an advertisement calling for applications for issue of a Life Time Free Gold Credit Card. I applied for the same instantly. On 04.08.2012 at about 03-32PM I received a call on my mobile phone No. 9854074614 from a Chennai phone No.044-24458660 and the caller asked me certain questions towards verification of my particulars I had furnished with my said application for the Card. The talk ended happily. Then on 06.08.2012 I received another call from a Kolkata No.033-40212218 through which the caller verified almost the same particulars I had furnished as aforesaid and finished the talk with a satisfactory tone concluding that they will send a messenger to my address to make physical verification of my address and other particulars within a day or two.

    It was about 10-30AM 0f 07.08.2012 that a healthy young man, appeared to be in his thirties, arrived at the house of my parents, the present address of myself and my husband since about a decade, when I and my husband were out. My mother, aged about 65 years, first met him and asked the purpose of his visit whereupon he told my mother that he had come to verify my particulars. Having found me not available at home, the man started talking about my husband enquiring as to how could I and my husband stay in my parents’ house instead of staying in the house of my husbands’ parents. At this stage my father, aged over 75 years, came out and politely requested him to precisely perform his duties, if he did have really any, and to leave the place instead of poking his nose into our family affairs. At this the man got angry, hurled certain abusive words at my both parents as well as me and my husband in absentia and then he left the place calling all of us “liars” and thus he grossly disrespected my parents for just no reason. He, however, did not ask my parents about anything in regard to my said application or the particulars thereof. I have already lodged a verbal complaint to my Branch of the HDFC Bank which advised me lodge the complaint with you online.

    In view of the facts stated above, I demand of you to let us know as to right if accrued any to send your messenger to insult me, my husband and my old parents in the pretext of physical verification of my address and other particulars I had furnished while applying for the Gold Credit Card and also to let us know as to what will be your behavior if you were required to issue a Black Card in the face of your process of issuing the Gold Credit Card is so black, abusive and disrespectful and, therefore, lamentably unfortunate that even failed you to show the minimum respect to the humble and respectful senior citizens in their seventies and eighties for whose respect and convenience the Governments have also introduced and have been implementing so many schemes. Is the HDFC Bank above the Government and the citizenry?

    I, as such, demand of you further to let us know as to under what law of the land the HDFC Bank is authorized to send its messengers to the houses of innocent citizens to insult and disrespect them in the name of issuing the so-called Gold Credit Cards and similar other instruments. If, however, no law whatsoever has authorized you to do so then you must let us know the full particulars of the said messenger including his present and permanent addresses together with the office and its phone number from which he was deputed besides taking appropriate disciplinary action taken against him from your end with intimation to me thereof within 48 hours counting from 10-00AM of 09.08.2012 failing which the matter shall be referred to police for taking appropriate criminal action against you and your said messenger.

    For your kind information, we have already engaged an advocate of Gauhati High Court to deal with the matter in the event of your failure to take satisfactory action in the matter besides tendering unconditional apology by you officially and your said messenger in person within the time limit stipulated above. You may, therefore contact with him over his mobile phone number 9954532835 or make communications with him as per his address below:
    Mr. S. M. Habibul Haque,
    Wisdom Apartments/First Floor,
    3 Janakpur Path, Kahilipara,
    Guwahati -781019, Assam

    Yours faithfully,

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