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Thread: Kaya Skin Clinic - Ruined my skin

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    Deepshikha.kant Guest

    Exclamation Kaya Skin Clinic - Ruined my skin

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    My wedding is in next 10 days. I went to Kaya for Pre-Bridal service package which they hype so much & then lured me towards the service for about Rs.6.8K/-. My first session was on 04th Nov'10. The dermatologist gathered all the details, I specifically mentioned at least 5 times that my skin is very sensitive & I just want to get very mild facial done & no experimentation. They reassured me & practiced something called a " LACTIC PEEL" which my skin could not tolerate. I kept telling while taking the treatment that my skin is burning & I cant bear it. But according to them it was a normal phenomenon & burning sensation occurs. I got red rashes first on my face while in clinic to which they responded that it's a positive signal & the skin would reveal better results.
    I went back home (it took about 30min.), I looked at mirror & cried in horror, 40% OF MY FACE WAS BURNT COMPLETELY WITH BLACK MARKS ON MY ALREADY FLAWLESS SKIN. It gave me such psychological shock that my state was traumatic. My engagement is next week on Sunday & the wedding 2 days after that, I still have those marks on my face due to which I am not even able to go out, I am under complete trauma & shock for which I am gonna sue this Kaya Skin Clinic. When I went to them 2nd day cos next day was Diwali & they were closed, they themselves were scared & prescribed some medicines. I am under medication now for no fault of mine & I am not gonna spare these fake people. I am completely distressed. They just ruined my happiness & charm of marriage & I'll make sure they face the brunt.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kaya skin clinic

    Me and my friend were also tricked into this by doctors at Kaya.
    My friends wedding is on 7 march and she started the treatment in January to see the results as promised by them. However there was no EFFECT or RADIANCE as promised by them but only black marks and bleeding skin after their treatments. They refused to take any responsibility of the same.
    On seeing such a situation I backed out and asked for my refund which they initially refused, but later the store manger said she will refund it by giving the same package to the other client because people die to get KAYA services at such low rate!
    they are just FAKE people and I would never recomend them to anyone! and I also wish to SUE them!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Horriblest place to be at for ur skin treatment

    I guess KAYA SKIN CLINIC is the horriblest ever i have seen... they just cheat ppl ... they said they will do a bridal pack for me , as my marriage is this june.. after checking my face skin type, they suggested MDA... i told them that i am so sensitive and havent done any facial so far.. The Stupid doc said, its not a problem .. u ll find this effective... when i went there after a long thought process.. they have JUST SPOILED ME... just a week back i got a compliment from my friends and neighbours that i have started glowing - cos of marriage time... and that was cos i quit ma company n was staying at home... now after going to KAYA .. my all SOFT SKIN - WITHOUT BLEMISHS - INFACT NO BLEMISH - JUST A FEW BLACK HEADS IN MY NOSE N TANNED SKIN.. they recommended microderm ambrasion for detan and black head removal... and now my entire face is with pimples/ spots and what not !!!! every one s asking me what happened - it s so Damn visible !!!!! my soft skin is now just feeling so dead and irritated...


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    jygugdrfyguhhijojk Guest

    Default KAYA Doctor's Consultation

    I had few acne marks on my face, so i surfed in the internet and found this KAYA clinic. I went to the clinic for consultation, there are 5 employees, everyone is running here and there, no one is taking the seat for more then 5 min. After a long wait i met the dermatologist. He insisted me to take a package called 2 seating of GP(Forgot ) & 4 seating of cosmopeel it would cost around 15K, But it is not reduce the mark, as per him it will give the color to the face. After this treatment they have said to take scar reduction treatment it cost around 22k. totally for acne removal i need to spent more then 35k. They are cheating people. Finally i have wasted 500 rs in consulting with a useless people. Be aware of dogs.....Sorry my mistake. Be aware of such Doctors.

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    kaya Ltd is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2012


    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We deeply regret the experience and would reqeust you to please share your contact details with us at and we shall contact you at the earliest to have your concern addressed.

    Look forward to hear from you soon

    Warm Regards,
    Kaya Skin Clinic Team

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Fake Commitments by Kaya

    I've heard about Kaya through TV advertisements, trusting on its name I visited with my Younger brother at Kaya skin clinic, kamla Nagar, Delhi. My brother had few deep scars on his face & he wanted to get rid of them by skin treatment. The Doctor advised us that 6 Dermaroller sessions, peeling would be better option to remove those scars as well as made a list of kaya products which we had to purchase. In every session, My brother had to suffer unbearable pain as dermaroller means piercing needle on skin of the face, but he tolerated all that to get scarless skin.
    When I met with him after a long time, his face was looking more black & burnt. His sessions were completed. The whole package costs him above 50,000. I felt guilty that I am responsible for his wastage of money, suffering of pain & burnt face.
    Kaya staff uses marketing gimmics to lure people & do fake ccommitments, staff forces the people to buy new kaya products every visit.
    I recommend all that you should not visit Kaya or if you visited already, think 1000 times before getting any service from them!!!!

  7. #7 Guest

    Default Fake promises made by the kaya skin clinic at lucknow

    Hi, this is samriddhi, I belong to lucknow and I am 23 years old.
    On 3rd of oct have booked a package of aqua radiance facial and i was promised by the store manager Miss Richa and the doctor available there that in three settings i will be able to see visible results i.e. my skin tone will lighten and the problem of pigmentation will vanish. I have already paid lumsum Rs. 12000/- for three settings of aqua radiance plus 1 gold facial. I have already taken 2 settings and cannot see even a slightest difference in my skin, complexion and pigmentation. In fact the skin has become even darker and much drier than before.

    Kindly refund the money for the false and fake promises made by the doctor and the store manager of lucknow center .

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    Kayacare is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2012


    Dear Smriddhi,

    Read through your review. Regret the experience, request you to please share your contact details with us at and we shall be happy to assist you

    Warm Regards,
    Kaya Skin Clinic Team

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint regarding Kaya Smiles Scheme

    This is with reference to my Kaya Smile points.
    I had checked & called at least 4 times for redemption of my points before 31st Dec'12 which was the last date for redeeming the bonus points. My total points stood at 18,341 points.
    I had even left my name & mobile for the call back. However I did not get a call at all.

    After this I had called on 12th Jan'13 & I was told that the balance is 13,341 as the bonus points had expired. Since I had called before 31st Dec'12 & 4 to 5 times left my name & number, this excuse is totally unacceptable. I was told to write an email to this address to resolve this problem. I was not even given a complain number because of which I have to write the entire history in this email.

    Even if a customer had called once & left the number & name it was Kaya's duty to call back since the number was exclusively given to redeem the kaya smile points. Being busy cannot be an excuse since I did not get a call back even till 12th Jan'13 when I had called.

    When I had called to complain on 12th Jan'13, I was told a call back would be arranged. The same evening I did get a call back (from land line no. 02239149800) but the lady on the phone said that my points stood at 13,341 after adding the 5000 bonus points. I told her up-front that this kind of cheap method to resolve a query by lying to the customer is not acceptable. She said she would again arrange a call back for which I am still waiting. Nobody has called.

    This was not what was expected from Kaya specially when I have been using your services since more than 5 years now.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Botox and Juvederm

    For more information on botox and Juvederm procedure. please contact the toll free no 1800-266-6768

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    Unregistered Guest


    this damn Kaya clinic uarranted one of my frnds for her complete recovering. She went to them for laser hair removel on upper lips and chin. first when she met them thwy said that it would be completely done to 0% but when after 10 sittings she dint get the promised result she went to them and asked about that remained problem then they leg behind and said that it cannot be done completely.some hair are left generally and such statement was not there at the beginning time. THEY ARE JUST GREAT LIARS. even i was intended to have laser treatment but when i consulted to my that frnd then left the idea to go to Kaya for that and have choose another clinic. go to hell kaya.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post kaya skin clinic

    i was thinking of going to kaya skin clinic , but after reading these comlaints i am afraid to go there.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Unsatisfied by treatment

    I have dark circles and had taken a package of Aqua and Meso for rs24,000. when i went for my 3rd sitting od Aqua i was tols by one of the senior staff member of kaya's (Galleria , gurgaon) that our dark circles treatment is of no use... u should change your package to skin lightening treatment.
    i consulted the doctor again and he told me to continue with meso and change aqua with glycolic peel for face and eyes for which i had to pay 19,000 extra. my total package at kaya costed me for rs 45,000 (approx) and i cant see any results after completing all sessions of meso and 5 sessions of glycolic peel. infact what i am hearing from my collegues and relatives is that my dark circles are more prominent now.
    Kaya is just minting money by making false promises.

  14. #14
    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Kaya skin clinic should be exposed n closed down

    I was about thinking to ask for if they can remove underarms darkening but luckily thought of checking on net and ended up finding this. by the complaints I read,I feel just dont complain here. nothing is gonna happen. instead sue kaya and expose their reality.there might be few happy customers. but tbis complete lack of skills and tendency to take things lightly of customers Nd ruining somebody elses life should be exposed!!! these cheaters n money eaters should be exposed. and this person from their help section replies we regret for the experiment???? How can you even say that after ruining somebody's permanent things like skin!!!! Shame on u guys. forget about money. You guys should just expose and make these fake clinics get closed. Huh!! Bina sharam ke paise to khate hi hai kisiki zindagi bhi barbaad karte ho.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Thank GOD!!!!

    Ufff!!!! Luckily By the grace of god I came on this website n read all the reviews n complaints n saved myself from this disasters.. I was planning to take a pre bridal package n laser hair removal for my wedding but thank god that I have came across to this forum n came to know the reality of kaya skin clinic... Thank u guys for ur complaints n suggesstions... Naam bade darshan chote huhh...

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