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Thread: Hdfc bank

  1. #151
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint Against HDFC Bank

    This is Hussain and I want to log a complaint against HDFC Bank. The bank has deducted the amount of Rs. 3000/- from my account without any notice. I had a corporate account and then i joined new company so i stopped using this account for almost a year and a half, now i deposited 3k to this account and to my surprise the account have zero balance and the deduction are made towards AMB INC ST and CESS charges.

    I request you to investigate the case and reverse the charges to my account.

    My account details are

    A/c no= 04111140087482.

  2. #152
    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation account hold

    My saving account hold due to sum loan issue but we solve with in week so why we hold my entire amount in bank. I have urgentrequirement of fund in medical issue. And im talk in customer care no responce about the issue and my cal transfer to tabla to table and we take urgent loan against gold. Who were responable for all that an issue of small amount of rs 3223 how can bank hold my 20000 against this.and we solve issue in week my next emi debit on time

  3. #153
    gyanender Bhardwaj Guest

    Default personal loan

    Sir my personal loan is clear but civil show 134264rs please help me my loan account number 11072668

  4. #154 Guest

    Default Unblock Visa Debit Card

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Plz Unblock My visa Debit cardno-4854460105976687 of your bank

  5. #155
    Unregistered Guest

    Default cedit of lower interest on FD


    I had made 10 FDs of same amount for the same period. On the date of maturity, the amount of interest credited to my account were different. I called up the netbanking for immediate resolution, but no action taken for past one week. I know for sure that the bank will not pay any interest on the amount short credited to my account. I am following up with the bank, but no resolution whatsoever. Making an FD with a bank is no longer safe. My a/c # is 13171140000797

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    rajaram1988 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2012


    Hi team ,

    I have been FCY charges as 1100 rupees which i wasn't informed while making a transaction in us dollars.While i was making the transaction i was taken money only for the product which i bought from google store but when i saw in my bill i was charged 1100 rupees without my knowledge.I was given a call from customer care to check the next day whether i made the transaction,even during that time i wasn't informed about the hidden charges.Please take necessary action on the HDFC bank on this .Why they are keeping hidden charges in the card .why they aren't transparent on the amount deducted from my credit card.

    My card number is 524111XXXXXX3782
    name on card is Rajaram Chinnayan
    mobile number : 9551246160

  7. #157
    rajaram1988 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2012


    dont post your credit card number even partially on any site .My card has been hacked and some transaction has been without my knowledge .I have reported the customer care already and my card is blocked.

  8. #158
    kumar.anil7187 Guest

    Default complaint against hdfc bank

    this is a complaint against mr.ajit and mr. manish hdfc bank personal loan department sushant lok-1 sector-43 gurgaon
    i have applied for a personal loan against my car loan they have taken all the documents whish required
    even they have taken the cheques also.
    i have applied for this on 10 mar 2014 and on 20 mar 2014 they said your loan will be approved in 10-15 mins suddenly after an hour they said your loan can not be approve. and i told them that i want my cheques back but till date they did not given my cheques
    i am existing customer of hdfc bank i have a car loan with hdfc bank
    so i want a legal action against these two people

  9. #159
    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Non Operational Salary Account

    Please note that I am having a salary account with HDFC Bank which was being opened in year 2012 through the organization I was working with, I worked with the organization for around 4-5 months and then I left the job. It has been 2yrs. there is no transaction from that account and the account balance is 00. I heard that the salary account gets converted to regular savings account after 3 months, but till now I didnít get any intimation from bank regarding it. I want to close my Account and I contacted to the branch for the same, they are saying that I have to pay Rs. 3000 for 2 years to close the account, isnít it fraud that I have being charged while I am not availing any facility... I am still getting the sms alerts that my account balance is 00. Isnít it bankís responsibility to intimate its client once if the account balance is going in minus??

    I donít want to pay any amount unnecessarily, although I am ready to continue it as Saving account if the bank is ready to waived off the amount they are asking as penalty. Please do the needful.

    Your Valuable Customer
    Bhawna Vats

  10. #160
    Unregistered Guest

    Angry HDFC Bank - Future Club India loan fraud.

    Dear Concern,

    I got call from HDFC bank Representative 3 months back & he have asked me to give Rs.20,000 cheque against Futureclub india for Personal loan of Rs.20,000/-

    I have sent cheque 3 months back but there was no reply from Futureclub/HDFC bank. So i sent mail to to cancel my membership which was need to take loan as per Mr. Vishal Mehra.
    Then i got call from Mr. Vishal Mehra Loan Manger (8373938374) & he said dont cancel it otherwise you will not get the loan & send mail to us that you want to carry forward with membership so your loan will not pass & he said you can return the Membership kit once you received it dont use it & return it to Future club Add. i.e :- 5A/14 Above Malik Jwellers 2nd floor Tilak Nagar Near Subhash Nagar Metro station Opp Pillar No 487.
    Pin 110027. So i sent all my kit on 13th Mar via Professional Courier docket no. :- VPL118957350 which they have received on 15th Mar 2014.
    Till now there is no response from HDFC or from Futureclub india.

    Pls help me to get it resolve it. I don't need Loan now Pls return my money back.

  11. #161
    Rajman is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2014

    Angry Wrong dedcution of minimuumbalance charges that too without notice in contravention to RBI guideline

    Dear siri have opened zero balance salary account with HDFC Bank sec 16 Panchkula Haryana as per following details account Number 13951140001223 cust id 27470179.
    Recently Rs 3800/- was credited to my account by M/s Amway India. When I went to bank to withdraw cash I was informed that this amount has been deducted towards minimum balance charges .Bank has automatically converted my account to regular saving bank account . The bank has never intimated about such change and bank never intimated me about levy of minimum balance charges .This is against provisions of RBI Circular
    RBI/2013-14/69 DBOD No.Leg.BC. 22/09.07.006/2013-14 clause 5.4
    The clause 5.4 of the RBI circular is reproduced as below :
    "5.4Minimum balance in savings bank accounts
    At the time of opening the accounts, banks should inform their customers in a transparent manner the requirement of maintaining minimum balance and levying of charges, etc., if the minimum balance is not maintained. Any charge levied subsequently should be transparently made known to all depositors in advance with one monthís notice. The banks should inform, at least one month in advance, the existing account holders of any change in the prescribed minimum balance and the charges that may be levied if the prescribed minimum balance is not maintained."
    July 1, 2013
    Ashadha 10, 1935
    Hence action of the bank is against RBI circular and principles of natural justice .I request you to reimburse Rs 3800/ deducted from account and waive off the charges

    Rajman Ali

  12. #162
    namitap is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2014

    Default HDFC CREDIT CARD FRAUD Harassment

    The Manager
    HDFC Bank Cards Division,
    PO BOX # 8654
    Thiruvanmiyur PO
    Chennai - 600 041.

    My Name is Namita Powale, I was HDFC CREDIT CARD HOLDER but since last three years my card is block account is settled. I already paid Rs. 38,000/- or more and strictly called them cancelled my credit card. I received a call regarding same for payment confirmation and cancellation receipt of my credit card. My card limit was 40,000/-. After couple of months collection agencies started calling me for payments. I was under impression that my account was settled and by them my account kept accruing following charges each month:
    Late fee
    Service charge for Late fee
    Overlimit charge
    Service charge for Overlimit charge
    Finance charge / Interest
    Service charge for Finance charge / Interest
    Ms Fatima Shaikh wants me to pay 72,000/- (all above charges) thats not possible for me and I will not able to pay as well because I already paid my usage with interest of HDFC Bank. In last week I received calls from +919422652804, +919320151988, +912261396400. I wanted to launch a complaint against these numbers as they using abusive language over the phone with me and next time I didnít pick a call they called on my Husbandís office talked to owner of the company in abusive language. I am continuously telling them that I will not pay anything now because issue is over I donít even know my card no because itís a past since they are sending their executives to my home continuously calling my friends and family. Now I feel itís kind of an extortion calls I am receiving from hdfc people and they donít have any manners of talking to customers. Now I am a jobless pregnant lady from middle class family canít be pay such a huge amount and y should I pay?? HDFC bank want me to pay Rs. 72,000/- against for the credit amount Rs. 40,000/- against which I Total I paid more than Rs. 40,000/-. If will not pay this then they will give me, my family extortion calls. I need .How much a person has to pay to a bank against his card. Itís a crime for person to take hdfc card .A person has to pay more than his usage .I wants a right PERSON TO GUIDE ME where i can complaint against these persons and wanted to sort out this problem without paying a single penny.
    Also I want few questions to be answered:
    1. Does HDFC collection executive have right to lie and give false commitments to achieve their monthly targets?
    2. Does HDFC bank have authority to abuse and threaten people to collect the money?
    3. Does HDFC collection agent have rights to unethically avail card memberís family members and friendís information?
    4. Does HDFC collection agent have rights to call card memberís family members and for collection?
    5. Does HDFC collection agent have rights to harass card memberís family members and friends and to threaten them?
    6. Does HDFC bank often sends wrong letters for settlement to the customers?
    7. Will I get justice and compensated for the trauma I had gone through due to unethical business practice followed by HDFC bank executives?
    8. Will I get any written explanation and apology from HDFC bank?

    HDFC bank has caused a mental trauma to Me, My family members and my family friends.
    HDFC bank has spoiled my CIBIL records beyond repair.
    HDFC bank executives have jeopardized banks reputation and my financial standing.
    I have been harassed, humiliated and traumatized by the recovery agents employed by HDFC Bank.
    It has caused me great embarrassment in my society and spoiled my reputation.

    I have lost faith in HDFC credit card division and the way your collection department behaves. Also I have all recordings regarding the harassment received from collection executive employed by HDFC Bank and would register a police complaint against them and the bank.

    I need an escalation in this case and would like to get a favourable resolution to this issue, falling which I will be forced to take further.

  13. #163
    kiran583 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2014

    Exclamation personal loan, car loans and credit cards EMI due at HDFC bank.

    Dear sir,

    i am kiran SN i have HDFC bank account and i'm runing this A/C from last 6 years without any red mark but form last 3 month my EMI's get pending because i last my job in JAN-14. again i found a job now and my salary will credit for me next moth and my salary amount is Rs.21500/- per months but total EMI out standing amount is around Rs.65000/- its very difficult to pay at a time. plz help me out from this problem.

    HDFC ACCOUNT NO.05091050073358
    CUSTOMER ID.35286766
    personal loan a/c no. 25232358 (Loan amount Rs.200000/-)
    car loan a/c no.25153593(car loan amount Rs.319000/-
    credit card no. xxxx8125


    Kiran SN


  14. #164
    pratip gupta Guest

    Default Reported to CIBIL without any prior notice


    My name is Pratip Sankar Gupta an HDFC card holder which was previously a salaried account but later transferred to savings account.The account # 05141610023599 a account in Banerghatta Road,Bangalore.Due to some credit card usage I was not properly informed about the outstanding amout and was reported in CIBIL without any prior notice.

    I would like to get some reply as soon as possible and my contact # 08100086216

    Thank You

  15. #165
    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Credit card issue

    Dear Sir

    Please refer your E Mail reply dt 7th Oct 2013 to my earlier correspondence regarding remittance of payment of Rs 4802.81 on 23.08.13 & Rs 12367.62 on 13.09.13 via Net Banking through ICICI Bank. Further I have also sent a reminder mail on 22.0-9.13 along with ICICI Bank debit statement with transaction ID. Inspite of providing with required details, HDFC bank Customer service cell do not confirm receipt of payment against my Credit card No 4346781016808909 due to which I am extremely confused and under tremendous mental pressure.

    I am requesting you to kindly look into the matter seriously and confirm why the said payment is not credited against my Credit Card No mentioned above. Please note that I shall not be liable to pay any additional charges for not applying my payment credits by HDFC bank besides I reserve the liberty of taking the matter of higher level including filing of case on your bank. For your information refer payment transaction details as following - . 4802.81 on 23/08/2013 payment ID 000477672167 and Transaction ID- C5283479 & 12367.62 on 13/09/2013 payment ID 000486767049 and Transaction ID- C5940871 via net banking (A/C No. - 007401519127 ICICI KONDAVA BRANCH PUNE MAHARASHTRA).

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