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Thread: Reliance Nodal Officer

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Account No. 100000103673678 and Account No. 100000103777222

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    from Mr. Sridhar Kokkula
    Leela Naidu name as Account No. 100000103673678
    and Sridhar Kokkula name as Account No. 100000103777222

    Reliance Communications excutive has came to my office on 5/1/2007 and convienced me their services, and I have given a cheque of Rs.500 and he has given me a receipt for that.
    on 17/1/07 I got a connection, When my first bill was generated I received the bill on the name of Smt Leela Naidu when I called the executive and asked him he will solve the problem and asked me to pay the bill and I said I will pay only when I will get bill on my name

    The Executive said he filled the new application form on my name and ask me to pay Rs.500 to settle out problems and get bill on my name and he asked me to ignore if I get any bills again on the name of Leela Naidu at my address, he is there and they come for 2-3 months.

    I was very clear all the time and said to customer care people that

    "If you can issue me bill on my name I am ready to pay my usages when the connection was on the name of Leela Naidu"

    but they said their company does not have that kind of policy and I replied them the same.
    It happened the same but I was continiuesly touch with the Reliance Communications Customercare to find what happening there actually. I have called so many times and their visited local office. The local office people also told me to ignore the bills on the name of Leela Naidu.

    They have service problems and billing problems, I was feeling excess bills ultimately after so many my compalints they withdrawn their services in April 2008.

    After Two year on 22/4/2010 I got a call from Reliance Communications Legal department my mobile saying that there is due of 2886.75 on the name of Leela Naidu and if I will not pay within 30min they are going to issue warrent for Leela Naidu. I talked to Reliance Communications Vadodara office and talked to one officier called Ravi Shah and asked me to meet him personally
    Next day 23/4/2010 I went to his office with my complete Reliance Communications file and explained him the problem and he said its ok and he asked me to return the Reliance Communications modem which they supplied at connection time, if I return that they are going to waver me Modem charges and he said I will get some return money on the name of Sridhar Kokkula bills also. and he said it will take about one month time and not worry no body is going to call me again from the legal department until he calls me and let me know the status and what I have to pay?
    I return the Modem on 7/5/2010
    30/5/2010 I got a message from 59111
    Dear Customer, thank you for contacting Reliance. Your Service Request No. is 127885400. Your request will resolved in the next 30 Days.
    on 3/7/2010 I got call from +91 9785564779 saying again that they are issue warrent for Leela Naidu and disconnected the phone, I called up thrice to find out who he is and all but all the time he disconnected without giving me any information.
    I called to Ravi Shah again but he did't not recieve phone, I given him message that I am getting the calls it may be from your legal department tried to find out but he not replied to any of my calls or messages.
    8/7/2010 morning I dailed to Reliance Communications Customer care 1800 3000 7777 tried to find out about my account status, I got response that I have no dues at my part as per her computer saying
    on 8/7/2010 afternoon once again I got call from Reliance Communications legal department and I went to finilize the matter to Vadodara office and talked to Mr. Devang Patel
    he checked with my both customer numbers with Reliance Communications
    on Leela Naidu name as Account No. 100000103673678
    and Sridhar Kokkula name as Account No. 100000103777222
    he has taken xerox copy Modem receipt, he told me that this will take 15-20 days to complete the process.
    again on 14/7/2010 I got a message from 59111
    Dear Customer, thank you for contacting Reliance. Your Service Request No. is 131481366. Your request will resolved in the next 7 Days.
    on 21/7/2010 I tried to contact Mr. Devang through Mr. Ravi Shah and I called Ravi Shah but he did't not responded to my calls.
    on 22/7/2010 I got call again from Reliance Communications legal department saying that they are issuing the warrent on my name, I tried to exaplin him even about the previous calls. but he did't not listen to me. I asked him to confirm with Reliance Vadodara people before he fills any case or issue any warrents on my name
    I tried to reach Rafi Shah but he was not responding 22/7/2010 my daughter was hopitilized even though I went to local Reliance office near to my place at Subhanpura area
    I called up Reliance Vadodara office and talked to accounts department and asked the lady to connect me to Mr. Devang but she said he is not at his seat as soon as he comes she make me call and she has asked my number but Devang did't call me.
    23/7/2010 I sent one of student to Reliance office to speak to Devang, when he talked to Devang and Mr. Devang promised that he is going to solve in next 3 days definately this time he will gives me call without fail. I doubted it will happen same as previous times and I have written to a mail to Reliance broadband department they on 25/7/2010 Sunday.
    I did't not got any replay till 28/7/2010 I called on Reliance Customercare 1800 3000 7777 and asked them about the status, she says that she does not have any details of my account and it is closed.

    I have some dates and person names when I contacted to Reliance.

    Sridhar Kokkula

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default gud

    good service very cust. centric wit their new vision

  3. #18
    Unregistered Guest

    Post complaints

    our soc got centrax system line two no 022-30690780 and 022-30690181 given to soc office and watchman cabin on zero rent basis now we are being asked to pay bills on this nos whereas there should not be billed as per terms ,pl look into this and send confirmation


  4. #19
    Unregistered Guest

    Talking Reliance broadband connection compilan

    hello sir,

    i register my complain on 6thaug. on the reliance customer care throw toll free no.180030007777.regarding shifting my broadband connection to other flat.he say that your connection will be transfer on 3 days.but yet not proper response given by me.till on date 13 aug. not transfer my connection........

    plz help me i facing this problem as soon as possiable........

    rakesh soni
    my user id is 347991663010

  5. #20
    Krishna Tungal Guest

    Thumbs down Incoming/Outgoing calls are disabled.


    I am located in Bangalore, and my prepade number is 8088547552 whic is now facing the below problems..

    Hope atleast here I can get some Help,,,,,,

    Since 1 month my Incoming and Outgoing calles are deactivated, When I called reliance customer care and they said my documnets are not proper and I Submitted my documnets in Mahalakshmi Layout Reliance Mobile Store, and even after a week my documents are not updated and my problem is stil not resolved,

    for this to get resolves, I raised 3 complaints with reliance custome care and all 3 complaits are closed saying "Custome issue solved and custome is intimated" which is 200% wrong, And I went to Mahalaxmi Layout Reliance mobile Store 3 times and they said they have already sent my documents and they are following up with their backend team which sits in mumbai.

    I also contacted Nodal officer on19-August-2010 and he said it will be resolved within 24 hours, but again, its a failure. no resolution, Again on 20-August-2010 I contacted Nodal officer one more time her name was "Poornima" and she said me that she get back to me within an hour with suitable resulution and she never turned back and whn I tried to call back no was picking the call.

    Today i.e, 21 - August-2010 , I called custome care Again and they said all my previous complaints are close and need open new complaint to resolve this problem, he said this problem is happening because of my documents, but For your Kind Information I resubmitted all my documents on 14-August-2010.

    Now my concern is is anybody really takeing these custome problems seriously and trying to resolve them? since its more tha 15 days I am making compalits after complaints, but I am not getting any resoluton for this.

    If any customer is pending 1 rupee due also to pay to reliance, they immediatly disconnect his call, they send people to the customesr door and torture him until he pays the money,

    now I recharged 77 STD pack and not even used it to make a single call and and my problem is also not getting resolved, will they pay me or give wavier of 77 rupees? (Obiously No) because company can set any rules and customers are least botherd????????

    Who will look into this issue and help me to resolve my problem??? (I dont this I dont get any answer here also)

    If Reliance Mobile Store, Reliance Custome Care and ?Nodal office Not able to resolve my problem, who else I need to contact to get my problem resolved??????

    If at all you want to help me to solve this problem, please contact me on below numberor eMail:

    number: 09342990805

    Krishna Tungal

  6. #21
    vishnuprasad is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Aug 2010

    Unhappy Reliance GSM activation

    I had taken a new reliance gsm connectiion by submiting the proof and fillng the caf. After few days my conection was blocked. Customer care executive said that my proof has not been submited . I had been recharged with 500 rs with 47 rs promotionla talk time it has been cutted off. I had been resubmited the proof again before 10 days but still my acount is not activated. They told me to visit reliance web world. When i went there they are saying . Sorry we cant do anything from here . the proof is updated from an office at thrivandrum you have to wait. When i asked how much days i had to wait, they dont have proper answer. The told to contact customer care. customer care people told me to contact retailer, the retailer said to contact reliance web world . What should i do . Please help me to solve this problem..
    tis is my reliance mobile number
    rsn 8991111480000345852

  7. #22
    Unregistered Guest

    Default bad experiance at moga kohli info

    dear reliance,

    as i have given old data card for sale at kohli infocomm moga for Rs. 1500, but still not get the money as they told that employ leave the office , so they are refusing my money.....

    plz take further action other wise we will force to do leagel action....

    plz do the needful

    with regadrs
    navdeep singh

  8. #23
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cut of my phone balance.

    nadal officer jharkhand
    reliance gsm service.

    Sub:- cut of my phone balance.

    i am reliance gsm phone no. Is sunday 70 rs cut of my phone balance then i have call
    customer care but he as not received my call. Monday i have go reliance office sec-4 bokaro and
    complain i want please cut of my phone balance give me. Monday i have
    complain consumer complain no:-242156.

    Your faithfully

    niraj kumar

  9. #24
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Shifting of phone from Hyderabad to Bangalore


    I have recently moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore. I had a wireless phone at Hyderabad (040-32577227) which I wanted to be active in Bangalore. I had completed all the formalaties two weeks back and submitted the application along with my address proof and other necessary documents three weeks back. These documents were submitted at your customer care center at Forum Mall and i was promised that my phone with the new phone number will be active in two days. Eversince I have been waiting and calling you ... customer care, the numbers that i was given for forum mall and nodal office numbers. They are either busy or no one answers the phone.

    Am hoping that you can help me fix the problem ... cause I do not want to visit your customer care center at Forum Mall as it is very far and takes a lot of time from the place where I stay.


    Anuj Gupta

  10. #25
    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Broadbans+ terrible in trichy

    This is sivakumar from Trichy.
    I'm working in Trichy airport,My mobile no 9360063303.

    On april 26 i purchase new reliance broadband + modem.
    In trichy, till broad band is not activated , contact r-world person , every month he's told next month broadband will come.
    I not satisfied on reliance broad band service.
    I will surrender my broad band + modem.
    So, I need money back for modem.

  11. #26
    Unregistered Guest

    Default Regarding Arbitration/conciliation notice


    I had requested termination of my reliance mobile connection no.9388406220( Service termination request no.WOTC/WW CODE 09024 date 25/02/2010). Again I have received arbitration /conciliation notice. Even after settling all accounts this notice is like insulting me.
    Kindly do the needful



  12. #27
    jayakrushna raut ray Guest

    Default GSM reliance prepaed complain

    whenvever i recharge to my mobile number 9023081312 immediatly after some time balance of approx rs 20 is deducted from the balance .the balance even reaches - rs 9.9 after complaining many times in costomer care the costumer care say it is activated from your mobile this complain is repeatedly tld to costumer care ...theyd nt laws the cm lain ethier solve the problem of deducting the amount. please do the needful immediatly.

  13. #28
    SS_RIM Guest

    Angry Harrasment

    I am writing this mail to let you know the harassment I have been going through, because of mismanagement in your department.
    I purchased a sim (no. 8099422784) on 9th Oct from your local dealer in Khajaguda. I submitted all the documents to the agent. My number got activated on 12th Oct evening. Now on Sunday evening i.e. on 24th Oct, my number was suspended without any prior information. On calling customer care I was informed that I need to submit my documents again. I went to your reliance mobile store in Tolichoki on 25th Oct, there I was told that they donít deal in GSM. Then on 26th afternoon I took a leave from office and went to Reliance web world in Mehndipatnam. There I was informed that my number has been terminated and canít be re started. I spoke to your customer care and after speaking to your TL Mr. Surender , I was assured that after resubmitting my documents my connection will start again. I submitted all the documents ( My photo, voter ID of Gurgaon, Local address proof from my employer, employer ID card copy, Electricity bill also I signed a self declaration form asked by the manager) to Mr. Sri Nivas, manager of that centre. My number was activated again on the same night. But today i.e. on 27th Oct, I received a message from reliance saying my outgoing has been barred. On contacting customer care I was informed that there was some problem in my verification and I need to re submit my documents but they were unable to tell me the specific issue. I am unable to understand why I have been given a privilege to go through all this mental suffering. This is not at all acceptable from a reputed firm like Reliance. And now I am very sorry to say that I am not going to resubmit any documents to reliance. I have been going under hell lot of mental suffering because of all this. Now I kindly request you to restart my connection as soon as possible, as I donít have all the time in this world to keep visiting your stores. And I am assuring you that if within 24 hours my issue doesnít get resolved I will go to consumer court directly.
    Hoping for a favorable reply very soon.
    Your most dissatisfied customer

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Data card connection disconnected

    I Rajdev Kumar purchased a RELIANCE DATA CARD on dated 14-10-2010 from RELIANCE MOBILE STORE, GUNUPUR, DIST-RAYAGADA, ORISSA STATE, PIN-765022. (MOBILE NO.
    OF STORE: 9337493098)
    Sir, right now I am out of Gunupur, and from last 5 days my DATA CARD connection is disconnected and several times I called to Reliance Store but my connection is not started till today.
    During the time of connection I have given all documents which was demanded by Reliance Sore, Gunupur, i.e.

    NUMBER OF DATA CARD: 9337237771

    Sir, I am getting so many problem after purchasing DATA CARD, so, please try to solve my problem. Sir,

    Thanking You!

    Rajdev Kumar

    Mobile: 9778202073

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Balance Deduction

    Hello I am Gaurav Kumar Afggarwal my no is 9350725392 My balanace is deducting continue last three month.
    After balance deduction thay send messege you have subscribed services.
    At a time allways they activate 3or more services.
    I call costmercare officers & they
    Close services but after 1 day
    Automatic activate any service & deduct balance

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